Generally speaking, journalist and lawyers are one and the same: they have no regard for honesty; they only care about winning the game. They selectively use facts out of context; they pursue manipulated truths. They do very well financially that way.

The non-Biblical Jesus confounded and captivated his crowds because he talked to the peasants from an entirely different mentality.

When humanity leaps beyond the old mentality, in which man’s own mind easily integrates knowledge, and with certainty becomes his own authority, the change will be the new mentality that accepts no more external authority.

That separation from the external authority will let man step back into his internal world within him to analyze the external world around him, subjectively think about it, make decisions, and control his own life.

The mind of tomorrow will snap together mental puzzle-pieces and see, as with any puzzle, what the completed puzzle-picture will look like well before it’s finished.

“If voting made any difference, it would be illegal.”
Emma Goldman

Democracy sounded like such a great idea . . . but Marx was correct: it’s unsustainable.


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