Abolish Police & the State – The Ideas That Will Replace Them

By Joshua Scott Hotchkin

Accountability Is Futile
The Police State Is Slavery – Abolition, Not Reform, Is the Only Solution

In this article I will discuss the emerging paradigms that will replace these institutions while granting the individual more freedoms and liberties than the state while also increasing social harmony among individuals and as a whole for humanity. We can break these down into two categories, ideology and technology.


Rights- Many believe that governments and their enforcement agencies are necessary to protect our ‘rights’. The assumption that we have rights and that they need protected becomes the justification for the existence of these institutions. But we must ask ourselves, what is a right? Do these rights exist external to human ideas about them? If so, where do they come from? How? Why? What is the ontological source of an objective ‘right’?

The idea of rights is merely a human concept with no analogue in nature. Rights do not exist outside of our belief in them. Just as government is not a part of nature, but a human construct. As I recently explained to someone asking me what I thought about a limited government that exists only to uphold rights…

There cannot be a limited government. If you study systems analysis you will find that any entity, even an abstract one like a business or the state, has some intrinsic properties. The desire for growth, chief among them. Systems which do not experience growth will eventually stagnate, decline and fail. So every system has an innate drive to create growth by consuming more of the resources than other systems. Limited government is not a possibility. It is a fairy tale. It is the happy dragon who lives in our closet and tells funny stories but never ever does dragon-things like breath fire at us or eat babies.

Now consider that, at best, government was a necessary evolutionary structure meant to get us through the industrial era. We are rapidly leaving that era. The new era will produce information structures that replace it. Government will soon be your mom’s basement and humanity will be working part time at a call center and playing WOW all the time (metaphorically) if we do not take the scary risk and go out as individuals.

Those rights you discussed, those are the house rules you grew up with. But they are not an objective constant of the world at large. There are no rights. Those were boundaries for learning social interactions, like bumper lanes are for learning to bowl without bumper lanes.

Rights exist only as a myth used by the State to justify their existence. And who is the first to deny those rights when it limits its own growth? The State.

It is therefore the case that the concept of rights is not an ideological device intended to grant you freedoms and liberties, but to empower systems and institutions which limit them. Rights necessitate the threat of aggression in order to exist. Yet that aggression negates their existence. Forced behavior is meaningless. Civilization is meaningless if it relies on games of barbaric aggression. Building a meaningful civilization requires that we place expectations not on others, but on ourselves. Only when interactions are voluntary are they meaningful in and of themselves. Rather than adopting disciplines to control others, we should focus more on those which bring us self control. If deviant human behavior (crime) is the disease, then we should treat the disease itself in the individual by replacing it with a healthy worldview and self-discipline. The idea of rights is a misleading ideology that causes us to ignore the disease and stay focused on treating the symptoms.

I propose the following idea as a starting point for such self-discipline:


Safety- The next fallacy used to support police and the State is that they keep us safe. This idea is patently absurd. Police do not prevent crimes, they show up after like an ambulance chaser in order to profit from them. The number of crimes prevented by police is a statistical anomaly compared to the number of crimes committed by them. Not only do they not prevent crime, they do not deter it. Worse, they prevent natural consequences for crimes, that help to embolden criminals. As if that were not enough, police (and the State) create crime by inventing new categories of criminality, and also by creating a cycle of criminal behavior in individuals who get caught in their system.

The truth about safety is that it does not exist. You are not safe. You live in a reality in which everything from microscopic phenomena to cosmic events (and everything in between) may injure or kill you at any time. Nothing can ever guarantee your safety. Unfortunately, most people cannot (yet) face our uncertainty with courage and maturity. And so it becomes a source of fear, which itself becomes the source of paranoia and all manner of neurotic thinking and behaviors. They then try to rationalize that, because danger to their physical selves exists, attempts to avoid or stop those dangers are a practical necessity of our existence. However, that is delusional thinking, since danger cannot be prevented. The State and its enforcement agencies do not eradicate the basic fact that we are always in peril, they just add another danger. Only instead of just being a danger to only our quantity of existence (survival), they become a danger to our quality of existence (freedom/liberty). The fact that these systems may prevent some small modicum of crime does not make up for the fact that they create a large portion of oppression.

The cult of survivalism has become an increasing problem. When we reduce our lives to mere physical objects seeking continuity, we sacrifice meaning and purpose for function; and in doing so our lives become meaningless and without purpose. Survival alone has no merit. Existence is given meaning by the content of its being, not the length. Once you accept that you will never be safe, that your life could end at any moment, you can release yourself from the shackles of fear and focus on value to your life. Safety is not just a myth, it is a dangerous one that robs us of truly living. Embrace your death, it is inevitable. Only in doing so will you ever truly be alive.

Non-materialist Science– I suspect that the reason we reduce ourselves to objects has to do with many assumptions and dogmas in our ideologies. Science has taken on some critically erroneous ideas about reality and those ideas have leaked into our cultural consciousness and become the premise for new belief systems sometimes called physicalism or materialism. Those beliefs state that only the physical world really exists and that our conscious and subjective perception of it is false, illusory or meaningless. Yet those assumptions have no rational basis. Those ideas are becoming increasingly under fire by a new generation of scientists who are beginning to demonstrate the falsehood of those beliefs while implying that the nature of our existence/reality is based in consciousness, not physicality. Check out these videos to understand the problems of materialism and to see the brilliant thinking that will soon make physicalism/materialism look like the belief in geocentrism.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with abolishing police, so let me explain. First of all, understanding our reality can be helpful in decloaking ourselves from the existential angst and fear we suffer from, which in turn causes us to seek desperate solutions to problems that may in fact not even be problems at all. Only when you view your physical survival as the whole of your existence do you become willing to accept restrictions to protect it. However, when the doorway of death becomes less frightening, fear has no power over you, then you can instead live with purpose, not just continuity.

