Commercial Rape, labeled Citations

The uninformed Officers are just looking for the dumb and the dumber to contract with.

Sign on the X line  – no thank you  or  By:  Jane dough, auth. Rep. (A.R.)  or
By:  JANE DOE DOUGH A.R., or  By:  D. Duck  or  UNDER DURESS.  And to be understood suddenly click your heels twice, if it’s a full moon night throw salt over your back  =^.^=

This is all about banking interest, justice is the exchange, your labor/life energy for materials/goods, commerce carries debt, what we call money is borrowed/created in to debt.  The bank, you as banker, using documents/bills of exchange and negotiable instruments in commerce they have three banking days to settle the claim.  As in a traffic citation, you have to set it straight, settle and discharge, balance the account in three days, as all paper/cargo on the open sea carries interest, time is money here.

Your pledge, your energy, creates the currency, if you cross the wires you get a shock and short circuit the system, then it needs (or someone) to be “re” charged to correct the flow.

The CITATION process can be handled through the mail.  When an Officer issues you a CITATION, he is actually asking you to CONTRACT with him!  He is alleging that you violated a corporation regulation in writing, which you have accepted by signing and thus requires you to respond.

The Officer is instructed to explain that your signature is merely an acknowledgment that you have received a copy of the CITATION but in actuality, your signature is notification to the Court and Corporate employed Judge that you have accepted or CONSENTED to this offer to CONTRACT, which also grants the alleged Judge CONSENT; PERSONAM and SUBJECT MATTER jurisdiction over you and the case!

You can cancel that CONTRACT however by rescinding your CONSENT.  The Federal Truth in Lending Act provides that any party to a CONTRACT may rescind her/his CONSENT within three business days of entering into such a CONTRACT.  So across the face of the CITATION you should print or type in large print, the following words:
I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS OFFER TO CONTRACT and I DO NOT CONSENT TO THESE PROCEEDINGS.  Use blue ink (for admiralty) or purple ink (for royalty).  Admiralty is the Court and Royalty represents your Sovereignty.  Either way is appropriate.  Sign your signature underneath in blue or purple ink in front of a Notary. Serve Cancelled Citation back on the Clerk/Court, along with a Certificate of Service, by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.  This kills the CITATION, removes your CONSENT and removes the JURISDICTION of the Court all at the same time.  It really is that simple!

The primary source of America’s ills is her rejection of the natural law.  There are just two rules in life, encapsulated in just 17 words – Do all you have agreed to do, and do not encroach on other people or their property.


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