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9th Circuit (Federal) Allows Quiet Title and Damages for Wrongful Filing of False Documents

Please tell anyone who needs help that this IS working and we ARE winning!

This case needs to be analyzed further. Robert Hager (CONGRATULATIONS TO HAGER IN RENO, NV) et al has succeeded in getting at least a partial and significant victory over the MERS system, and voiding robosigned documents as being forged per se. I disagree that a note and mortgage, once split, can be reunified by mere execution of an instrument. Without evidence of the trail of ownership, the money trail and the document trail all the way through the system, such a finding leaves us in the dark. The case does show what I have been saying all along — the importance of pleading and admitting to NOTHING. By not specifically stating that there was no default, the court concluded that Plaintiffs had failed to establish the elements of wrongful foreclosure and left open the entire question about whether such a cause of action even exists.

But the more basic issue us whether the homeowner can sue for quiet title and damages for slander of his title by the use and filing of patently false documentation in Court, in the County records etc. The answer is a resounding YES and will be sustained should the banks try to move this up the ladder to the U.S. Supreme Court. This opinion changes again my earlier comments. First I said you could quiet title, then I said you first needed to nullify title (the mortgage) before you could even file a quiet title action. Now I revert to my prior position based upon the holding and sound reasoning behind this court decision. One caveat: you must plead facts for nullification, cancellation of the instrument on the grounds that it is void before you can get to your cause of action on quiet title and damages for slander of the homeowner’s title. My conclusion is that they may be and perhaps should be in the same lawsuit. This decision makes clear the damage wrought by use of the MERS system. It is strong persuasive authority in other jurisdictions and now the law for all courts within the 9th Circuit’s jurisdiction.

Here are some of the significant quotes.

Writing in 2011, the MDL Court dismissed Count I on four grounds. None of these grounds provides an appropriate basis for dismissal. We recognize that at the time of its decision, the MDL Court had plausible arguments under Arizona law in support of three of these grounds. But decisions by Arizona courts after 2011 have made clear that the MDL Court was incorrect in relying on them.

First, the MDL Court concluded that § 33-420 does not apply to the specific documents that the CAC alleges to be false. However, in Stauffer v. U.S. Bank National Ass’n, 308 P.3d 1173, 1175 (Ariz. Ct. App. 2013), the Arizona Court of Appeals held that a § 33-420(A) damages claim is available in a case in which plaintiffs alleged as false documents “a Notice of Trustee Sale, a Notice of Substitution of Trustee, and an Assignment of a Deed of Trust.” These are precisely the documents that the CAC alleges to be false.

[Statute of Limitations:] at least one case has suggested that a § 33-420(B) claim asserts a continuous wrong that is not subject to any statute of limitations as long as the cloud to title remains. State v. Mabery Ranch, Co., 165 P.3d 211, 227 (Ariz. Ct. App. 2007).

Third, the MDL Court held that appellants lacked standing to sue under § 33-420 on the ground that, even if the documents were false, appellants were still obligated to repay their loans. In the view of the MDL Court, because appellants were in default they suffered no concrete and particularized injury. However, on virtually identical allegations, the Arizona Court of Appeals held to the contrary in Stauffer. The plaintiffs in Stauffer were defaulting residential homeowners who brought suit for damages under § 33-420(A) and to clear title under § 33-420(B). One of the grounds on which the documents were alleged to be false was that “the same person executed the Notice of Trustee Sale and the Notice of Breach, but because the signatures did not look the same, the signature of the Notice of Trustee Sale was possibly forged.” Stauffer, 308 P.3d at 1175 n.2.