Secondly, if reality is a product of consciousness, then it is entirely possible that consciousness can change reality. The assumption that police and the State are necessary is based on an invalid belief that human deviance is an objective constant that will always be with us. Yet if our consciousness is primal to our existence, and not physical constants or laws of nature, then we may be able to eradicate deviancy where it begins- in the human mind. This could be accomplished without invasive acts against individuals. Merely gaining a greater understanding of our existence could eradicate the cognitive dissonance that manifests deviant behaviors. In short, perhaps crime is related to an illness, an illness caused by the nihilism suggested by models of reality predicated on materialist dogmas.

If, as Bernardo Kastrup implies, our physical reality resides in consciousness and not the other way around; then any problems we face should be addressed as issues of consciousness, and not the objects found within it.

What we consider possible is based on limitations imposed by our beliefs. Non-materialist science is advancing our beliefs and will soon show the limitations of humanity to be imposed, not inherent. The future is unwritten.

I suspect that the reason we have come to place so much trust in scientific reasoning, to the point of culturally absorbing its assumptions and dogmas is because we credit it with being the source of the technologies that enhance our lives. While science and technology certainly go hand in hand, we have mistakenly come to believe that technology is a product of science. Technology precedes science by millions of years, and even our own species. Technology is not a scientific outcome, but an adaptive tool of evolution. And modern technology more often than not has its origins in the arts. The device you are reading this article on was first conjured up in literature, film and other mediums. Science merely adapted these inventions from theoretical outcomes to products. Science without art is a laboratory full of equipment and assistants that have nothing to hypothesize, test, theorize, and formulate into practical knowledge.

You might even view this very article as a piece of art from which new technologies could possibly emerge.


Much of our deviant behavior has historically been based on practical issues that arise from limitations in nature and social systems. But what if we were to remove those limitations?

Non-Scarcity & Automation– Scarcity is the recognition that there are natural limits on resources and labor. If not of abundance, then in distribution and control. Because of scarcity we are forced to compete for resources and labor (both as workers and employers) in order to survive and prosper. What would happen, then, if we were to remove those natural limits?

Today if you want an apple you either have to find an apple tree or someone who has a supply chain leading back to an apple tree. There are only so many apple trees so if you are not near one you must hope that somebody has figured out how to get one or more of the limited amount of apples in existence closer to you, without having incurred more expense in doing so than they could recover and profit (experience natural systematic growth) from in distributing them at a price (a correlate value) that apple consumers deem acceptable.

This is the idea that agrarian and then industrial economics were based upon. While the model above resembles ‘capitalism’ in its pure (but certainly not practiced, thanks to the State and its enforcers) form, you only have to change a few words to derive socialism, communism or any other economic political ideology from. The basics remain. Resources and labor are problems to be overcome by centralized systems. Systems like police and the State who must control individuals and their interactions are a consequence. This is often called ‘the greater good’, although it has so far only demonstrated great goodness for the very few in power in some form or another.

If there were an infinite number of possible apples available anywhere at any time, this would not be a problem. This would be simple to accomplish if apple trees did not have a monopoly on apples. It may very soon be the case that they won’t. An apple is more than just an outcome of an apple tree. It is object in reality with the distinctive qualities of apples. Those distinctive qualities have reductive properties in apples and everything else. A coral reef and a chunk of iron can be reduced to these same reductive properties. It is the arrangement of these properties that separates apples, coral reefs and chunks of iron. Yet these properties are present everywhere, all of the time. If we could arrange these infinitely abundant properties into apples at any time or place, then we would not be reliant on apple trees (resources) or limited by their distance/ability to produce (labor). We would have overcome scarcity. And when we overcome scarcity we will overcome the innumerable limitations and hardship it has placed on humanity and its environment. And when we overcome those, those systems that were predicated on those limits and their consequences will become irrelevant. Police and the state are just a product of scarcity, and scarcity is about to disappear from our lexicon of limitations as a species. Soon you will be able to create apples out of thin air using the unlimited free energy all around us.

Clarke’s Three Laws are three “laws” of prediction formulated by the British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. They are:

  1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
  1. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
  1. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

As resources become locally available, we will then be able to use them to produce goods where they are needed or desired. The tools by which we will do this have already been in development for quite some time. 3-D printing technology will allow us to create complex objects that once required long supply chains, industrial processes and extensive labor. As we develop even more complex forms of automation and local production, labor itself will become largely a thing of the past, at least in the terms of scarcity in which we know it. Rather than laboring for the objects of necessity, convenience and desire in a competitive manner, we will be able to obtain them cost-free through technological means. And so the structures that supported the old model and were used to redistribute the wealth in ways that created deviant human behaviors that the structures then had to deal with will become irrelevant. Police and the State exist as tools for redistribution of limited wealth, a consequence of scarcity of resources and labor, from the many to the few. A basis which is about to be destroyed.

Reputation Economics– We sometimes think of technology as a collection of objects. But technology also includes things like language, art, social systems, politics and economics. And these intangible technologies are largely predicated on the limitations of, and those exceeded by, technological objects. So as our tangible technologies overcome the limits of scarcity-based economic technologies, new economic paradigms will emerge.

Scarcity has been the basis for value since the first agrarian societies began trading. Even when we conquer the ability to meet our objective needs, we will still have subjective desires. These desires will be based on a new kind of scarcity- uniqueness. So humans will still create and trade unique objects in the pursuit of happiness. Post-scarcity will not end trade and the economic systems necessitated by trade, it will just radically transform it. Since uniqueness is a quality of the individual, the basis for the new economic system will be derived from the value of the individual.

