We Need To Get Rid Of Elections

My Friend Brian’s View on How to Achieve World Peace

I believe in an emerging philosophy that is coming into existence in France, promoted by a group called the Left Front. It is known as “universality.” It believes, as I do, that the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are not just American rights, but the universal rights of all people everywhere. In the Declaration of Independence Jefferson alludes to the fact that the rights in that document are imbued by the Creator, which again, suggests that they are universal among all people. This also suggests that there is no value or rationale for any one to believe that they are royalty, or elite, or above anyone else, or “deserving” of their rights more than anyone else. Certainly there are people who are more motivated than others to achieve, but rather than exalting those people with special privileges and allowing them to accumulate as much wealth as they can (which just serves to reward greed and avarice and other unscrupulous behaviors), there are limits to what can be earned, any excess above that is given to humanity or their community as charity. The rights of individual human beings can never be usurped by the privileges offered by/to corporations. The power structure is inverted from the current model, with the local community taking precedence over the State government, the State taking precedence over the federal. Office selection is done by lottery, and there are term limits of 1 term on all offices, and no one may hold any office more than once.

Of course, these are working proposals that have not yet been  implemented, the movement is not yet a “political party” per se, but they are growing in number every year. Some of the other tenets of the movement are that some essential human services should not be run for profit, including medicine and food production and distribution. This does not mean that the farmer and the doctor work as slaves without being compensated for their labors, but that they are paid fairly through the community government and this makes food and medicine affordable for even the poorest members of the community. Also, universal living wages are paid to all members of society, and while private property exists,  universal housing is also available to those who are less fortunate, and even to those who just want to be on the dole.

There are limits on the amounts of earnings that the CEO and other Executive Officers can earn from the enterprise, relative to the least paid worker on staff. For example, one of the numbers discussed was 200x. The highest paid person in the company can make no more than 200x the lowest paid worker in the company. If the CEO wants higher pay, the next the lowest paid worker must get a raise first. Excess profit can be reinvested in the company but only to a point, and then the rest is turned over to the local community and made available to other businesses as interest-free credit, or used to supply essential services to everyone. “The IMF, and central banks like the Federal Reserve would be outlawed, their assets seized, and redistributed among the people of the world equally.

The philosophy is that we are all human beings and all have the same rights, and therefore all deserve the same options in life. Certainly there are some who are stronger, some who are wiser, some who have more education, and some who are more greedy. But the experience of our world proves that none of these assets makes any person more good, or more deserving than any other person.  Those with advantages have proven universally that advantage seeks to gather more advantage, and that advantage seeks to deprive others of advantage whenever possible. That the accumulation of nearly anything leads to a kind of mental compulsion to not only have it, but to deprive others of it to some extent so that one can say one has the “most” of it. That power over others invariably corrupts the one wielding it, and that once this power over others is granted as authority, the desire to retain it overrides all other values.

Stock markets would similarly be dissolved. The system that emerges will not be capitalism, or socialism, or communism, but will retain the best facets of each system, although the central planning, top down hierarchy of each is expressly forbidden. Central planning, far from being the necessity that each system believes it to be, is actually the least necessary and most dangerous aspect of all of them. Touted as necessary to allow for the equal distribution of goods and services over larger and larger numbers of people, experience has proven that central planning is actually the reason for every famine in recorded history, and every financial crisis. All failures of distribution can be traced back to central planning, because it is never done as it is purported to do, corruption and greed and the lust for power over others has proved inescapable to those chosen to do it in every case recoded in history.

The lottery system of office selection will probably frighten some people, who fear that someone who is illiterate or jingoist, or just too stupid to do the job will be selected. This undoubtedly will happen, but because the power limited to each position is limited, and such a person who is selected cannot appoint similarly minded people to positions that support his or her office, any damage will be mitigated and minimized. this should also help to reinforce the equality of all people. By not discriminating for or against anyone based on their level of education, we do not devalue the educational process, but we end the unfounded assumption that education makes you “better” than those around you. It can make you more proficient at a technical skill, it can give you training to do particular skills, but simply graduating from school with good grades, the best grades, or the worst, does not mean that you are better at anything than anyone else, other than the skill you trained for, or being able to master the process of getting grades. It certainly does not impart any moral or mental superiority as a given. Those people who do possess some superiority in any area will undoubtedly be recognized in their communities by their fellow human beings based on the whole person and their interaction with that community. Certainly there are those who are educated but not knowledgeable, PhD’s who got their grades (perhaps through cheating, which is rampant in the university system) and yet are still buffoons, just as there are those who have very little education but are nonetheless wise. All current systems are exclusive to those who come from privilege and the university system of mind control…er, education, and we see what the fruits of that process is: universal corruption, universal discrimination, universal greed.

The time has come to end this. OK, so that’s how I would achieve world peace. By dis-empowering the elite, seizing and redistributing their assets equally, returning control  of institutionalized assets to the local communities, and providing not a minimal level of services, but an enjoyable level of services to all members of all societies, even the most lazy and the most stupid.  And this is a personal platform of mine, not of the left front, but I would make the military system equivalent to that of Switzerland: mandatory 2 years of service upon reaching age 18, officer selection by lottery, all uniforms and ordinance retained by the soldier to be maintained and owned by them in perpetuity. Heavy artillery, ships, jets, and tanks and such to be retained by the local community. I believe that when local communities start adopting these principles and systems that their lot will improve rapidly and that people, long held under the boot of central planning and ever more fascist policies, will embrace it with universal acceptance–except for the elite, who will have to be pulled down off their high horses.

“An elective government was not the government we fought for.”


One thought on “We Need To Get Rid Of Elections

  1. advantage seeks more advantage, and that advantage seeks to deprive others of advantage whenever possible

    -two concepts that can’t be reconciled: 1. Everybody has an innate worth that must be honored. And 2. Those who die with the most toys win.

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