The North Coast Journal’s May 1st issue leaves this queen feeling like we’re stuck in the Dark Ages. “The District A’s candidates’ plans to Rescue Humboldt From Dark Forces.” What dark forces??? They are the dark forces! This is 2014 people!!!  Continuing along a proven destructive legal and political path is mind numbing, literally. Ego-justice, sound good politics, look good illusions, and the inferior technique of delegating passed down routine ruts is obsolete and have no place in the 21st century.

The whole idea behind government is not politics, but the removal of external authorities.

The war of two worlds is the pure value creators versus the evil value destroyers –the people who rule over their own lives and future versus the external authorities who want to rule over civilization.

The media perpetuates politics and politics retards progress. Buying power will multiply a thousand times when industries are not regulated by the government, just as the relatively non-regulated computer industry. The biggest problem is that opportunity is so limited – limited by politicians – politicians are the worst enemy to advancement.

Objective law and spiritual harmony have no basis in external authority. Government and religions, both built on external authority, will collapse as we know them when the people all around us evolve into a new way of thinking and guide themselves through this new mind space that creates their futures and paves their roads in the present. Then the institutions of external authority will collapse because people will use the authority of their own minds in charge of their own futures.

Protection of the individual from aggression is government’s only job. We need entrepreneurs to step forward and replace career politicians, and we need to displace the private sector government programs that have nothing to do with protection of the individual and his/her property.

The world will follow when the external authorities collapse.
Come on Humboldt! Stand!!

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