“Appellees argue that the Stauffers do not have standing because the Recorded Documents have not caused them any injury, they have not disputed their own default, and the Property has not been sold pursuant to the Recorded Documents. The purpose of A.R.S. § 33-420 is to “protect property owners from actions clouding title to their property.” We find that the recording of false or fraudulent documents that assert an interest in a property may cloud the property’s title; in this case, the Stauffers, as owners of the Property, have alleged that they have suffered a distinct and palpable injury as a result of those clouds on their Property’s title.” [Stauffer at 1179]

The Court of Appeals not only held that the Stauffers had standing based on their “distinct and palpable injury.” It also held that they had stated claims under §§ 33-420(A) and (B). The court held that because the “Recorded Documents assert[ed] an interest in the Property,” the trial court had improperly dismissed the Stauffers’ damages claim under § 33-420(A). Id. at 1178. It then held that because the Stauffers had properly brought an action for damages under § 33-420(A), they could join an action to clear title of the allegedly false documents under § 33-420(B). The court wrote:

“The third sentence in subsection B states that an owner “may bring a separate special action to clear title to the real property or join such action with an action for damages as described in this section.” A.R.S. § 33-420.B. Therefore, we find that an action to clear title of a false or fraudulent document that asserts an interest in real property may be joined with an action for damages under § 33-420.A.”

Fourth, the MDL Court held that appellants had not pleaded their robosigning claims with sufficient particularity to satisfy Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 8(a). We disagree. Section 33-420 characterizes as false, and therefore actionable, a document that is “forged, groundless, contains a material misstatement or false claim or is otherwise invalid.” Ariz. Rev. Stat. §§ 33-420(A), (B) (emphasis added). The CAC alleges that the documents at issue are invalid because they are “robosigned (forged).” The CAC specifically identifies numerous allegedly forged documents. For example, the CAC alleges that notice of the trustee’s sale of the property of Thomas and Laurie Bilyea was “notarized in blank prior to being signed on behalf of Michael A. Bosco, and the party that is represented to have signed the document, Michael A. Bosco, did not sign the document, and the party that did sign the document had no personal knowledge of any of the facts set forth in the notice.” Further, the CAC alleges that the document substituting a trustee under the deed of trust for the property of Nicholas DeBaggis “was notarized in blank prior to being signed on behalf of U.S. Bank National Association, and the party that is represented to have signed the document, Mark S. Bosco, did not sign the document.” Still further, the CAC also alleges that Jim Montes, who purportedly signed the substitution of trustee for the property of Milan Stejic had, on the same day, “signed and recorded, with differing signatures, numerous Substitutions of Trustee in the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office . . . . Many of the signatures appear visibly different than one another.” These and similar allegations in the CAC “plausibly suggest an entitlement to relief,” Ashcroft v. Iqbal, 556 U.S. 662, 681 (2009), and provide the defendants fair notice as to the nature of appellants’ claims against them, Starr v. Baca, 652 F.3d 1202, 1216 (9th Cir. 2011).

We therefore reverse the MDL Court’s dismissal of Count I.

[Importance of Pleading NO DEFAULT:] The Nevada Supreme Court stated in Collins v. Union Federal Savings & Loan Ass’n, 662 P.2d 610 (Nev. 1983):

An action for the tort of wrongful foreclosure will lie if the trustor or mortgagor can establish that at the time the power of sale was exercised or the foreclosure occurred, no breach of condition or failure of performance existed on the mortgagor’s or trustor’s part which would have authorized the foreclosure or exercise of the power of sale. Therefore, the material issue of fact in a wrongful foreclosure claim is whether the trustor was in default when the power of sale was exercised…. Because none of the appellants has shown a lack of default, tender, or an excuse from the tender requirement, appellants’ wrongful foreclosure claims cannot succeed. We therefore affirm the MDL Court’s of Count II.

Questionable conclusion on “reunification of note and mortgage”: the Nevada Supreme Court decided Edelstein v. Bank of New York Mellon, 286 P.3d 249 (Nev. 2012). Edelstein makes clear that MERS does have the authority, for purposes of § 107.080, to make valid assignments of the deed of trust to a successor beneficiary in order to reunify the deed of trust and the note. The court wrote:

Designating MERS as the beneficiary does . . . effectively “split” the note and the deed of trust at inception because . . . an entity separate from the original note holder . . . is listed as the beneficiary (MERS). . . . However, this split at the inception of the loan is not irreparable or fatal. . . . [W]hile entitlement to enforce both the deed of trust and the promissory note is required to foreclose, nothing requires those documents to be unified from the point of inception of the loan. . . . MERS, as a valid beneficiary, may assign its beneficial interest in the deed of trust to the holder of the note, at which time the documents are reunified.

