From: Terry Hufnagl
The lunatics are running the asylum however, it’s the sheep who follow who really make it happen.  People need to stop and think about where this is coming from, who will benefit and what the long range consequences will be for “YOU.”  
If and when we get the flu, we will vomit or get diarrhea.  That cleanses the body.  That is what we need.  Cleanse the body.  If you do not do it yourself , toxins will build up in the body and the body will then work to get rid of the toxins.  
If we pump poisons into the body, then we can expect to get sick.  If you are a real free thinking man/woman, one who is a sovereign, you will do everything you can to look after yourself.  Of course, there are times for medical intervention, however, this rot about vaccines keeping us healthy is a total fraud and by now free thinking men and women should be waking up to this evil.
I believe, can’t prove it, but I believe that in the long term, more and more men/women will develop memory loss due to the flu shot ingredients.  Like you say, great business for funeral homes.
We should understand the nature of vaccines by now if we look at the autism stats.  Read recently that 1 in 36 now has autism.  Can’t prove it but it is a cause for concern and a wake up call. 
Be careful what you allow the system managers to pump into your body.  They get rich while you get sick.  Good plan on their part.
Never had a flu shot and they can take it and shove it.
There’s my Sermon from the Prairie.
                                                                                                                        Posted: 14th OCTOBER 2018 5:36 A.M. EST
Trump Warns Flu Shots Are The Greatest ‘Scam’ In Medical History

Source: Health Freedoms

The flu shot is the greatest scam in medical history, created by Big Pharma to make money off vulnerable people and make them sick, warns President Donald Trump.

In an interview with Opie and Anthony on Sirius XM, Trump slammed flu shots as “totally ineffective” and declared that he has never had one.

I’ve never had one. And thus far I’ve never had the flu. I don’t like the idea of injecting bad stuff into your body. And that’s basically what they do. And this one (latest flu vaccine) has not been very effective to start off with.

I have friends that religiously get the flu shot and then they get the flu. You know, that helps my thinking. I’ve seen a lot of reports that the last flu shot is virtually totally ineffective.“

Trump is right – flu shots are the greatest medical fraud in history. They are full of “bad stuff” including formaldehyde and mercury – two powerful neurotoxins – and the vaccine industry even admits that laboratory tests prove the popular jab does not work.

By Judge Anna

October 27, 2018

dismantlethemachineLet’s pretend that you inherited a beautiful Grandfather’s Clock from your Grandfather.  It’s big and old and heavy and tall and you have to wind it every day by pulling down a heavy iron weight, but it keeps good time and the chimes marking the hour are quiet and melodious.

You grew up with it, you like it, you decide to keep it, but in your house the only place that it easily fits is in back of a stairwell in a hallway that leads to a back door that you seldom use.

So you put the clock out in that seldom-used entry way and over time, you forget to wind it, so it just sits there day after day, month after month, and year after year. It’s still there, still usable, but because of its location and your busy life and the difficulty of moving it into the living room (where it would fit, if you took the time and made the effort to move some other stuff around) — it just collects dust. You almost forget that its there.

That’s the situation with your actual government.

The new hustle-bustle world of commerce butted in and grabbed all the attention, and it was so fast and easy.  Just buy a battery and you never have to worry about winding the clock.  All those private, for-profit “government service” corporations nosed in and offered you all their many, many services, and you bought them all (whether or not you realized that you were buying them).

From then on, a “government” employee was always there ready to buy new batteries and change them for you.  You didn’t even have to think about clocks anymore, except to read the time.   Everything just seemed to run by itself and you didn’t have to do anything. You didn’t even bother to vote in the employee elections.

[To be fair, some of you were aware enough to realize that you weren’t government employees and couldn’t justify voting in their elections, so you didn’t volunteer. And still others realized their mistake and stopped voting for that reason.]

What a shock to find out that all that “government service” is costing you far, far more than anyone ever told you?  What a shock that you never actually even thought about it until now?

No doubt it’s an even bigger shock that you have to drag the old Grandfather’s Clock out from behind the stairs and start winding it again if you want to know what time it actually is.

