“In Person,” typically implicates a Fiction, or “in the character of,” since “person” derives from “persona” which is the Latin word for theatrical mask.   We generally assume that making a “personal appearance” or appearing “in person” in the so-called court, means that we are appearing in our flesh-and-blood capacity as a womb/man.  But what if that assumption were false?  What if appearing “in person” or by making a “personal appearance” we were presumed by the ‘court’ to have consented to appear in the Fictional “person” of the ALL CAPS NAME.

When you say, I am appearing “in the flesh,” you are expressly denying that you are appearing in a fiduciary capacity, and you defeat the presumption that you appear “in the Person” of the ALL CAPS NAME.

Courts are good at conjuring up appearances.  Conjuring (black robes and being seated 4 feet above the floor) is part of the dark arts.

Magical sense is 1300 c for “constraining by spell” a demon to do one’s bidding.  And how do we put together our names?  We spell it.

Maybe if forced into an appearance in court you should specify that you are not a demon.  Bring some holy water and a bible and exorcise the court then and there!


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