The value of the individual is known as reputation.

All value has always stemmed from the individual. Currency was just a way of marking that individual’s productive capabilities for means of determining trade potential. Currency is just a highly abstracted version of how that value is derived and represented. Yet the failure of currency is the production and management of currency that has become more valuable than the trade of goods and services it is used to facilitate. Reputation economies will not be based on competitive behaviors seeking markers of wealth. It will strive to create real wealth by directly rewarding the individuals who made it at no cost to others. Because currency is either limited and scarce or meaningless altogether, it means that value must always be transferred from an individual or sets of individuals to others. This creates inequity. A reputation score, on the other hand, will not require a diminishment of the value of others.

A reputation economy will be much like a gift or barter economy. But with the caveat of allowing trade non-locally with strangers who can only determine your value by having a reasonable estimation of your reputation. The reputation economy can already be seen blossoming in areas where open discussion of past trades are allowed. Amazon’s review system or sites like Rate My Professor have already shown us how we will be able to create a reputation score for individuals. The problems to be overcome are just technological, and those too are already under development. While some literalists believe the value of crypto-currency is that it will replace national fiat currencies, they are missing the point. That would be like believing the point of the Internet is pornography, rather than seeing pornography as a tool that spurred the development of the Internet. In much the same ways, the technologies created by crypto-currencies will allow us to create safe networks of encrypted information regarding the reputation of the individual. A reputation score might take the form of an actual number which has been derived from reviews of your past interactions with others. These reviews will be non-tamper-able and subject to arbitration by third parties consented to by reviewers and reviewee in cases of disagreement. Or it may just be a history of those interactions and of your personal characteristics, accomplishments and talents, which can be interpreted by those wishing to determine your value for trade purposes. The point is, nobody knows what a reputation economy is, yet. But we can forecast possibilities based on current human paradigms.

The effect will also be that reputation economies will create natural consequences and deterrents. Those whose values and actions create negative social consequences will suffer low reputations and become economically nonviable. In short, deviant behavior will make you socially irrelevant. There will be no need for police or the state, because the actions of the individual will be rewarded and punished by the underlying source of value- reputation. As it is you can gain, maintain and monopolize power, control and wealth through deviant behavior. The reputation economy will fundamentally change that aspect of our existence. Deviance will be pointless, and as a result, so too will be the police and the state and other systems and institutions we have perhaps misguidedly erected to address deviant human behaviors.

This future I speak of is not just a distant possibility, it is a near-future likelihood. This is why the State and police have become desperate. They must now be the deviants they are supposed to protect us from in order to validate their own existence and insure their survival. The increasing violence of police and the State can be seen as desperate unconscious attempts to avoid their own extinction. The closer we get to abolishing them, the more pronounced their instinct to fight will become. And that instinct is now so great police are often a greater threat than the deviants they exist to address and the State has become a risk to the existence of humanity through increasing escalations of violence on a global scale. So even though the near-future I have predicted is likely, it is not guaranteed. The police/State could destroy us all in its own death knells. All that is needed to avoid that is for enough of us to remove our consent for those institutions. If they had only force to maintain their existence, they would lose in a numbers game. That is why they require consent, because it gives them the numerical advantage. Remove consent and they are powerless. Remove their power and we can be free in ways that no humans before us could ever have imagined. The choice is clear. Abolish the police/state.

Joshua Scott Hotchkin

What Happened to Checks and Balances? —Make the Answer Go Viral

by Anna Von Reitz

I am often asked, mostly by older Americans, “What happened to Checks and Balances?”

For younger readers, let me explain. We were taught that our government depends on the principle of “checks and balances” to function properly. The Founders deliberately set up the State Governments as a “check” — a means to block — Federal Government overreaches, and keep the whole machinery of government “balanced”.

Both the concept of “checks and balances” and the reality of it has faded away and all levels of government —county, state, and federal—have increasingly become rubber stamps for each other. Why?

The short answer is federal corporation racketeering kickbacks, otherwise known as “block grants”.

Beginning in the 1930’s the Rockefeller-sponsored Council of State Governments began advocating “federal revenue sharing”—- a euphemism for state governments receiving a portion of federal corporation profits in exchange for doing whatever the federal corporation bosses wanted the state governments to do.

Eventually, the then-existing state governments were led along bread crumb by bread crumb to compromise their very structure and being and to allow themselves to be incorporated as mere franchises of the federal corporation. Just like Dairy Queen franchises they were then obligated to follow along in lock-step, promote the brand, wear the colors and do everything according to federal regulation and statute.

So, as a reality, the state governments were bribed into submission and the federal corporation bosses gained a strangle-hold on their operations.

By 1966 all the various organizations operating as state governments had taken the bait. They were obligated to continue in this quasi- federal satellite status as a quid pro quo requirement of receiving federal block grants and quickly became dependent on the hand-outs. They also lost all credibility as governments of the people, by the people, or for the people and slid headlong into being governments of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations—-at the expense of the people these institutions are supposed to serve.

As time went on the corruption grew, and the more corrupt the state governments became, the more federal “candy” they received and the more adept at racketeering they became in their own right. In California the California Franchise Tax Board reared its ugly head, and elsewhere, in Nevada and Delaware, the race was on to promote business by passing “laws” that gave corporations even more power and less liability. Perhaps most important of all, whatever “Daddy” in DC wanted, he and his agencies got, no questions asked.

Fortunately for us, when these original state government organizations decided to cross the line and incorporate as franchises of the federal corporation, they ceased to have any actual standing as a sovereign government and became private corporate enterprises in the business of providing governmental services. Also, once incorporated as federal franchises, they became foreign with respect to us, in the same way that Spain is foreign to Bulgaria.