I just read the paperwork where Obummer and Joe Biden and the rest of the completely insane former “Administration” issued 25,000 trillion “US Dollars” —- not to be confused with The United States Dollar — as “US” Treasury Debt Notes.

God only knows which “United States” and which “United States Treasury” was supposed to pay for all this, but it wasn’t our United States and it was not our Treasury issuing these “Notes”.  That much I can assure you.

They have seriously tried to put this country 25,000 trillion dollars in debt.  They tried to hang all that on you and your kids. And all because you forgot to wind your own clock.

Get down on your knees and thank your Creator that everyone else in the world — everyone except the completely insane U.S. Democratic Party —understands that this is nuts, and knows that the books have to be wiped clean of Odious Debt, and that all the deliberate confusions about who is who and what is what must end.

Certain criminals who have sought to defraud not only all the Americans, but everyone else for the past 150 years, must be brought to justice.  The banks that colluded in all of this fraud, have to be shut down and placed under new management.  All the currencies in the world need to be “reset” against the value of an actual American Dollar— our actual, factual silver dollar.

All you government employees and volunteers and dependents out there?  All you welfare recipients and pensioners?  Vote Republican. It’s your only chance of survival.  And I mean that literally.




October 27, 2018

My comments/posts on our best-in-the West, local Humboldt County blog.

– Kym Kemp keeps us up-to-date.  Thank you Kym.

Preface – If anyone is following along with me on this bazaar-ass path of despair, here’s my local morning posts.  Measure K is labeled “Sanctuary County.”  Measure O is a continuance (with no ‘rainbow’ date), of Measure Z (ends March 31, 2020) -a 1/2% resale tax that extorts a minimum of a million-a-month in the most depressed economy with the most expensive petrol.  Eric Kirk is an A-turn-ey that collected signatures for the invasion of unlawful foreigners -emigrants.

#1   It gets better . . . even Eric Kirk posted on his blog that Measure K only applies to the unincorporated parts of Humboldt -because The County is a “General Law” county, i.e., not incorporated by charter.  The charter cities – Trinidad, Blue Lake, Arcata, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna and Rio can ballot specific rules within their city limits.  The people of Blue Lake are voting on a bed tax.

However, what is being fraudulently placed before the voters AGAIN is an unlawful act i.e., no evidence for the claim, and only ONE subject can be on a ballot title.  As soon as “Other Essential Necessities” was added, Measure Z was void. Like Measure Z, Measure O can only be charged in the unincorporated parts of Humboldt.   That’s right, the seven incorporated city councils sold their communities down the river November 2014.

More interesting, is, last year some female who was one of Eureka’s Chamber of Commerce members, came before the Supes. three times, saying that she took a “poll” of motels and hotels (which ones she didn’t say), and they were in favor of a 2% bed tax to support her “doesn’t cost the people of Humboldt anything,” for her to set-up her do-gooder office in Garberville.  It passed, without any voter approval whatsoever!!

So, this year, there’s a Measure K – applicable to the unincorporated parts of Humboldt.  And

Measure O applicable only to the unincorporated parts of Humboldt, but charged “Countywide”

Update On the California Sanctuary State Lawsuits.  SB54.


“Woe to attorneys and their enablers.” 

#2   Of interest.  The one thing impersonators of public servants can’t provide is a Bond to cover their lie-ability.

A person to fill a term of office is not permitted to assume the duties of the office until he files a bond and oath of office, which must be done before the commencement of the term, or the office shall be deemed vacant.   People v. Quimby, 152 Colo. 231, 381 P.2d 275 (1963).

Yes, this includes the poser Sheriff who has fed at the trough of the people’s public treasury for the last 18 months – even the audacity to double-dip as ‘Sheriff’ and ‘Coroner.’  The last time I saw Billy he was handing out pink hats at a Supe. meeting.

