GLOBAL CONSPIRACY: How Taxes, Debt and Insurance Keep the Slaver Operational

by James Jaeger

The invention of MONEY entered a “tit-for-tat” mentality into the cooperative structure of society like no other.

Before money, members of society bartered. You would do these things for me and I would do those things for you. Everyone interacted with everyone else naturally and with no parasitic middlemen deriving a cut off of every transaction.

Today we have up to three major, parasitic middlemen connected with every transaction in society. The STATE, which long ago forced its way into almost every transaction on the pretext of providing “protection” and “security.” This ruse was readily adopted by the female half of the population and institutionalized by the male part seeking sexual favors.  Both of these impulses were subconscious.

Next came the mathematicians who invented money, hence DEBT — mechanisms which made the middle man much less obvious to society. Theft technologies like fractional reserve banking, elevated the art of grand larceny to heights only few were equipped to comprehend.

And now today, with the emergence of the “risk industry,” a new breed of middlemen, known as insurance brokers, are able to combine mathematics and high-speed computers to the art of grand theft like never before. Thus we have mandatory auto insurance, swimming pools, every activity under the sun moon and stars and now derivatives and plunge protection teams — fueled by fiat currency — to insure the risk of securities, health and even the entire global economy. All designed to increase DEBT and TAXATION for the ruling class.

The Crimes of Money:

But what is the common denominator of all this mischief? What enables it? That’s simple, it’s a technology known as MONEY. The enabler of all of these parasitic middlemen is MONEY, more specifically, fiat currency: “money” that is force upon the citizen by the state. This, and this alone, makes it all work. If people were NOT forced to use Federal Reserve Notes (bogus, anti-constitutional “money”), but could barter or use gold or silver or Bitcoin in any and all transactions, none of the economic and political conspiracies of taxation, debt and insurance would be sustainable.

Through the science of “money,” certain elements in “civilization” have been able to replace a leisurely barter system with a high-pressure, “tit-for- tat” system that we now call “accounting” — the science of tit-for-tat.

In the barter era, “accounting” was done by feeling, not mathematics. Barter transactions would be adjusted by intuition and FEELING, not tit- for-tat numbers in a check or accounting ledger. I would give you more eggs today for that wheel you fixed for me because last week you also gave me an extra large chicken. Trillions of such transactions between human beings would endlessly and continuously be REGULATED by how the parties FELT about each OTHER as much as how they felt about the PRODUCTS they were trading on the FREE MARKET. This brought people closer together, made them more intuitive and more productive. The FREE MARKET was the GOVERNMENT –not some pit-hole of thugs with their corporate-manufactured weapons.

People also received more VALUE because the government, banksters and insurance vultures were NOT sucking off their productivity –using mathematics, monetary science and force to steal tiny slices of every transaction.

Money enables endless tit-for-tat manipulations using mathematics. Tiny slices of every transaction can be siphoned off of all of Human civilization’s production. This is HOW the Globalists are slowly taking over the world and enslaving us all with their DEBT, TAXATION and INSURANCE PREMIUMS — a system they say is “too big to fail”. Well that’s what they said about the Roman Empire.

The Global Ponzi:

When this global Ponzi eventually DOES crash — and, like all Ponzi schemes, it’s mathematically inevitable — we will most likely go back to a universal barter system. And it won’t be so bad. It will bring people together and they will trade with each other on a more personal level. Quality will improve because one is less likely to give a shoddy product to a barter partner than an anonymous “customer” in some “big box” store.

If, somehow, high-tech survives the crash — and computer people are some of the largest barterers in the world — money will probably be outlawed and civilization will figure out how to 1) Store value, 2) Mediate exchange and 3) Tally production by other means. The most likely means will be through the eventual remedy of scarcity as this will make money obsolete. Scarcity will be remedied because the engineers of scarcity, and their primary tools, will be gone.

Case in point, when Nikola Tesla told J.P. Morgan that his Wardencliff invention will enable people to extract electrical power from all over the earth, Morgan retorted: “Well if people can get power from anywhere, where do I place my meters?” This statement demonstrates the mentality that is NOT concerned with the growth of civilization, but the selfish growth of the individual and his cronies, whether corporate or familial. Is it any wonder that the Federal Reserve System was created the same year that J.P. Morgan — the lender of last resort — died. This was 1913, the same year IRS came on the scene. Three coincidences? Not on your life; it was a global banking conspiracy being put into effect with the help of the STATE, which would partner and thus derive a supplemental source of revenue — monetizing debt, also known as quantitative easing or borrowing. 

