Historically, we live in a country that hasn’t had elections in its central government since before 1917. The States individually stopped electing government officials at least by 1971. The main cause of that was electors were either ignorant of their responsibilities or part of the country’s takeover. The main cause of that was the people forgot about their actual land patent and the ‘Chain of Title’ to them; and, accepted Title (I)nsurance instead. (An (A)bstract is a document that contains a summary of basic information extracted from all of the transfer documents used in the Chain of Title to assign Title to Land from the Patent to the present).

In the document (Land Patent) itself; where the term (duration of authority) is expressly found as an element of treaty law; the duration of which is – Forever!

In America today, the most important reason to secure your land patent with a properly executed assignment/inheritance, made in your name, is to secure your status as an Elector.

An Elector is a landowning free womb/man. Only electors can vote for State Senators, Governors and Presidents of the united States of America. When the Government vacated its responsibility dispensation of the land by not maintaining elected Presidents and Governors, the elector’s responsibility to reelect those officials becomes critical. Due to the nature of land ownership in America, such elections can only be accomplished by electors. If we don’t reseat our state and national governments we will lose our nation to IMF’s (or some other controllers) New World Order. If we do reseat our original jurisdiction governments, we will have a chance to save our nation and our Constitution.

The entire world is watching us; and, most of the world wants Liberty.

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