Then there was the filming of Dancing Deputies, and a faux rendition of a bulldozer cat in a make-believe grow in the Blocksburg area.  Let’s not forget Billy’s latest – appointing an “Under Sheriff” – who, btw, also hasn’t been sworn into office.  Even if he has (maybe I missed the latest edition of the local Nazi newspapers), you can bet your right arm, Justin Braud is not in the republic and has no intention of filing into the public records a Bond to cover his Oath of office.

Why can’t the Cartoons in a Cartoon Graveyard provide a Bond?  Because they’re in fraud up to their eyeballs.  No Surety Company will cover lies.

Fraud is gaining at the loss of another using trickery and deception.

#3    Suggestion to protect your vote.  Go ahead and vote at the polls.  Beforehand, write your vote(s) on paper, autograph it in front of a Public Notary ($10), and mail it to yourself.  Do Not open it.  If push comes to shove, this will protect your vote.  Never give up your originals.  Make a copy or two before you mail it to yourself.  I’m, for the most part, referencing landowners here.

Recording in “The County” is like pulling teeth.  The counter trolls may tell you they are going to record your document.  They won’t.  They’ll go off and COPY your private document and mail it to you with an “Unrecordable Document” form, signed by a ‘Deputy Recorder’ (implying we have a county recorder) – and – thanks to Moonbeam, it now costs $93 to record three pages.

#4    Global Alert News

October 27, 2018

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvHt-APRmEQ  55 mins.   I wanted to go to this last Saturday, however, i was attending a good friend and a Veterans’ memorial service in Sonoma County. Coincidentally, he died at the hands of the Veteran’s Hospital in Redding. The same place this Global Alert News is broadcast from.

High Alert re Alberta Schools Using “Isolation” Rooms

Without Prejudice
In the Sherwood Park, Alberta News of Friday, October 26…Schools throughout the province are using isolation or seclusion units. 
 One 12 year old autistic boy was put naked into such a unit. It looks like a well built “outdoor” toilet with two small windows at the top but no windows on the door or sides.  It says that most often children between the ages of 5 and 10 were put into these seclusion units.  In my opinion, that would be like solitary confinement.  Stories came from districts all over the Province.
Who authorized the building of such units in the schools?
Did parents know about such units being built?
If parents knew about these units, were they not concerned about why such units were being put into schools?
How do you think a child of any age would feel being put into an isolation unit such as this?  
Did school administrators know about these units and were they not concerned about the use of such detention units?
How long are we, the flesh and blood men and women of Albertagoing to put up with this shit which they call education?  
Has the Education Department in the Province of Alberta taken the lead of insane behavior regarding what they call education?
Why is anyone sending their children to these places called “schools” when the children are subjected to such barbaric practices.  If parents did that to their children, you can be sure the fricken government would be there to steal your children.
Men and women, this is NOT education.  They are imprisoning the children.  They are terrorizing the children.  
Parents, wake up and keep your children out of these poison pits they call schools.  Keep your children at home.  You can do much better in educating your children at home.  You can never do worse than these lunatics running the schools today. 
If all parents were to keep their children at home, they could collapse the school system.  None of these criminal accomplices would ever get a salary again.  They should not get paid.  They should not get a pension.  They need to be exiled from society.  They must be ostracized from our midst.
Parents, you have the power to do this. There are many educational resources which you can use to educate your children.  You don’t need them.  Find two or three families near you to work with.  Share the homeschooling if you need to.  Help each other.  
You can never do worse than these criminals running the system today.  Do it yourself.
If you sense that I am absolutely livid at this situation, you are totally right.  
Is it any wonder that a petition came around this week to get rid of the Minister of Education named, David Eggan?   I will look for that petition as soon as I’m finished with this and will send it out.  Sign it.  
The best solution is still to keep the children home, collapse the fricken system.
Now, send this to everyone you know.  

Supes September 2018 – Notice of Fraud

September 21, 2018

It has been established by incontrovertible evidence in the matter of “The County” violating their Oaths of Office and that the so-called Government has functioned in constructive fraud.