Stupid Lefties and Righties:

Lefties pick up on J. P. Morgan-mentalities like this use them to “justify” the massive build up of the STATE and Keynesian economics. They say: “See look at J.P. Morgan, he was just a profit-seeking scum; we need laws to regulate people like him.” Their solution is ALWAYS the STATE, more regulation, bigger government, more laws. “There ought to be a law,” they spew ad nausium.

But Lefties are stupid and short-sighted because what they fail to GROK is that the STATE is one of the parasites mentioned above. The STATE steals the wealth of civilization through TAXATION and then it legalizes and facilitates the other forms of plunder: DEBT and INSURANCE, so that it can indirectly and covertly participate in more of its subject’s transactions. This further validates the “indispensability” of the STATE and is evidence that the Left is stupid.

Tesla, never asked the government to regulate his competitors nor did he rely on the state to create his humanity-helping inventions. He wanted to give everyone limitless free or cheap ‘electrical’ power knowing that it would boost all of civilization. He was not concerned with METERING it, like scum, corporate fascists exemplified by Morgan and championed by stupid conservatives that endlessly seek profit at any cost.

So, on one side of the spectrum, we have stupid socialists that think government is the solution. On the other side we have corporate fascists using the government to create monopolies. John D. Rockefeller’s famous statement comes to mind: “Competition is a sin.” Right-wing scum like this feel they are advancing society by “creating wealth” that will “trickle down” or they are “giving people jobs” or “they pay most of the taxes.” Both of these mentalities are actually destroying the world’s economy because BOTH of these mentalities depend on TAXES, DEBT and INSURANCE to effectuate their economic and political conquests of the world.

TAXES, DEBT and INSURANCE are therefore the three basic tit-for-tat mechanisms that will eventually lead civilization into slavery and possibly a new dark age. Why? Because TAXES, DEBT and INSURANCE are inconsistent with a universe where energy is infinite, resources are infinite and creativity is infinite.

The mentalities that support TAXES, DEBT and/or INSURANCE do not want to advance civilization, they want to EXPLOIT civilization. These mentalities attempt to meter energy, commandeer resources and inhibit creativity. Their motto is “might is right” or “we do it because we CAN do it.” This is the mentality of the ignorant, sex-crazed, tyrant, pure and simple.

TAXES support the STATE and the endless warfare and welfare programs it uses to “justify” its existence.

DEBT supports the banking regime that uses mathematics and monetary science to covertly siphon off the energy of civilization into private cartels.

INSURANCE perpetuates shoddy and expensive products because it prevents the free-market from permanently eradicating risk through competition and heuristic processes.

These are the reasons the beneficiaries of TAXATION, DEBT and INSURANCE are the enemies of Human Civilization.

The Ruse of Security:

Let’s take a look at what real security is. Real security is a world where its population does NOT spend or permit the expenditure of trillions every year on the manufacture and deployment of lethal weapons, weapons that CAUSE more insecurity than they prevent.

The “security mentality” is a tribal mentality is a left-over from pre-industrial civilization, a time when people grouped together into nation states in order to protect and plunder each other’s resources. The idea was, it’s easier to steal the next-door neighbor’s stuff than it is to make it. But today, technology makes this MO obsolete. It’s easier to make stuff than to steal it.

Thus, why do we still have governments and weapons if technology remedies the need for protection and plunder? And if we ARE in an infinite universe of energy and resources why do the people of the world still permit the allocation of their planetary resources to governments that use them to simply destroy everyone’s stuff? Destroy stuff all in the name of being more “secure”? Is this not totally insane?

What kind of an insane and stupid race are we all a part of ?

I can’t believe the vast majority of the 7 billion people on earth are stupid and insane. It must be that we have been duped. It MUST be that the people and entities that are “leading” the world are ignorant and/or selfish, especially if such “power elite” permits such waste and misdirected energy. Why do not the people of the world get rid of theses parasites? Why do not the people of the world refuse the mentality that relies on TAXES, DEBT and INSURANCE?

Why do not the people of the world create a world where technology opens up exploration and colonization of the Solar System — a world that confronts and remedies risk? A world where technology opens up production and innovation and confronts and remedies scarcity. A world where scarcity is remedied is a world where conflict and risk are surely reduced towards zero.

But in such a world, the STATE probably plays little or no role. In such a world bankers have no one to lend to because capital formation is sufficient for research and production. And, in such a world, risk is preempted by so much abundance, third-party indemnification is replaced by self-indemnification.

Is Everything a Conspiracy?:

The mentality that makes fun of conspiracies is just as laughable as the mentality that sees conspiracies everywhere. Those who think everything is an accident are equally laughable.