Unless we really are and voluntarily choose to be “United States Citizens” or “citizens of the United States” they and their statutes have no power over us. All their police departments are peopled by Mall Cops—- private security forces with exactly the same authority as a aisle walker at Walmart. See the Clearfield Doctrine and 22 USC 286 (d).

This means that we are free to act as American State nationals and set up our own lawful government on the land and decide for ourselves whether we want to provide our own governmental services at the state level or hire some other organization to provide state level services. After all, those who decided to incorporate our state governments as federal franchises made that decision only for themselves and in opposition to the requirements of our state governments to retain true checks and balances. They have continued to presume that they have the contract to provide us with state governmental services, but we are not obligated to go along with that presumption.

We can choose another company to mow our lawn or we can do it ourselves. They are in the position of service vendors and they can be fired without the niceties of an election.

Neither of the federal corporations doing business as the UNITED STATES (IMF) or THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (FEDERAL RESERVE) want us to realize these facts, but facts they remain.

By objecting to their presumption that we are “United States Citizens” or “citizens of the United States” and by recording our Acts of Expatriation asserting our birthright political status as Virginians, Ohioans, Californians, etc., owing our allegiance to the land and soil of our birth, we serve Notice that we are not playing their corporate game and that they are merely here under contract to provide services to us. We also serve Notice that our actual states operating on the land jurisdiction— the Wisconsin State, Virginia Commonwealth, and so on– are alive and well and populated with living, breathing Americans.

These states, the states standing firmly on the land, are the states meant to represent the people of this country—-not some foreign corporation franchises merely calling themselves the “State of Washington” or the “STATE OF ALABAMA” surviving on kickbacks from parent corporations in DC.

The unincorporated states on the land, like the Missouri State, are the missing links that need to be inserted back into the picture to establish and maintain checks and balances and return our government to its intended mode of operation, with the state governments being largely independent of the federal government’s corporate policies and exercising a wide latitude of control over their own affairs.

In recent years the federal corporation(s) have even reached down into the county level and by the hundreds county government organizations have joined in the “federal block grant” kickback scheme. They have incorporated as “franchises of the state franchises”, and like the “STATE OF IOWA” the “JACKSON COUNTY” franchises have knowingly or unknowingly surrendered their status as sovereign elements of our lawful government and obligated themselves as corporate franchises to abide by every federal directive.

Finally, these obligations have become to oppressive and so contrary to local needs and sentiments that local people and local county governments are pushing back and pulling away from the federal trough—–and in the process, remembering who they really are and recalling the people they are meant to serve.

Please visit this link to learn more about two such counties and what they have done so far to restore local government of the people, by the people, and for the people:


All over this country the American People and the organizations meant to serve the living people are waking up from the bad dream of Rockefeller’s collectivist corporate government and realizing their mistakes. Either by booting up completely new and separate county government organizations to operate the actual land-based counties under the organic and public law, or by voluntarily liquidating incorporated county franchises and resuming operations as actual American county governments, the move is on.

I remember my Uncle Henry Schnur hearing about federal block grants for the first time, circa 1965. He shook his head and said, “My Lord, people are dumb. Where do they think all this federal money is coming from?”

The answer which was so obvious to him isn’t necessarily obvious to people now, so let me say it in words everyone can understand: all that “federal” money came from us, from you and I. They were robbing Peter to pay Paul, without even bothering to tell Peter about the arrangements they made “in his behalf”.

They stole our identities and incorporated us as “franchises” just as they unlawfully converted our counties and states into corporate franchises and got away with this via a similar names fraud scheme.

The perpetrators then used our good credit and our assets as collateral to borrow against and they employed racketeering methods to force us to pay taxes we never owed. This gave them plenty of money to waste and to spread around in other countries to interfere in their governments and cause trouble and wage wars for profit and to provide “federal block grants” as pay-offs to the state and county government organizations that were supposed to be protecting us from this criminality.

Corporate crooks took over the “federal government” which has been operating as a foreign governmental services corporation since 1877 and they used this as a backdoor means to plunder the good name and credit of the American People via a process of semantic deceit, bribes, and kick backs.

And that is what we are dealing with now, a legacy of deceit, fraud, and odious debt, which can only be dealt with via widespread awareness and public action beginning at the county level and spreading to the state level to restore our actual states and counties on the land and to restore the checks and balances that were undermined by this system of bribes known as “federal block grants.”

This Photo is the Perfect Metaphor for How the Resistance Will be Won


Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times

A photo taken in Santiago, Chile freezes an intense moment between a riot policeman and a protester, capturing the compelling power dynamics at play right in the world at large and revealing how these dynamics will ultimately be defeated.

Worldwide resistance to the destructive paradigm of state/corporate dominion over all life on planet earth is taking many forms, simultaneously happening on many battlefields both macro and micro, both outside and inside of the self.

Many of us understand how power can be and is derived from violence, and how thoroughly the present paradigm has seized upon this script to relentlessly control us. But do we understand the nature of our own power? Do we understand how violence can be overcome without brute force?

The universe is held together and pushed ever-forward by the interplay between opposing forces. This is seen in every sunrise and sunset, and also by looking deeply into any aspect of life. It is happening in this photo, do you see it? In the very moment of this picture, a shift is taking place, something of vast importance that is not announced, only felt.

The false duality of the struggle and conflict in our world is fully exposed right here, laid bare in unspoken truth, communicated in a language more primitive than words. The confrontation is direct and up-close. So close, in fact, there is unity. Moreover, you have the masculine at odds with, yet connected to, the feminine, who is taking control.

