The STATE Stole My Truck — continued

Part Seven:  Mendo Madness

Thursday, November 21st, 2013.  Down to Ukiah to get a court order to Release Private Property.  What does “Walk-In” (court) mean to anyone?    After about 30 minutes of watching several people kowtowing to the Corp. Court, and the Bailiff Officer walking around and chewing gum! We, my daughter and me, went downstairs to the Court File Clerk’s window.  After explaining to a guy my purpose in being there, he goes off and returns with my file.  He looks it over and tells me to go down to the next floor to the D.A.’s office –huh?  I tell the lady behind the glass that my personal property is being held and I want it released.  She asked me if a warrant issued?  “No.”  She hands me a paper form to fill-in.  Done.  I returned it to her.  She goes to her computer and types in the NAME, wads up the paper I just filled-in, and tells me that I plead guilty and a penalty (TAX) amount . .. “Stop!  That is not correct, it was Dismissed.”  She wanders around and finds someone else to ask.  Then she comes back, opens the door, and tells me that she’s going to ask the D.A.  She returns and goes back to her desk.  A  D.A.Assistant comes in the room, and with his eyes nearly closed, tells me that it was Dismissed, puts both hands up and back down, then turns and leaves.  Back upstairs to the Court File Clerk’s window, the guy is gone, and I repeat to a lady file clerk why I’m there.  She goes off looking for my file.  I mentioned that it might be where the guy file clerk sits or downstairs in the D.A’s office.  She said, “No it’s not downstairs, we have our own files up here.”  She returns with my file, looks it over, and starts highlighting a paper form where I’m to sign, and writing in times, dates, and case numbers.  I fill-in the appropriate information, attach my Declaration and proceed upstairs to the law library to make copies.  Back down stairs to the same lady, I hand her the original, take a copy downstairs to the D.A.’s office, and one copy for me.  A Dec. 2nd ‘court’ date is set to obtain a court ordered Release of Personal Property.

The smell of malicious prosecution in the D.A.’s office was strong.  Not to mention that the D.A. enters whatever he wants into the computers in his office!   Psychological liars all around!  How much longer til the system falls in on itself?


I want to mention that the closed mills stacks of dead trees (36 & 101) are all much larger than three weeks ago.  The many, many, many large pallets of milled 4 x 8’s at Scotia are also growing in number.  The large neon orange “Share the Road” bicycle signs that were so prevalent on 36 and 101 from Aug. thru Oct. have been removed.  How much did those ridiculous signs cost Californians?  How much were the busy highway crew paid to install them just to remove them a few months later?  Where are they stored?  Are they stored?  Can we get a refund?  Are bicycles a target in the winter and spring months?


14 thoughts on “The STATE Stole My Truck — continued

  1. liberalJon? gettin better! but it’s still a label of a group that you want to identify with, which implies sep ar a tion from Uni (One) verse (sound).

    Please do leave a reply of merit or value, or a question.

  2. What does “Walk-In” (court) mean to anyone?

    -could it be related to “walk your talk”? 😉

  3. Joe Blow,
    There’s no doubt in my mind that the law of the land will prevail. Fact and FICTION can’t meet, that’s why the so-called judge, on Oct.3, exited the kangaroo court room when i entered. They scurry around and jump overboard like rats on a ship. The sea of Commerce.
    Your priceless will depends on your knowledge you have of your own power.
    Power remains with the people. More of us have to fall in love with the word “No.”

  4. ~ when we see “Walk-In” as applied to customers, for say a haircut, it means ‘No Appointment Necessary.’ Since the ‘courts’ operate on fiction diction, and i’m there to play in their sandbox, i have to bend somewhat to their definition of “Walk-In.”
    When one steps foot on-board the foreign vessel in dry dock (sea of Commerce), we have left Kansas (land), and must get the NAME on the Passenger List first. As you can see in reading my story over the past four months, i go about it from my common law point-of-view first. Hence, having friends witness my signature on my document, then not willing to give up my original. Actions speak louder than words -so i make an appearance first (sometimes twice).

  5. -walk in and get your doll-hairs cut. Sounds like a convenient way for someone to pay for a “haircut” without ever having to face a real barber.

  6. Fred,
    Me too! A ‘blog’ implies that we have something to say almost on a daily basis. i was/am just wanting to inform those people around me in my community of Humboldt what i’m going through as it happens, and to post my documents so the people can see how the system works in our favor once we know who we are and what we’re up against. It’s not for the weak at heart. You will be challenged.

  7. -thanks for the ideas Fred. Suzy’s got one for you too. I don’t know if she’d want to, but –I think you should consider interviewing Forest on your blog. Maybe do it via email.

  8. Also enjoying your weblog, Forest 😉

    And I hope you get your truck back soon. I can’t quite decipher if they’ve agreed to this yet, but fingers crossed…

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