Bundy Ranch

I leave for four days, down to Mendo County (where my truck still remains – I got the keys) and am glued to the news on T.V. FOX station regarding the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada.  I am so proud of Sheriff Mack leading 20 other Sheriffs from Washington, California, Utah, Arizona, on horseback, armed -with the safety off –surrounded the U.S. thugs of BLM –they had no choice but to leave and return Bundy’s cattle to him. Many calves died as they were separated from their mothers, several cows who were close to birthing were harmed as they were rounded up by 9 helicopters into cramped fenced areas. The BLM came in with bulldozers and destroyed Bundy’s water system. 5,000 people came from all over America to stand against the tyranny. This was a test.  It’s not over.  Sheriff Mack and other Sheriffs will stay 24 hours each with the Bundy family. May 16 is the target date for these BLM traitors and thieves to return, as this is the date set for Occupiers “American Spring” to converge on D.C.

Doesn’t this give us here in Humboldt a heads-up with regards to Richardson Grove? Doesn’t it make you want to find out of Sheriff Downey will protect those who he was elected to protect against domestic traitors?





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