You see here the strong against the weak, the big over the small, the dark face-to-face with the light, the old pitted against the young, the vulnerable versus the entrenched and fortified, the organized challenged by chaos. Courage trumping fear.

We are so entrained to see might as right, but you can right here in this photo truth is revealed. Power based on violence is a facade, it is a mask covering fear.

In this photo is proof the facade is cracking, it’s in his eyes. And he represents the entire system. This is the exact moment where fear yields to love, caught on camera in a protest marking the 1973 coup of dictator Augusto Pinochet who was deposed in a long and heart-breaking process of resolve. A righteous resolve which is seen clearly in her face. The self-delusions of the wicked are blown apart with her conviction.

Before human communication became verbal it was primal. The creature to be feared now senses fear himself. He now has a decision to make for he has finally seen an accurate reflection of himself in this young woman. He looks down on her in stature, but his submission is guaranteed.

Final Thoughts

When fully integrated into the still incoherent global resistance movement, the principles revealed in this image will prove invincible against the forces of destruction and inhumanity. They will collapse when they are told to do so.

What more proof do you need that righteous can and will prevail in the end? What more encouragement do you need to never give up?

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”
~ R. Buckminster Fuller




Calling an arbitrary governMental-imposed penalty on marijuana a “market cost” is as disingenuous as not calling such a plan a “tax.” It’s social engineering meant to change culture.

As we can discuss the immediate solution here on the land, should we rather be looking to the sky and witnessing the chemtrails that have just begun again after a two-month interval? Huge X right over Carlotta –noonish Monday 22nd.

Who is responsible for the air space above Humboldt? Yep, it would be the same five who are taxing us to death and calling it “compliance.”

If Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It

NOW PLAYING: Don’t be fooled into thinking that the only road to reform is through the ballot box. Whether you vote or don’t vote doesn’t really matter. What matters is what else you’re doing to push back against gubbernut incompetence, abuse, corruption, graft, fraud and cronyism. After all, there is more to citizen-ship than the act of voting for someone who, once elected, will march in lockstep with the dictates of the powers-that-were.


The status quo may be able to stop one of us; it will never be able to stop all of us. When we plan for the future we need not fear change. We must define the qualities of Humboldt we love so we can create a plan to protect them.
Comment ID: 3601550
August 24, 2016 at 2:29 pm

Do you know what it’s like to grow up in the projects?? No. How would you like it if that was all there was?! I’ve been watching video of many many projects going up. The city Planners are actually doing it. They are turning the place into one big shithole. The hunger games movie is the plan that’s being implemented. You wont have a car. But the criminal rich will have cars. You have to sit next to a filthy coughing pervert on a bus. Wait in the rain for as long as it takes. Then walk with groceries to your apartment or cell. You won’t be going to the next town. Without a car, with roads deliberately neglected eventually gone altogether. This is not a futuristic nightmare scenario. They are implementing their plans. Public transportation. No more single family housing. This is beyond the tyranny of anything in previous generations. This is one big prison. Apartments will become rooms. Rooms will give way to bunk beds. Eventually all you will be allowed is a claustrophobic tiny sleeping spot just big enough to wiggle your body into and out of, like they have for single men in Japan. All the comfort of a submarine. The changes will be slow so we frogs don’t panic and jump ship. It’s time to find out what the City Planners are up to. Perhaps we can still stop them if enough of us make a big enough outcry. If we go on like nothing is happening, we’ll wake up soon and find that they have succeeded in remaking America into a total locked down prison. Not an open-air prison. These people are involved in the local politics of your city. I know you’re tired after work. But instead of plopping in front of the J*w propaganda TV, go give the City Planners some opposition. Let them have a look at a population that is smart, informed, and more determined to keep our way of life than these bastards are determined to destroy it. Fight or flight. But flight to where? Venezuela??


Comment ID: 3601570
August 24, 2016 at 3:21 pm

I’m somewhat off topic here but……..living in the city, known as the end of the North End, Water District, I live directly across from the Coast Guard. Today I hear stomping and commands from outside. Looked and saw a full Battalion in full fatigues marching down the center of the road. Since I’ve only lived here 2 yrs. it could be just a changing of the guards so to speak. Really has me speculating about WTF is going on? Constant helicopters above and boots on the ground. Seems we are becoming a Socialist Nation without permission from the people. God help Venezuela and WE The People – wake up!




Linda Cassara
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Linda Cassara                                                                                  Claim “in Law”

claimant,                                                                                 CASE NO. DR 160135

Mark Lovelace, et al.,                                                                    CASE NO. DR 160161

         wrongdoers.                                                                         CLARIFICATION



This is a court of record.