The people of Humboldt County are owed Public Servants who uphold their Oaths to the law of the land, with the support of a Bond to uphold any lie-ability. The entire process of being sworn into office is designed to guarantee the acceptance of that role and responsibility—- and to assure the people of their elected and appointed official’s accountability to law and principles.

The immediate impact of this is the unlawful conversion from Public Law to private corporate law being practiced throughout the realm in otherwise Public Courts, the use of “legal” rather than “lawful” presumptions in these public, now private ‘hearings’ in the Planning Department, using unlawful conversion of private property into public property, enslavement and press-ganging of living men by a process of personage and impersonation, terrorist raids by Order Followers practicing “Nuisance” and “Abatement” procedures, and all the other evils we have witnessed.

This additionally means that “The County of Humboldt” has been functioning as a criminal organization since December of 1992 – when an “interim” county council director gave the ‘go-ahead’ to the elected and appointed representatives to turn in their Bonds that secured their official positions.

Exactly how and by whom this continued to be “pulled off” despite all the protections and provisions against it was not immediately apparent, but the Minutes of the December 15, 1992 BOS meeting provides the answer.

The 1992 BOS converted the mechanisms of Government and the Judicial System to the service of external authority, and adopted commerce as the form of “law” to be used. These “unstated” provisions were implemented with no Notice given to anyone in a position to object.

This Gross Breach of Trust and the profound violation of The Rule of Law that is involved must be addressed.

Humboldt has not had a lawful BOS, Recorder, Tax Collector, Assessor, or Sheriff since December 1992 and all actions undertaken since then are in doubt.

The secretive change from being personally Bonded to an “Umbrella Insurance Policy” that does not include Dishonesty in its coverage, and occupation of the positions are an act of purposeful, criminal fraud against the people of Humboldt.  I found this to be fact when I filed YOUR so-called Commercial MM Land Use Ordinance litigation March 25, 2016.  YOUR Risk Management Dept., didn’t even have the wherewithal to notify the insurance carrier.  Why?  Because YOUR 18 or so Counsel of the foreign British Registry Accreditation, BAR union members told Risk Management not to.

This secret “policy” of shedding the Bond requirement is the single most virulent source of the criminality that has infested government services corporations Statewide, created the Matrix of Corporate Feudalism, and reduced governance to the level of modern day Robber Barons.

We, the people, have the right, the responsibility, and the power to require an end to this circumstance—-alleged Sheriff, Supervisors, Recorder, Tax Collector, Assessor, pretend Grand Jury and Judicial whores be damned.

By Operation of Law, the offices all stand vacant. The elected and appointed officials are “civilly” dead, murdered by their own hands 26 years ago. The Wrongdoers were adequately informed of this circumstance September 11, 2015 (See Attached), and have done nothing. It is time for intervention or there shall be no Rule of Law and no safety for anyone anywhere.

Logic dictates that you cannot prove somebody violated an Ordinance/Code if you cannot prove that the Ordinance/Code apply in the first place.

Linda Cassara
Carlotta, Republic California State

Who has the authority to liquidate corporations acting as criminal syndicates?

We, the People on the land Republic California State

Post Office Box 5692 Eureka, California

Certified Mail 7012 2210 0001 7889 2240



Under penalty of law, Secretary of State’s Office and/or the County Clerk and Records Office is to forward to all listed below.

WARNING: Seeking legal advice from an attorney is self-admission that you are incompetent/not qualified for the office that you occupy.1 Your Constitutions are your contract with the People. You have no excuse for ignorance of your contract.2

A recent investigation has revealed that none of you are qualified for the position/office that you occupy.  The California Constitution and the General Law3 require each one of you to have an Official Bond filed with Your Oaths of Office. The purpose of the Official Bond is to bind the elected, appointed, or hired official to her/his Oath of Office. Not one of Humboldt County Records Office File Clerks has such Official Bond on file for any one of you4 nor does the office of Secretary of State. Some have no Oath of Office on file either. Therefore, you are all occupying a vacant office, fraudulently and feloniously embezzling from the Public Treasury. Every action you have made/are making is null and void.