We therefore affirm the MDL Court’s dismissal of Count III.



In these despotic times Town Hall Meetings become very important.  A form of resistance is present . . . it’s an opportunity to open up your dreams ~and you’re ready to fight for them.

For hours hearing what the people have to say, and getting an immediate response from the panel of agents, is what made it worthwhile.   Way more-better than a Supervisors or City Council Corporate Board meeting.  It opened my eyes to problems that other people may have.  I think it very important for people to express their covert feelings and covert desires, as these are things that show the political value for what it is, and the practical issues in the society we live.

The many souls who stood in line to speak at Thursday evening’s meeting, ignited their words . . .They were just HAMMERING the panel before them.

For this queen and those whom i share this same culture with, i desire to see more of these gatherings focus on the fundamental issues, the basic, the root of the problem.    Oaths, Humboldt’s Annual Financial Reports, and our access to justice -to NOT be questioned when ever We the People Record into the Public.  Until our community addresses the root of the problems, all else is an act in futility.

“Where words prevail not, violence prevails.”                                                              Thomas Kidd’s ‘The Spanish Tragedy’


Redway, California                                                                                                     Thursday June 26, 5:00 pm

Mapquest’s directions – booo.  The last sentence was, “Your destination is just past Forest Dr.”  NOT!  Arrived just after 6:00.  The meeting was going strong, full-up.  I had no idea the ‘transient’ problems in the Garberville/Redway area are so horrible.  One speaker after the other got up -some choked-up, some in tears telling of their ordeals.  One lady said that she has lived here all of her life, has three children, two in their teens, one only three years old, and that people are moving away.  She was in tears talking about Humboldt and that she and her children are so threatened most of the time that she is considering leaving.  She and many others described how and what they see on a daily basis – from heroin to meth to pot, most have a dog or two. She described how the transients have no respect for themselves, let alone anything else.  That they offer to ‘sell’ to her children. That they throw rocks at her when she tries to talk with them.  That she has taken pictures, reported to the Sheriff’s Dept., and nothing happens.  That there isn’t enough $ to do anything about this, but there is always enough money to come down to SoHum and bust marijuana growers.

One lady focused on the homes that are being foreclosed on due to banking fraud, the RECORDING of false documents, and the SEC debacle.  My ears perked up when I heard her ask Estelle, Downey, and his Deputy if they took an Oath to the “U.S. Constitution?”  Of course they said yes –perhaps their only true statement of the four-hour meeting.   Some of the people were leaving in disgust, most stayed.  There was still a line of speakers when queen departed.  Those who spoke were just hammering the panel of alleged officials!  A sign of change that this queen was happy to witness.  No, not that anything will change as far as a Deputy or two being in the area so response, if at all, comes, but i could feel the wind of change in the people.

Since I chat with Estelle every Thursday in Fortuna and Sheriff D is well aware of my plight as far as my State-stolen truck is concerned, queen had a thing or three to say also.  I began with this quote; “Others wiser than I have pointed out that nature bats last.  We are at the end of an era in which lies can be used to steal from the public and the commons.  We are at the beginning of an era in which truth in public service can restore us all to a state of grace.”  Went right into the Oath epidemic . . . “I have copies of your Oaths, yes you do Affirm to the U.S. Constitution –a Corporation.  Your Oaths do Not say, the Constitution of the united States for America –the law of the land.  And as far as Budget, Budget, Budget goes – Budget does not show the standing value of a Corporation (I had with me Humboldt’s Annual Financial Report).  Humboldt’s net assets $504 million –not including H.S. C.R., or any of the school districts.  So, no, I do not buy your Budget story at all.”  Continuing on . . . “Sheriff Downey, nearly a year later my truck is still in Laytonville at the tow agency, the charges were all dismissed and when I have gone to get my truck I’m met with State guns and clubs.  This is a County v State situation.  You are our highest elected official, I have the keys and we’re just one hour away.  Will you come with me to get my truck back?”  He asked (as if he doesn’t know the story), “Where is your truck?”  I replied, “Laytonville.”  “That’s not my jurisdiction.”  I said, “You’ve told me this before.  OH no the State, or it’s Mendocino not Humboldt.  Sheriff Allman will not do anything about this.”  Downey said, “You’ll have to take it up with Sheriff Allman.”  Again –“Sheriff Allman has told me that he will not do anything about this,  -he won’t!   So . . .you will Not help one of the people on such a simple task as this?”  “No.”  “To bad, cuz you could use the points.”  That brought chuckles.  But, i wasn’t there for humor.