  1. I, the living claimant, going by the name Linda Cassara, invoke the laws of the republic.
  2. The fact the Court or County is always styled in Dunn and Bradstreet as an ALL CAPS entity just like it is in the Risk and Management documents which name is nowhere found in the statutes that created the Court, or any that refer to it spelled this way, leaves me enough grounds to raise legitimate questions in immediate challenges and demands for jurisdictional clarification.
  3. There is more than one Legal jurisdiction styled “United States” and “State of California” in federal ‘law’ and regulations, and as Dunn and Bradstreet confirms; there is a commercial corporate entity trading from the “COURT’S” address as the “SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA,” “COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT.”
  4. When we get to the issue of style of service, of state and court themselves, we find the SUPERIOR COURT listed on Dunn and Bradstreet as a commercial corporate entity financially connected to STATE OF CALIFORNIA and COUNTY of HUMBOLDT pseudo government entities.
  5. One needs to advise the COURT, it may not only show financial conflicts of interest to the COURT’S dispensing of impartial justice in these two cases, MJ TAX & Meas. Z TAX, but likely every similar case that has come before it, as well as, it will show the true commercial corporate nature of the SUPERIOR COURT and STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and its other financially inter-connected pseudo government entities, that are NOT an unbiased court or government directly created through the sovereign electors of California State, the state of the republic, which would give you and all prejudicially damaged parties in law suits before it, grounds not only for vacating past judgments, but for lawful action against the “COURT” for fraudulent representation, and possible criminal conspiracy charges against the officers of HUMBOLDT’S COURTS and of COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT,  and action against all the attorneys of the County who knew what they were taking cases into when they brought suit under the SUPERIOR COURT, COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT.
  6. Will the STATE argue under the “Clearfield Doctrine” that the private bankrupt for-profit corporation COURT has a higher standing than a Private “In Honor” estate/trust/office/administrator?  Not likely, I really don’t think that the State Attorney would be that foolish.   “You” are responsible in some capacity for meeting the contractual and fiduciary obligations owed to the People here in Humboldt. “YOU” need to be made explicitly, individually, personally, and undeniably aware of criminal acts of mis-administration and malfeasance being committed and directed by corporate officers functioning in blatant Breach of Trust and Conflict of Interest while occupying vacated and long-inactive Public Offices.
  7. Absent a specific, fully disclosed, voluntary appointment to act in behalf of specific individuals, there is no basis for any claim that any elected, appointed or employed by the UNITED STATES or its STATE franchises, agencies, or subsidiaries, represents anyone but themselves. Election to a corporate office does not imply Power of Attorney. Election to a private corporate office does not imply election to public office. The same is true of any elected, appointed, or employee of United States Inc., and its State franchises.
  8. “YOU” are being afforded the opportunity (JUST ONCE!) to self-correct and correct the operations of your Office/OFFICE of employment. Failure to timely do so and provide remedy to those who have been harmed may result in your being prosecuted for impersonating a Public Servant, double indemnity fines, up to ten (10) years in prison per offense, commercial compensatory damage claims, and dissolution – lease, franchise, agency, bank or other corporate charter of the Legal Fiction entity you work for. These Trust Management Organizations don’t have a contract to operate the people’s government, though they have been conniving and contriving to do so for several decades with disastrous results.
  9. These Trust Management Organizations don’t have a contract to operate the people’s government, though they have been conniving and contriving to do so for several decades with disastrous results.
  10. We the People have been defrauded, lied to, lied about, victimized by deliberate semantic deceit, suffered extortion, armed robbery, gross fiduciary malfeasance, inland piracy, conspiracy against our rights and material interests, have suffered from self-interested non-disclosure, breach of trust, despotism, and default of commercial contract—all at the hands of Trust Management Organizations that are obligated to function in good faith and with full fiduciary liability.
  11. COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT is merely a privately owned for-profit commercial corporation, which has sought to attach certain private property and to control the free market.
  12. The two Trust Management Organizations dba the United States Inc. and the UNITED STATES, INC., and their “STATE” franchises, were and are, obligated to defend the National Trust, including the material interests and rights of individual state American nationals who are beneficiaries of the National Trust Indenture.
  13. Any concerted attempt by Trustees—whether individuals or entire vast incorporated Trust Management Organizations—-to impose upon the beneficiaries of a trust or to usurp the assets and collateral held in trust for the Trustees -for the Trust Manager’s own benefit- is a High Crime of Felony Fraud and Criminal Malfeasance.
  14. The only business any American has with any corporate administrative tribunal functioning as a Court/COURT is (1) to inform the personnel operating the Court/COURT of facts, or (2) to present a claim against UNITED STATES, INC. or CALIFORNIA INC., or HUMBOLDT COUNTY INC.
  15. Any pretension that any individual is obligated to obey these instruments of corporate policy, such as an Ordinance, an “employee” must be backed up with proof of fully disclosed employment contracts and agreements, as state American nationals are owed full treaty and trusteeship obligations.
  16. “YOU PERSONS”… are ALL Undeclared Foreign Agents who are trying to overthrow my republic form of government!
  17. If anyone handles the lawful duties of a trust then they are either acting as a trustee or they are breaching the trust.
  18. Beneficiaries who act as trustees without grantor authority are in breach.
  19. If a trust is created then there must be an estate (asset(s) that is owned free and clear by the grantor…no exceptions to this.
  20. WHEN IT COMES TO THE NAME, BODY, BC, ETC….who is grantor…where is the indenture naming the trustee(s) and beneficiary(s)…what are their instructions??? Is the trust Revocable? Private? Foreign? Above all, what is the law of the trust???

I am not affiliated with any ‘Legal’ society. Rather, I am an unincorporated private member of the living.

Autographed and sealed on the land Humboldt County, California state,

August _____, Two thousand and Sixteen

I am woman, an eyewitness with firsthand knowledge.





Winston Shrout – Removing Commercial Karma II Topic Preview [VIDEO]

Posted by Madeline | Aug 22, 2016 | 2016, Daily Blog

Published on Aug 9, 2016

Hear Winston give a preview as to what he has in store for the upcoming Removing Commercial Karma II Seminar on September 2nd – 4th at ECETI Ranch!

Stay tuned to the end for a special offer ending August 31st, 2016!

Click on the following link for more information about this important event: http://privateinvitationeceti.com/ece


Why didn’t Kelly Vizgaudis, in HUMBOLDT’S Risk Management Department, inform the insurance company that litigation is pending about Measure Z TAX CASE NO. DR 160135 and the so-called “Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Ordinance” TAX CASE NO. DR 160161???

Why does the Emerald Triangle only have 1 Oath Keeper Sheriff?

