Specialized Thinking

Without first identifying the stagnation trap, success is forever impossible. That trap is un-integrated knowledge, in the form of specialized tasks. The opposite of integration is specialization. Doing the same routine of specialized tasks everyday causes a rut of stagnation. Our minds have been trapped in a small sphere of specialized thinking . . . just follow a very limited routine of specialized tasks that the Rulers laid out. Our learning process is a function of curiosity. The specialization trap, put on by the Rulers, kills that curiosity. Our value creation is limited to our specialized tasks. When we can’t grow, we can’t bring more values to society. We handle the same specialized job every day, day after day. And since we can’t put more values and more of our own creativity into our specialized jobs –into society – then we stagnate. We have no ‘growing power.’ If not growing then we are slowly dying. Everyone is suppressed, everyone is discouraged. The Rulers only want our routine effort that maintains the business that they ride for all the wealth.

We all sense the dishonesty and destruction in Corporate Government. But can the ordinary people really put together the hoax and expose the frauds? No, most just know that dishonesty goes on, yet are too specialized to put together the fraud over us, no less a solution. Ordinary people don’t know how the business and economy ‘really’ work. They’re simply too specialized. They go to their jobs, go back home, and they’re none the wiser.

Integrated thinking is the only way to put more and more values into society and our only way to build happiness and wealth.

Grow Humboldt!


4 thoughts on “Specialized Thinking

  1. -the specialist is fragmented in his/her mind as well as being cut off from other parts of society. Intense focus in one area only is akin to schizoid multiple personality disorder. Only one viewpoint and understanding can be known at a time. The parts aren’t in touch with the whole. The edges can’t find the center. The brain can’t hear the heart – ❤

  2. It’s like seeing the single-thought schizoids inside a bubble. A Corporate bubble of greed. Repeating dead-corpse language . . . hence, saying no thing.

    Like the dragon with its’ tail in its’ mouth, self-consuming, -not impressive, at all!

  3. -if the dragon only had its tail in its mouth there would be some balance. But i’m seeing a dragon with its hind legs, its torso, its front legs, and its neck in its mouth too. Busily preparing to eat its own head.

  4. Where does an 800 pound gorilla sit? That’s right, anywhere he wants. The US is that gorilla with a skirt and is afraid of mice. So they make sure the mice don’t get out of hand, because if they do they have to blowup the world and press the reset button.

    Govern/control ment/mind –they throw whatever out there hoping someone picks it up, if not they turn up the heat. It is speculated that 85% of the blogs and websites are moles trying to propagandize the population. Did you see the Manchurian Candidate? They are programmed to kill themselves after the mayhem they cause. If they are captured, they have no recollection, the “Sirhan Sirhan” of the event.

    And what about all of this effort to defeat communism (Karl Marx plagiarized the 10 planks) in the world, what a load, they have been playing each side against the other for millenniums. The VatiCon came up with Judaism as a control over the people so they had someone to blame for their woes, have to divert and distract the mind in the direction you want and keep control. The Romans used entertainment –the Coliseum.

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