Saw Paul briefly, we exchanged nod recognition.  I left shortly thereafter.  Passed out some of queen’s cards with this blog site printed on and a one-pager with the above on it describing Oaths and Budget and Humboldt’s Annual Financial Reports.

Stay strong.


Evil needs to be called out for what it is.  Traitors to Earth Mother Gaia, and all those who stand for truth, love, and wisdom.  I, along with the majority of people, worked my whole life to make the Rulers happy.  But womb/man is happiest when she/he is learning  ~unhappy when not learning.

The delusional in-bred, insane 1%, Elite, Beast, Leviathan, Corporate purveyors-of-nonsense, labeled Government, is stagnant/dead.  It has always been the same.  They are trying to do what they want and dragging us along with Them.

It’s a hard bell to un-ring, and it’s never possible to retrieve the rabbit trail that these driven persons have followed.  Americans are bombarded daily by false political choice.  Government is not about politics.  Government is  about freeing our self(s) from External Authority.

“Others wiser than I have pointed out that nature bats last.  We are at the end of an era in which lies can be used to steal from the public and the commons.  We are at the beginning of an era in which truth in public service can restore us all to a state of grace.”  Dr. Naffez Ahmed –author of ‘A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization; and How to Save It.’

No one can enslave you or your mind without your permission.

It does not take a majority to prevail . . . but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”                                                      Samuel Adams

What we think, what we feel, and what we manifest, is always a match ~every time ~no exceptions.  The best I can do is to correct what i know to be fallacy.

CANNABIS OIL CURES 8 MONTH OLD INFANT OF CANCER, Dissolving Large Inoperable Tumor In 8 Months


medical-marijuanaAccording to Dr. William Courtney, the western medical mind has a very hard if not impossible time trying to understand the diverse actions of Cannabidiol. He explains how his youngest patient who is 8 months old, had a very massive centrally located inoperable brain tumor. The child’s father pushed for non-traditional treatment utilizing cannabis and put cannabinoid oil on the baby’s pacifier twice per day, gradually increasing the dose. Within two months there was a dramatic reduction. Dr. Courtney pointed out that the success of the cannabis approach means that “this child…is not going to have the long-term side effects that would come from a very high dose of chemotherapy or radiation.”

While 10,000 year old cultural practices involve drying then heating cannabis to effect a nearly complete decarboxylation of THC-Acid into THC. The creation of massive amounts of THC is compounded by the introduction of a psychoactive side effect that has a 10 mg dose limitation secondary to CB1 receptor stimulation. Research conducted in Bethesda Maryland led to Patent 6,630,507 held by the United States of America since 2003 that teaches that the lack of psycho-activity in CBD allows doses that are 100-200 times greater than the tolerable dose of THC. The articulated “Effective oral human dosage schedule is 20 mg / kg body weight” requires a considerable amount of cannabis. The simplest approach is to consume the trichrome laden fully mature flower along with the 80-day leaf. Patient responses have exceeded any expectations.

Picture 24Above: The progression of healing in the 8 month old infant as the tumor (large white center mass in upper left) gradually disappeared in 8 months through treatment with cannabinoids.

Historically, dietary use of the entire raw cannabis plant brings us back in line with 34 million years of cannabis evolution. Lipid messenger molecules preceded cannabis by billions of years. The 4 billion year old development of lipid messenger molecules not only regulated resource management in the most primitive life forms, but were central in the earliest autocrine and paracrine modulation of cellular function. I believe autocrine cross talk was the necessary precedent to symbiotic, then multi-cellular life forms. Tissue specific or paracrine cluster regulation is the domain of the lipid messenger molecules and is the path to comprehending the incredible diversity of function that are only now beginning to be understood. While our perception / publication of these physiologic properties are new, the phenomenal beneficial affects were there yesterday, last year, if not hundreds of millions to billions of years ago.