I suggest that if an individual really wants to be free then they should begin to act free themselves; that is, choose to be free.

Working within the system means to become a part of the system. You can’t use fraud to get out of fraud. And, it’s all fraud. You cannot do right by doing wrong. When you vote for someone to be in a position of State power, from Dog Catcher to Prez., then you are supporting State power.

Speak about liberty with conviction and expose tyranny with calm resolve. Free association, strong family ties and good will in the community, all diminish and undermine the power and legitimacy of the State. The State is thus shown up to be unnecessary, unneeded and unwanted when people act free.

“It is essential to realize that what makes the economic crisis emerge is the democratic process of the market. The consumers disapprove of the employment of the factors of production as effected by entrepreneurs.”



Every day life is showing us where we’ve outgrown the thinking of the past. It’s also clear that the thinking of the past is no longer enough to meet our needs today. A new healthy and sustainable world is emerging and our ability to accept what it offers begins with our willingness to –honestly acknowledge the facts of what we’re up against.

LEGAL “the undoing of God’s Law.” 1893 Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Encyclopedia Britannica; a dictionary of arts, sciences and general literature. The R. S. Peale 9th 1893. God’s Law is also known as “Natural Law,” wherein, “the Truth bounds all contracts.”

Commercial (13c) suitable, adequate, average. Low standards for quick market success.

Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43, 74, 26 S.Ct. 370, 50 L.Ed. 652 (1906) The individual may stand upon his constitutional rights as a citizen. He is entitled to carry on his own business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no duty to the state or to his neighbors to divulge his business, or to open his doors to an investigation, so far as it may tend to incriminate him. He owes no such duty to the state, since he receives nothing therefrom, beyond the protection of his life and property. His rights are such as existed by the law of the land long antecedent to the organization of the state, and can only be taken from him by due process of law, and in accordance with the Constitution. Among his rights are a refusal to incriminate himself, and the immunity of himself and his property from arrest or seizure except under a warrant of law. He owes nothing to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their rights. On the other hand, the corporation is a creature of the state. It is presumed to be incorporated for the benefit of the public. It receives certain special privileges and franchises, and holds them subject to the laws of the state and the limitations of its charter. Its powers are limited by law. It can make no contract not authorized by its charter. Its rights to act as a corporation are only preserved to it so long as it obeys the laws of its creation. There is a reserved right in the legislature to investigate its contracts and find out whether it has exceeded its power. aff’d. Wilson v. United States, 221 U.S. 361, 31 S.Ct. 538, 55 L.Ed. 771 (1911).

Private Enterprise. Cultivating the soil, manufacturing articles for sale, dealing in merchandise, and the pursuit of numerous and various activities, which enlist individual energy. Dodge v Mission Tp. (CA8 Kan) 107 F 827. In the language of the ultraconservative, something undefiled by governmental regulation or participation. As used in a provision of a State Constitution FORBIDDING the STATE to be interested in any “private corporate enterprise,” The term has been held not merely to forbid the state to become interested in private enterprise carried on by individuals and corporations but also to Prohibit the State from itself Engaging in Private Enterprises ordinarily undertaken by private promoters.
State ex fel. Wilkinson v Murphy, 237 Ala 332, 186 So 487, 121 ALR 383.

These issues aren’t part of an intellectual exercise. The downside of restricted trade is very real for real people.

“Private enterprise systems improve human cooperation and further peace and prosperity. Economic systems with which Governments intervene are called liberal, or middle-of-the-road economics. They declare they are not socialist. They say they wish to preserve market systems. But, is that possible? No. Nothing will be left of the free market. Capitalism and socialism cannot coexist. Step by step, interventionism erodes capitalism into some form of socialism.
The clear distinction between production and government must be re-established and left untouched.” -Ludwig von Mises inaugural lecture in the American School of Economics lecture series. Presented at New York University on April 25, 1962.

Therefore, “the public policy of a government, then, should aim to promote the true interests of the greatest possible number of the people, and never can be justified in aiming to promote those of a mere minority.

Government intervention into some particular business is harmful, unnatural, and ineffective. “Can the insight of a king or a parliament be a surer guide for a people in their business, each familiar with his own sphere of operations and having a direct personal interest in the success of his own labor?” “The government adds nothing to the wealth of the community; it only bestows on a few what it has first taken from the many.”

STAUB v. BAXLEY                                    (1958)                         355      US       313
. . . an ordinance which makes the peaceful enjoyment of freedoms which the Constitution guarantees contingent upon the uncontrolled will of an official – as by requiring a permit or license which may be granted or withheld in the discretion of such official – is an unconstitutional censorship or prior restraint upon the enjoyment of those freedoms.
SHUTTLESWORTH v. BIRMINGHAM     (1969)                        394     US       147
“. . . our decisions have made clear that a person faced with . . . an unconstitutional licensing law may ignore it and engage with impunity in the exercise of the right . . . for which the law purports to require a license.”
BRADY v. UNITED STATES                      (1970)                        397     US       742
Waivers of constitutional rights not only must be voluntary but must be knowing, intelligent acts done with sufficient awareness of the relevant circumstances and likely consequences.

Requiring a permit or license is an unconstitutional censorship or prior restraint upon those freedoms. [Staub v. Baxley, 355 US 313 (1958)]
When the state imposes a charge for the enjoyment of a right, it is patently unconstitutional. [Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 US 105 (1943); United States v. Jackson, 390 US 570 (1968)]

A person faced with an unconstitutional licensing law may ignore it with impunity and exercise the right. [Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham, 394 US 147 (1969)]

OPPRESSION: Bearing down on another or others in an oppressive manner. The exercise of unlawful power or other means, in depriving an individual of his liberty or property against his will. United States v Deaver (DC NC) 14 F 595, 597.

