We are the American Tax Collector. All taxes need to go to the land or the people. We are the de jure government, so all taxes are owed to the people. As the Tax Collector, we can use the 1099A’s, 1099B’s and 1099C’s. You’d best order some forms. Telephone 1-800-TAX-FORMS. Order some 1096’s also, the cover-sheet which goes in with the 1099A’s, B’s, and C’s when you send them into the IRS. Read the damned instructions.

The American Tax Collector voucher is 1099V, a non-US Corporate form. List the forms you are enclosing, and enter the amount being vouched. We are doing a conversion of the bill which we do with the 1099A, B, or C. The ones you will use most are A and C. For property taxes you do a cancellation of the debt with a 1099C. If you do not have children, that is an unfair tax to pay school taxes on that bill. So you put the voucher in and claim the school taxes they have taken from you. You’re the Tax Adjuster also as well as a Collector. You have to do it. You have to start thinking about this process. It’s been there for us to utilize but we didn’t know it.

The IRS is nothing more than an information-gathering center. They are not the tax collectors. The Treasury is not the place that all bills need to go. We could turn around and have those bills sent back to us because we are the tax collectors. So we bypass the Treasury. The US Treasury really owes it to us. They would be the debtor in a lot of cases, or the borrower. They’ve taken our assets as a tax, a withholding tax. We have to claim it back from them. All stamps, the $300 penalty, they’re stamp taxes, they’re stamped on the envelopes. You have to collect them. You do a 1099C to cancel the debt and do a 1099A to claim the abandoned property that has just been canceled. The value is setting in the Treasury, in the Thrift Savings Plan under your COLB number, or SSN number. They are both Thrift Savings Plans.

You can go and close these accounts using a TSP-70 if you are 70 ½ or under. Over 70 ½ years of age you use a TSP-70A form. You can download them HERE.

If you don’t want to listen, to check it out, or prove me wrong, then heck with you.
We are the Tax Collector. Bottom line, We the People are the land stewards and owners of America. We have to start collecting our fees and payments due to us. The Corporations are not the owners of America. We can shut them down. They are Fiction. We are fact. You don’t like the “Communist Core” school system, then stop paying the school taxes. You do not owe them. That’s an inappropriate appropriation. Study what it says about taxes. Read in Anderson’s about TAXES, DIRECT TAXES and APPROPRIATION OF TAXES. Learn and know what the real law is about taxes.

You can tax anybody. If the Bandits wearing Badges masquerading as Public Servants arrest and imprison you, you can tax their account, their liability insurance policy. You collect the tax from them. You do a 1099A against them. Collect that insurance as a tax. It is held in their Thrift Savings Plan as a tax under their employee identification number (EIN).

Can people understand this process? I don’t know. As i mentioned before, these envelopes were deposited in your mailbox, which is a federal depository box. You have to convert these bills into something you can utilize. With the 1099A and 1099C we are converting the bills into a settlement. If they withheld that tax for a double payment (utility bills), we are going to collect that as a tax back from them against the accounts held in the Thrift Savings Plan.

You can close down your two Thrift Savings Plans, your COLB and SSN accounts. The non-US Corporate form 1099V is the American Tax Collector’s Voucher. The Vouchee is either the US Treasury or the Corporate bill maker. You put in your federal EIN, which is your 9-digit ZIP code, as we are the Voucher. Put the Vouchee’s EIN number in if need be. Change that –you request their EIN number. You put the amount that is being vouched.

In a court action, the Vouchee becomes the Defendant. If they don’t settle, you come in as the Plaintiff. He who is vouched is the Defendant.

This should give you an understanding of the power you have. I’m not trying to control. I’m trying to explain so that you can go and do something. Look up the definitions. Look at the Statutes At Large. Find out what really took place, not just hearsay. Don’t let others mislead you, find out for yourself. Check it out. Prove me wrong. You must learn how to convert those bills into something you can use.

I need to add this about the TSP-70 and TSP-A forms. You need to have a Notary Public sign off on your fictional right-hand person, not you the living. A voucher is a warrant. So you are issuing a warrant for the exchangement with that voucher when you submit it with your 1099-A’s and C’s. Look up VOUCHER, TAX and STAMP in Anderson’s. You might see something i’ve missed.

Take care.


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