Researchers have now found that the compound, called cannabidiol, has the ability to ‘switch off’ the gene responsible for metastasis in an aggressive form of cancer. Importantly, this substance does not produce the psychoactive properties of the cannabis plant.

Picture 25Cannabinoids can prevent cancer, reduce heart attacks by 66% and insulin dependent diabetes by 58%. Dr. Courtney recommends drinking 4 – 8 ounces of raw flower and leaf juice from any Hemp plant, 5 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) per kg of body weight, a salad of Hemp seed sprouts and 50 mg of THC taken in 5 daily doses.

“If you heat the plant, you will decarboxylate THC-acid and you will get high, you”ll get your 10 mg. If you don’t heat it, you can go up to five or six hundred milligrams & use it as a Dietary Cannabis. . . and push it up to the Anti-oxidant and Neuro-protective levels which come into play at hundreds of milligrams,” stated Dr. William Courtney.

“The Hemp plant is actually an excellent plant because the THC content can be low, that’s if you’re treating a condition for which appears CBD food supplement is in order. . . The plants we’re using in Luxembourg have only 1% CBD, a 1% CBD plant is providing you with 19 times more CBD per pound than Oranges provide you of vitamin C. A 1% is an excellent source, you can make tremendous concentrates you can eat the plant raw – and the absence of the THC – you can heat Hemp, which you can’t do with other strains because the THC acid comes out and you end up with a psycho-toxic substance,” says Dr. William Courtney.






First off, they never send a “Bill,” they send a Statement.  Whenever they call or write, ask them to send Verification of the debt.  They will send a bunch of Statements that are not certified.  That is not Validation.  But they act as it is.  Respond to that letter for lack of Validation.  Look up Validation in a Legal Dictionary.  It is a Sworn Statement under oath of penalty of perjury.  Read the Federal Fair Debt collection practice act.  Scroll down to 15 USC 1692g and get a good understanding of what it is saying.

Who is the Original Creditor?  We are.  Form your questions to what 1692g is saying, and ask them to send Verification under penalty of perjury.  Now they can’t do that.  Don’t state that you’re the Original creditor because you will have to back it up.  They cannot answer your questions under Penalty of Perjury.  They cannot respond to your letter.  According to 1692g(b) they “Shall” cease collection of the debt when it is disputed.

I take my replies to a notary, and take an oath that what I’m stating is true. The notary attaches a Jurat.  I pay another $10 to her for a Certified copy. I keep the original.  Mail Certified copy using Certified mail so you have a signed receipt.

“The fact is that the average man’s love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty– and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies.”                                                                                           –H.L. Mencken, Baltimore Evening Sun, Feb. 12, A. D. 1923.


God said:

What is at play when you ask for advice? Sometimes you don’t really have to ask for advice. Sometimes you want support more than advice. It’s not a great idea to ask for advice that you don’t really desire. You may be playing games with yourself, you the asker and you the dissenter.

On the other hand, what makes you think that others always know better than you or may know better than you? What is this lack of belief in yourself you seem to carry around? Furthermore, you may think, so it seems, that anyone knows better than you what to do and when to do it and how to do it and what to say and how to say it and when to say it. It sometimes appears that a random saleslady in the department store may know what hat looks best on you, and she spends your money. And, of course, she may be correct. Is your life about living it or about your presentation of it?

Accuracy is not always the point of life. There is more to life than accuracy. Not everyone and his brother knows more than you. What is your clarion call to life, beloveds?

Life is not exactly about doing everything perfectly. Life is something you live, not exactly arbitrate. Yes, of course, you would love to do what is considered the right thing, right for you and right in the eyes of others. This is understandable, yet, if life were a math problem, getting the right answer isn’t the whole story. Going through the process of finding out an answer for yourself is more like it.

