Guess what our impersonators of Public Servants are? “Order Takers.” They are simply incapable of factually being a positive for Humboldt. They do not possess the brains of the freedom community. We who are reaching for the circle are up against those who will not let go of the pyramid.

I seldom leave the protection of the forest, although last week i traveled up to Arcata and stopped in Eureka. So many in-the-crypt-believers have decorated the yards with NAME signs – this Person, that Person, is ‘running’ for a position inside the Matrix bubble-of-fiction. Seriously, it looks like a three-ring circus.

How does one take an oath to the state Constitution and the Constitution for the United States of America then turn around and go full-bore into Codes, Rules, Ordinances and Regulations?

The “commanding heights” of society are not to be trusted.

What you pay attention to is what you become conscious of. Open your eyes to the truth around you.

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