Only a fool would refute the idea that governments, banks and insurance companies CONSPIRE to support each other, overtly or covertly, knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly.

Only a fool would refute the idea that governments, banks and insurance companies are not subject to ACCIDENTS undermining their mutual support, overtly or covertly, knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly. In other words, governments, banks and insurance companies are NOT in control of everything. They are in control of less than half of the world’s events, probably only 1 – 20 percent of them. But that is very significant, because it only takes 5% ownership of a public corporation’s voting stock to influence the direction of that corporation.

But regardless, of what percentage, you CAN be sure that governments DO conspire to support governments, banks conspire to support banks and insurance companies conspire to support insurance companies. And churches do the same thing. Minorities conspire to support minorities. Races conspire to support races. Lawyers conspire to support each other and so do MDs. The control group of Hollywood conspires to support the control group of Hollywood.

But the STATE, BANKS and INSURANCE industries conspire the most of all. TAXATION, DEBT and INSURANCE industries, KNOW that they MUST conspire like crazy because THEIR industries are built upon dishonest products and services — so mutual validation is the ONLY way they can survive.

Pointing guns at people, taking their money and calling it taxation is dishonest. Storing people’s money and then lending it out behind their backs is dishonest. Counterfeiting money and then claiming the government gives them the right is dishonest. Using government-force to collect premiums on events that are uninsurable and then attempting to diffuse the risk over increasing populations is a dishonest Ponzi.

Because the STATE-TAX-DEBT-INSURANCE system is SO dishonest, it is one of the reasons the very WORD “conspiracy” is ruthlessly policed and ridiculed by their New York mainstream media and Hollywood-based movie industry — which they own and control 95% of.

If one were to object about the conspiracy going on in the shoe manufacturing business, few would care. If one were to object about the conspiracy going on in the bug-spray industry, no one would care.But when people mention or object to the conspiracy going on between the STATE, the BANKS and the INSURANCE CORPORATIONS –vehement objections spew forth. And this is because the STATE, the Bank and Insurance have their fingers in EVERY OTHER industry on earth and they do more damage than they do good. This is why 1/10th of 1% of the people on earth own well over 60% of the world’s assets.


Conspiracy is so much a fact of life for these global, STATE-sponsored, corporate monsters, it’s impossible for them to exist without a constant, counter-propaganda campaign every time the word “conspiracy” is applied to them in any way.

So believe it: 1% of the world’s population IS conspiring against the other 99% of the world’s population OR the results would be different. HOW did they build up all that wealth? They didn’t work harder. They aren’t smarter. They weren’t just lucky. They got in there early and then used the police powers of the STATE to lock out everyone else and lock in a global “system” that ensures their continued unjust enrichment and domination. The global monetary system — complete with compound interest, fractional reserve, fiat currency and now AI-driven derivatives — is the “system” they have built to exploit and subjugate the world population in the name of “security,” “protection” and the “general welfare.”

These are the facts of existence folks and the very REASON most of the world’s energy, resources and creativity are tied-up and suppressed. It’s the very reason that the working man has been incredibly productive since the 1970s yet his share of the pie has been decreasing.

A global conspiracy of the “power elite” (a.k.a., 1-percenters, globalists, banksters) exists and it uses the monetary spin off technologies of Taxation, Debt and Insurance to keep the world’s population impoverished, at conflict, surveilled and stratified. This is the way it is but this can be changed if people refuse to borrow money, avoid taxes, conscientiously object to inscription and minimize risk by practicing prudent life activities.

For details on the Federal Reserve System of how this all works, see movies at


We Need To Get Rid Of Elections

My Friend Brian’s View on How to Achieve World Peace

I believe in an emerging philosophy that is coming into existence in France, promoted by a group called the Left Front. It is known as “universality.” It believes, as I do, that the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are not just American rights, but the universal rights of all people everywhere. In the Declaration of Independence Jefferson alludes to the fact that the rights in that document are imbued by the Creator, which again, suggests that they are universal among all people. This also suggests that there is no value or rationale for any one to believe that they are royalty, or elite, or above anyone else, or “deserving” of their rights more than anyone else. Certainly there are people who are more motivated than others to achieve, but rather than exalting those people with special privileges and allowing them to accumulate as much wealth as they can (which just serves to reward greed and avarice and other unscrupulous behaviors), there are limits to what can be earned, any excess above that is given to humanity or their community as charity. The rights of individual human beings can never be usurped by the privileges offered by/to corporations. The power structure is inverted from the current model, with the local community taking precedence over the State government, the State taking precedence over the federal. Office selection is done by lottery, and there are term limits of 1 term on all offices, and no one may hold any office more than once.