Soon the people of California, the people of Humboldt, will become aware of this. It may be far better to publicly appear and defend or resign forthwith. Failure to deny is to admit.

1 The Constitution is the mandate of a sovereign people to its servants and representatives which no one of them has a right to ignore or disregard. John F. Jelke Co. v. Emery, 193 Wis. 311, 214 N.W. 389, 53 A.L.R. 463.

2 “In our system of government a written Constitution is the highest expression of law.” Re Denny, 158 Ind. 104 59 N.E. 359, 51 L.R.A. 722.

3  California Law/Government Code, Title I, Division 4, Chapter 3 Official Bonds, Section 1450 Unless otherwise provided, every official bond shall be filed in the proper office within the time prescribed for filing the oath.

4  A person to fill a term of office is not permitted to assume the duties of the office until he files a bond and oath of office, which must be done before the commencement of the term, or the office shall be deemed vacant.
People v. Quimby, 152 Colo. 231, 381 P.2d 275 (1963).

It was repeatedly said that the Constitution was written for a moral and righteous people and wholly inadequate for any other. The original laws of this nation have not changed.

                                                                                      We, the People for Humboldt

California Department of Transportation Director Malcolm Dougherty [Certified Mail #7012 2210 0001 7889 2165] Failed to deny April 24, 2015.

Humboldt County Sheriff and Coroner Michael Downey Humboldt County Supervisor Virginia Bass
Humboldt County Supervisor Rex Bohn
Humboldt County Supervisor Estelle Fennell
Humboldt County Supervisor Mark Lovelace Humboldt County Supervisor Ryan Sundberg
Former County Supervisor Cliff Clendendon
Humboldt County Agriculture Commissioner Jeff Dolf Humboldt County Commissioner Alan Bongio Humboldt County Commissioner Robert Morris Humboldt County Commissioner Noah Levy Humboldt County Commissioner Kevin McKenny Humboldt County Commissioner Lee Ulansey Humboldt County Commissioner Ben Shephard Humboldt County Commissioner David Edmonds Humboldt County Court File Clerk Elizabeth Smith Humboldt County Court File Clerk John DOE Humboldt County Records File Clerk Margaret Morris Humboldt County Clerk Kelly Sanders
Former County Clerk Carolyn Crnich (counted the People’s Wage Initiative and unlawful Measure Z Tax ballots) Humboldt County Clerk of the Court Keri L. Keenan
Humboldt County Treasurer-Tax Collector John Bartholomew
Humboldt County Criminal District Attorney Margaret Fleming
Former County Criminal District Attorney Paul Gallegos Eureka City Council Marion Brady
Eureka City Council Linda Atkins
Eureka City Council Melinda Ciarabellini
Eureka City Council Mayor Frank J. Jager Former City Council member Mike Newman Former City Council member Lance Madsen Eureka Finance Director Wendy Howard Former Finance Director Paul Rodriguez Eureka City Manager Greg Sparks
Former City Manager Tyson
Eureka City Clerk Pamela Powell
Eureka City Attorney Cynthia Day-Wilson
Humboldt County Judge Dale A. Reinholtsen
Humboldt County Presiding Judge Joyce D. Hinrichs
Sacramento BAR member Cynthia J. Larsen
Sacramento BAR member Cameron L. Desmond (City of Eureka v the People BONDage April 8, 2013).


The United States Supreme Court held in Carter v. Carter Coal Company, 296 U.S. 238, 297: “And the Constitution itself is in every real sense a law – the lawmakers being people themselves, in whom under our system all political power and sovereignty primarily resides, and through whom such power and sovereignty primarily speaks. It is by that law, and not otherwise, that the legislative, executive, and judicial agencies which it created exercise such political authority as they have been permitted to possess. The Constitution speaks for itself in terms so plain that to misunderstand their import is not rationally possible. ‘We the People of the United States’ it says, ‘do ordain and establish this Constitution.’ Ordain and establish! These are definite words of enactment, and without more would stamp what follows with the dignity and character of law. The framers of the Constitution, however, were not content to let the matter rest here, but provided explicitly – ‘This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof, . . . shall be the supreme Law of the Land.’ (Const. art. 6, cl. 2). The supremacy of the Constitution as law is thus declared without qualification. That supremacy is absolute; the supremacy of a statute enacted by Congress is not absolute but conditioned upon its being made in pursuance of the Constitution. And a judicial tribunal, clothed by that instrument with complete judicial power; and therefore, by the very nature of the power, required to ascertain and apply the law to the fact in every case or proceeding properly brought for adjudication, must apply the supreme law and reject the inferior statute whenever the two conflict.”