“Whoever commits treason against the commonwealth shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for life.” [Massachusetts General Laws, ch. 264 – CRIMES AGAINST GOVERNMENTS, §2 Penalty for treason.]

DERIVATIVE ACTION: An action brought by one or more stockholders of a corporation to enforce a Corporate Right or to Prevent or Remedy a Wrong to the corporation in cases where the corporation, because it is controlled by the WRONGDOERS or for other reasons, fails and refuses to take appropriate action for its own protection. Price v Gurney, 324 US 100, 89 L Ed 776, 65 S Ct 513.

How much did the following terrorist attack in Miranda cost we the people?

(1) Deputies (Not in the republic), LEGAL Enforcement team also included;

(2) Humboldt County Drug Task Force (this is STATE under the Dept. of Justice heading);

(3) Humboldt County Criminal District A’s Office personnel (State);

(4) State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (this is Federal, Not State);

(5) Cal Fire (State);

(6) Humboldt County (unconstitutional) StateCODE Enforcement {county};

(7) California National Guard (this is Federal). The National Guard Army can ONLY be called in by a Mayor-to-the-Governor communication when a riot occurs that local police officers can’t handle);

(8) the State Water Resources Control Board (Re-sources ?). This one’s about 6-weeks new to the area. Can’t seem to settle on a title.    County 2     State 4     Federal 2

“The State is always society’s enemy. The State has no money of its own only what society gives it. The State has no power of its own only what society grants it.”

County Revenue Authority

Board of Supervisors can raise local revenue by imposing or increasing a tax, an assessment, or a fee. Each of these local revenue sources has its own constitutional and statutory authority and unique laws governing its use. A county can only impose those taxes, assessments, and fees which the Legislature or the Constitution allow a county to impose and which are approved by either a simple or two-thirds majority of local voters per Proposition 13 and 62.

After the California Supreme Court ruled in Guardino (12/95), a Board of Supervisors may NOT impose new taxes without a vote of the people.

Such taxes are unconstitutional –as a matter of principle.




“People are confusing their own empathic response with some overblown idea about group identity. They aren’t the same. People are becoming afraid of their own unique and distinct existence. This is a social fear. A new social contract is being foisted on the population. Either you belong, or you have no rights. This is a totalitarian concept. It’s coming through the back door.” –from Jon Rappoport

What we are dealing with is merely contract law. Fraud vitiates all contracts, as does non-disclosure.

The Revenue Authority of a ‘General Law’ County:

Tax, assessment, or fee can be imposed ONLY WHEN APPROVED BY EITHER A SIMPLE OR 2/3 MAJORITY OF VOTERS.” Measure Z was never 2/3 lawfully passed, and it funds the [daily] terrorist raids. Tax, assessment and fees being charged for “Permits,” regarding so-called marijuana, were not put to a vote – therefore, NON-DISCLOSURE =FRAUD.

“Liberty, sir, is the primary object . . .the battles of the Revolution were fought, not to make ‘a great and mighty empire,’ but for liberty.” –Patrick Henry

“You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments’ rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe” -John Adams

We are not expatriates in our own land.

We Are Land. We have landed. We have Standing. We stand over. We stand on. We stand on the seal of the covenant of our parents union. We are Live and we have the Superior Claim to our corporate fiction and the units of value that are associated with all the iterations associated with it.

Crime Against Humanity
Identity Theft

California state

Vis impressa


TO: BAR fly Ellenwood

There is nothing like ignorance to promote elitist views, contempt and separation.   Your continued involvement in these ”In law” proceedings, is antagonistic, and a detriment to me and my interests in liberty. Any billings you may produce in reference to these two proceedings (MEASURE Z TAX & MJ TAX) will be considered an act of fraud and an act of extortion. As a recorded into the public record lien debtor, you and the other named lien debtors either rebut my Affidavit of Obligation Commercial Lien (Agree, Disagree, or Don’t know for lack of knowledge), or stphu.

The law is no harm to the people or their property – make no fraud in your contracts, the end, “In law.” It is treason (breach of trust) for the Government to get one of “we the people” into contract by which rights are lost.

“Color of Law” is not applicable. As an actor, you have a script, it’s this statute, code, rule, or an Ordinance regarding private property –pfft! That’s not law. The failure to recognize the difference is gross negligence “failure to take proper care in doing your duty.”

The subjects are: unlawful/uncontrolled/run away Taxation that’s supporting the funding of the Terrorist’s (War on Drugs) Raids, all in the name of a phony Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Ordinance. And, elected officials who are cowards with an imagined external authority to represent them. A maxim of law is, “Authority once delegated cannot again be delegated.”

To help you persons maintain your private individual and public personal honor in every respect, morally, commercially and lawfully…I demand a certified true copy from Risk Management Office’ address, of each; indemnity/performance bond and Oath of office for; Fennell, Bass, Lovelace, Bohn, Sundberg, Downey, Blanck, Ellenwood, Bartholomew, and Wall. Public liability insurance for corporate agents, officers and municipal law requires that proof of such be displayed whenever required. Failure to provide this information constitutes corporate and limited liability insurance fraud and is prima facie evidence and grounds to impose a lien upon the person, personally, to secure their public oath and service of office.   Hence, the Affidavit Of Obligation Commercial Lien.

“Color of Law” is not applicable. Failure to produce the aforementioned papers will immediately constitute admittance to any/all of the following:

1)   Failure of office

2)   Failure of fiduciary duties

3)   Failure of substantive due process

4)   Involvement with prior knowledge and pre-meditated fraudulent gross negligence

You know the name I go by and the address – which is Not in a Federal Zip Code territory.