EXIT THE @System@

Looking back over my life I realize how little power and control over life I had before I saw through appearances to the essence of things – to what is; not what appears to be.

The persons who try to rule over others, no matter what the appearances are or how good the reasons may sound, are wrong for doing so. It’s the fundamental wrong of politicians and regulatory bureaucrats. I can point out ‘what is’ to an adult over and over again, and yet months or years later, he or she will never get it.

Explain that fundamental wrong to an adult, explain that politicians and regulatory bureaucrats are all about ruling over people and that role is fundamentally wrong.  He or she will say, “But what about all the good things they have done for us? After all we elect them!” So, for centuries, adults keep putting a ruling class over themselves. They suffer from stagnation with dead-end responsibilities.

Our country was founded by self-leaders. They are our roots. Courageous self-leaders from all over the world traveled to America, which became a nation of self-leaders and very quickly rose to the greatest nation on Earth.

For over two centuries, government has gradually taken from us our self-leader culture. The average adult still seeks the sanctuary of automatic guidance.

We have serious problems that can only be solved by the few people who are awake. If we can stay tuned in . .. the future belongs to the mind. Change is a necessary part of growth. Consciousness, unlike the dying “power models” of the past . . . money, weapons, armies, political ties . . .is not a straight equation.

In the new world man lives with a different way of thinking, powerful thinking that yields power and wealth. In that world we become the God-man – the next evolution of man with a new mentality.

“Honesty” is the common denominator building this puzzle. The world of pure honesty where there are no illusions – everything is ‘what is.’

What causes the matrix of illusions all around us? Why do the illusions exist? In most cases the illusions originated from politics. What appears good by those who control us is really, at the essence, bad. The common denominator beneath those illusions? The illusions support persons who do not contribute tradable values to society. The illusions support politicians and freeloaders. At the same time, the illusions hurt everyone else, but the people don’t know it.

Knowledge and progress when free of political forces increase not linearly but geometrically. Once you see through the appearances to the essence of things, then you have honest power in life. Power, indeed.

As you go, so the world goes with you.



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