What if there were no such thing as asking for advice? What if everyone made his or her own decisions? What if your choices were not so camouflaged or complicated as the world seems to make them? In truth, no matter how many people you ask for advice, no matter how many suggestions you follow, ultimately you are your own soothsayer. Certainly, you are the one who acts according to your own will. You are the one who says yes or says no, or says sooner or later, or says, I can or I cannot make a decision without outside help. There is nothing you have to prove. You are here on Earth to live and love, not to be perfect in your eyes or another’s.

Become more confident in your own choices. You don’t have to hold on tight to the reins of your life nor do you have to give the reins to someone else. No matter what choice you make, you are the one who makes it. Contrary to what may be popular opinion, you are far more capable than you, and perhaps others, give you credit for.

What is at the core of your asking for a second opinion or third or fourth? Is it the idea that everyone else must know more than you? Or can it be that at the core is your fear or unwillingness to take responsibility for yourself?  What makes you have to check with others?

How well you know what other people ought to do, how clear and obvious it is to you when it comes to other people, is that not true? One reason for this is that, when it comes to someone else, the responsibility isn’t yours. At the same time, no one else can bear responsibility for the route you take.

Ask Me, beloveds. Ask yourself. Perhaps you have dug yourself into a hole. Perhaps you have been one way all your life. Listen for an answer. There is always more than one possibility. Life is Infinite, and so are you.



~if we want control of our lives, we must take control of our language.

The persons of Garberville/Redway petitioned for 24/7 Law Enforcement. But ‘Law Enforcement’ is an oxymoron. There’s no such thing as law Enforcement. It’s ‘jumbo shrimp,’ ‘military intelligence’ Slavespeak.

Remember the long ago daze/dose of ‘Peace (O)fficers? The people of Garberville best be careful what they’re asking for  -they may get it.  Paul Encimer was providing coaching for the people to be  COPs –Citizens On Patrol = self-governing, -taking care of ourself(s) and watching out for one another.  ASSKing for {more} badged officers who don’t know zip about the organic Constitution will do more harm than good.  Truly . . . does more Corporatism, labeled Government, sound like a good idea?

What i also can’t understand is why anyone would include a BAR member at a meeting for the people.  BAR – BAnkRupt.  British Accreditation Registry –foreign jurisdiction (Codes, Rules, Regulations, Ordinances).  Foreign to the law of the land.

It’s either the Constitution of the United States for America, or it’s For Profit Commercial Corporation. It can’t be both.

Budget does not show the standing value of a Corporation.  Iff they sing that same ol “Budget” song –‘Humboldt doesn’t have enough doll hairs, waa, waa, waa,’ – they either do know, and aren’t being truthful, or, they aren’t even slightly curious enough to research the fact(s) themselves.

Iff Sheriff Downey or Supervisor Estelle Fennell want this queen to play by their rules then they need to step up and be in the republic also.  IFF they are not in the republic then they are counterfeit.  Apples and apples not oil and water.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high (places).  Ephesians 6:12


‘Laws Restricting Nonviolent Activity, Are Acts of Aggression’

There is this idea in our society that has been bred into us through the media, government schools and culture, where Legalise must line up perfectly with traditions and social convention.  If something is frowned upon or taboo, you can rest assured that there is someone out there who thinks that it should be illegal.

When a particular activity or behavior starts to bother people in the kinds of societies that we have today, all too often those people are very quick to suggest that the proper solution to this problem is to throw that person in a cage.  That may sound kind of harsh, but that is exactly what you are advocating when you claim that something should be illegal.

In a world as delicate and complex as ours, does this really seem like a proper one-size- fits-all solution for our social problems, especially those where there is no violence, theft or fraud involved? (well, except for the ‘color of law’ attackers).  There is no dispute that violence, theft or fraud should be unlawful because no one wants to get hurt, or robbed, or murdered.

However, when you start getting into nonviolent action, where there has been no theft, is bringing aggression upon one or more of the people in the form of kidnap and imprisonment really going to make anyone safer?  Furthermore, is this an ethical, humane, or civilized way of treating nonviolent people?