Departments derive authority from constitution. By the constitution of the state the government is divided into three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. The constitution is the paramount law. Each department derives its authority from that source. Colorado State Bd. Of Med. Examrs. v. District Court (1958).

As sovereignty resides in individuals. The individual, and not the state, is the source and basis of our social compact and that sovereignty now resides and always has resided in the individual.
Colorado Anti-Discrimination Comm’s v. Case (1962).

Right to comment on courts and judges. The growth of constitutional liberty has abolished arbitrary power of courts to inflict punishment and penalties upon persons commenting upon courts and judges or upon the character thereof, through contempt proceedings, and the right to make any such comment upon courts and judges in any respect, and as fully and freely as may be desired, is a right of every person, and is a right reserved to the people without any express reservation, as provided in this section.
People ex rel. Attorney Gen. v. News-Times Publishing Co., 35 Colo. (1906), appeal dismissed, 205 U.S. 454, 27 S.Ct. (1907).

We, the People for California
September 11, 2015

__________________________            ___________________________

 James Decker                                                                 Linda Cassara
Holder of the office of “the people”                          Holder of the office of “the people”

Tough Questions For a Tough Time – Canada – Google Aiding & Abetting This Carnage

Yesterday I attempted to send out an e-mail regarding MUSLIM remedy (which I finally did on my 3rd attempt –
This Just In – Censorship Good Truth Bad) & GOOGLE, an ultra vires, unconstitutional co. interfered w/ my, our freedom of speech.

The blood of these innocent people is on Google’s & their owners hands.

These beautiful young women, et al. may have grown up to do incredible things – who knows what their children may have done but b/c Google censors mail – NOW we will NEVER know!

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 1.17.40 AM

Google is NOW too powerful, as is Facebook – it is NOT their job to censor free speech – control our fate & destiny -when they do these corporations, artificial entities & their owners violate the 4th Amendment, et al. prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are corrupt to the core which is a shock to the conscience of all law abiding people, which also means their profits are ill begotten, subject for forfeiture – let’s make these VILE EVILDOERS. WICKED WRONGDOERS penniless.

It time to reign in EVIL – the world will be a better place w/o EVIL.

Shortly I will end my relationship w/ Google. 
I already ended my relationship w/ Facebook.
You Tube also has censored free speech & harmed everyone’s
quality of life – as the free thought is essential in an open society consequently I will move to

Hopefully others will follow my lead & do the same.

I am NOT a business model to be tracked, censored & / or farmed –
the facts & the law is clear.

IFF BUMS (BAR UNION MEMBERS) & their private for profit corporation, equity courts stand in the way, block JUSTICE FOR ALL – then each & every ATTORNEY, ESQUIRE can be tried as LIARS, THIEVES, TREASONOUS TRAITORS, in the people’s Common Law Courts of justice.
There is a just, valid reason why the hanging tree is located outside, nearby the court houses – as it is where the TRAITORS hang out.

Who to Light a Fire Under…..?

By Anna Von Reitz

Where to go to report a crime?  Like you being falsely identified and impersonated as a “US CITIZEN” or “citizen of the United States” and presented with federal tax bills and liens?  Well, here it is, folks!   Thank you, Texas!

Claim your indemnity from all this bull crap and make it stick.