Of course, these are working proposals that have not yet been  implemented, the movement is not yet a “political party” per se, but they are growing in number every year. Some of the other tenets of the movement are that some essential human services should not be run for profit, including medicine and food production and distribution. This does not mean that the farmer and the doctor work as slaves without being compensated for their labors, but that they are paid fairly through the community government and this makes food and medicine affordable for even the poorest members of the community. Also, universal living wages are paid to all members of society, and while private property exists,  universal housing is also available to those who are less fortunate, and even to those who just want to be on the dole.

There are limits on the amounts of earnings that the CEO and other Executive Officers can earn from the enterprise, relative to the least paid worker on staff. For example, one of the numbers discussed was 200x. The highest paid person in the company can make no more than 200x the lowest paid worker in the company. If the CEO wants higher pay, the next the lowest paid worker must get a raise first. Excess profit can be reinvested in the company but only to a point, and then the rest is turned over to the local community and made available to other businesses as interest-free credit, or used to supply essential services to everyone. “The IMF, and central banks like the Federal Reserve would be outlawed, their assets seized, and redistributed among the people of the world equally.

The philosophy is that we are all human beings and all have the same rights, and therefore all deserve the same options in life. Certainly there are some who are stronger, some who are wiser, some who have more education, and some who are more greedy. But the experience of our world proves that none of these assets makes any person more good, or more deserving than any other person.  Those with advantages have proven universally that advantage seeks to gather more advantage, and that advantage seeks to deprive others of advantage whenever possible. That the accumulation of nearly anything leads to a kind of mental compulsion to not only have it, but to deprive others of it to some extent so that one can say one has the “most” of it. That power over others invariably corrupts the one wielding it, and that once this power over others is granted as authority, the desire to retain it overrides all other values.

Stock markets would similarly be dissolved. The system that emerges will not be capitalism, or socialism, or communism, but will retain the best facets of each system, although the central planning, top down hierarchy of each is expressly forbidden. Central planning, far from being the necessity that each system believes it to be, is actually the least necessary and most dangerous aspect of all of them. Touted as necessary to allow for the equal distribution of goods and services over larger and larger numbers of people, experience has proven that central planning is actually the reason for every famine in recorded history, and every financial crisis. All failures of distribution can be traced back to central planning, because it is never done as it is purported to do, corruption and greed and the lust for power over others has proved inescapable to those chosen to do it in every case recoded in history.

The lottery system of office selection will probably frighten some people, who fear that someone who is illiterate or jingoist, or just too stupid to do the job will be selected. This undoubtedly will happen, but because the power limited to each position is limited, and such a person who is selected cannot appoint similarly minded people to positions that support his or her office, any damage will be mitigated and minimized. this should also help to reinforce the equality of all people. By not discriminating for or against anyone based on their level of education, we do not devalue the educational process, but we end the unfounded assumption that education makes you “better” than those around you. It can make you more proficient at a technical skill, it can give you training to do particular skills, but simply graduating from school with good grades, the best grades, or the worst, does not mean that you are better at anything than anyone else, other than the skill you trained for, or being able to master the process of getting grades. It certainly does not impart any moral or mental superiority as a given. Those people who do possess some superiority in any area will undoubtedly be recognized in their communities by their fellow human beings based on the whole person and their interaction with that community. Certainly there are those who are educated but not knowledgeable, PhD’s who got their grades (perhaps through cheating, which is rampant in the university system) and yet are still buffoons, just as there are those who have very little education but are nonetheless wise. All current systems are exclusive to those who come from privilege and the university system of mind control…er, education, and we see what the fruits of that process is: universal corruption, universal discrimination, universal greed.

The time has come to end this. OK, so that’s how I would achieve world peace. By dis-empowering the elite, seizing and redistributing their assets equally, returning control  of institutionalized assets to the local communities, and providing not a minimal level of services, but an enjoyable level of services to all members of all societies, even the most lazy and the most stupid.  And this is a personal platform of mine, not of the left front, but I would make the military system equivalent to that of Switzerland: mandatory 2 years of service upon reaching age 18, officer selection by lottery, all uniforms and ordinance retained by the soldier to be maintained and owned by them in perpetuity. Heavy artillery, ships, jets, and tanks and such to be retained by the local community. I believe that when local communities start adopting these principles and systems that their lot will improve rapidly and that people, long held under the boot of central planning and ever more fascist policies, will embrace it with universal acceptance–except for the elite, who will have to be pulled down off their high horses.

“An elective government was not the government we fought for.”