Make them go through the process they are supposed to go through — present the bill for your approval, accept your signature to release the credit, take the signed “voucher” to their TTL Officer at their bank and submit it to the U.S. Treasury for permission to deposit equal credit in the Billing Party’s account. After the Treasury returns the green Return Receipt to the TTL Officer submitting the request, they have to wait sixteen days from the return date before issuing the credit equal to the debt. The Billing Bank and the U.S. Treasury are supposed to be cancelling out all these bogus charges being sent to Americans.

U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA)


Report Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

If you are aware of fraud, waste, mismanagement, and abuse in the IRS programs and operations, report it to the TIGTA Hotline! 

What kinds of things should you report?

Allegations of violations that impact the integrity of Federal tax administration and IRS programs. This includes allegations of misconduct by IRS employees.

Allegations of improprieties, false claims and fraud by outside contractors attempting to defraud the IRS by utilizing deceptive contract methods.

Allegations of identity theft where any individual (s) impersonated the IRS or an IRS employee or used words, letters, symbols, or IRS emblems to illegally obtain personal, confidential or private financial information.

Examples of specific allegations that should be reported include, but are not limited to: attempts by taxpayers to bribe IRS personnel; extortion or misuse of position by IRS personnel; assaults and/or threats by taxpayers against IRS employees; schemes involving the use of computer technology or mail that impersonate the IRS or IRS personnel; misconduct by tax practitioners (falsification of qualifications, theft of IRS tax remittances and theft of IRS tax refunds).

Note: Contact IRS for tax related issues – www.irs.gov/contact/index.html

Your complaint will be kept confidential if it is received on the phone, through the mail, or in person. We cannot guarantee confidentiality if you send your complaint via the online form or e-mail.

Laws protect you from reprisals (any action taken against you because you filed this complaint).

You can submit your complaint by these methods:

By Online Form or Email (TIGTA Hotline Complaints Unit):
Remember: if you submit your complaint via the online form or email, it is possible – though unlikely – that others could read it since the internet is not secure.

By Phone:
Call toll free: 1-800-366-4484

By Fax:
(202) 927-7018

By Mail:
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
P.O. Box 589
Ben Franklin Station
Washington, DC 20044-0589

The Best Way To Educate Politicians And Government Agencies About Wi-Fi, EMF Frequencies And The Adverse Health Effects Accruing From Them

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Slowly, but surely, many high tech consumers are coming to the rough realization that the very devices they have fallen in love with and depend upon, i.e., iPhones, smart phones, and other products that use microwaves to send and receive voice, data, photos, games, etc. are emitting frequencies which are affecting their wellbeing, giving them “brain fog” and exposing them to Electrosmog [1], a form of electronic pollution.

Furthermore, many folks have come to the extremely sad realization they now are electromagnetically hypersensitive (EHS), but don’t know what to do about it or how to deal with it.  That unfortunate health problem results from constant exposures 24/7/365 to EMFs and RFs emitted by utilities (electric, natural gas and water) AMI Smart Meters; cell phone and towers; HAN and LAN networks at work and at home; ubiquitous Wi-Fi, especially in schools, workplaces and public cafés; 4G and the super-fast 5G, which will have more serious health consequences [2-3] than is being acknowledged by the U.S. FCC, ICNIRP and the World Health Organization.

However, one extremely savvy consumer –activist, Cece Doucette of Ashland, Massachusetts, made a presentation before her local Board of Health which everyone ought to know about, study and emulate to educate others, and also to become an activist to protect yourself the best you can.

Here is Cece’s excellent presentation.

Cece Doucette: Ashland, MA
Board of Health EMF/RF Update
June 26, 2018

24:23 minutes



[1] http://www.nbcnews.com/id/34509513/ns/health-cancer/t/electrosmog-harming-our-health/#.W01NnUm0USk
[2] https://www.electricsense.com/12399/5g-radiation-dangers/
[3] https://www.cbsnews.com/news/5g-network-cell-towers-raise-health-concerns-for-some-residents/


4 Steps to Reduce Electrosmog in Your Bedroom

Center for Electrosmog Prevention

Various types of meters and EMF/RF detection devices, including detecting GHz, available at http://stopsmartmeters.org/store/

EMF Safety Store.com