There is no doubt that society has problems that need to be dealt with, but using imprisonment as a blanket solution for anything that may come along is a totally irresponsible and lazy way to do things.  In all honesty, this approach ensures that the problem will never be solved, because it prevents any real solutions from being developed and only works to make a non-complicated social issue complicated.

There are also many side effects of these policies which actually pose a serious threat to the health and safety of our entire population.  Many times these side effects are referred to as “unintended” consequences, but all of the outcomes of these actions are totally planned and expected.

When those with authority create Legalise that ban nonviolent actions and inanimate objects, they understand the implications of what they are doing, but they put those policies into effect anyway because they have a great deal to gain in this process.  This is why they are so reluctant to change, even in the face of obvious failure and massive public outcry.  The social problems that are created by prohibition give the establishment a lot of busy jobs and a constant excuse to violate the rights and privacy of those within its grasp.  This situation is just one of many preventable disasters that the STATE foments and allows to continue as a means of justifying its own existence.

Source: J.G. Vibes

Such is the nature of Corporatism.


This is an old rant of mine, but I really think people need to wake up on this topic.

There is absolutely no excuse or reason to construct a home with wood. Yet when you look through the building codes in place all across America, wood is predominantly the only thing allowed even in tornado zones and I beg to question why. Actually, I have the answer but I will get to that later, and the answer came from a building contractor in Utah. The answer is cold hard proof of why you can’t construct a home in America out of solid concrete.

Picture 24First of all, if safety is really a concern, wood homes would be banned. There would be no need for ridiculous fire codes if homes were built of concrete. Yet every night, Americans go to sleep in homes that could burn to the ground overnight, or be blown away by a storm, and there is absolutely no reason for it.

In Mexico, people never worry about home fires or storms because neither can destroy a Mexican home unless it’s a chicken coop built out of wood. And no matter how nice you make that wood look, in Mexico where it is all brick, mortar, and rebar, a wood home is just a chicken coop. That really is the attitude here.

But there is a reason why private single occupant homes in America have to be built out of wood, and it is specifically so it can be burned to the ground on a whim by authorities if they ever come across a Waco, Ruby Ridge or Dorner. Sure, Americans can still own guns, but I’d like to ask people how much good having a gun will do in a community that decides to rebel, when all it would take is an apache helicopter loaded with tracer rounds to fly through a town of five thousand, pop a few into each house to light each house on fire and burn it to the ground? A SINGLE APACHE PASS CAN EASILY BURN AN AMERICAN TOWN TO THE GROUND, and it is that way for a reason.

Quite a while ago, I wanted to have a home built. And I went to a homebuilder in Utah and talked to them to get a quote. And they quoted out the basement separately. When I saw the total on the basement, which included digging out the ground for it, laying the slab and pouring the walls for 4,500 square feet (top floor and basement), the basement portion including all piping and everything else underneath it was only $5,500.00 and the top portion of the house was $90,000. I asked him why the top cost so much compared to the basement, and he said because it has to be built out of wood, and wood takes a lot of labor – the concrete was easy. I then asked him if he could just build the entire house out of concrete, what it would cost, and he said $30,000 total, including all wiring, windows, EVERYTHING. And I asked him if he could do it, and he said NO. I asked why, and the answer shocked me –

He said “Because if you build it out of concrete, it’s considered by the government to be a military bunker, and if you get a wacko in there who wants to defy the government he can put up a hell of a fight with a few guns. I could build it, but the state would quickly arrive with bulldozers and tear it down.”

I then said, well, what about the homes that are built with brick?

He said, “that is only a facade, it has to be entirely supported by the wood wall behind it, and it has to fall inward if the wood portion of the home behind it burns and cannot remain standing after any fire, at least if it is up to code”

Now, I know the shills out there are going to have a heyday with this, and quote all sorts of places like Montana where you can build with concrete if you wish, but the cold hard reality is that virtually all of America is stuck with homes of sticks, the worst possible construction material in the world, BAR NONE. And if you want to know the real job of the Masons, it was to act on behalf of the Jew to make good and sure Americans could never be safe and sound within their own homes (among other things, such as enforcing business licensing in all areas of the country uniformly).

I have had numerous friends from other parts of the world, and they always wondered why American homes were so poorly built despite looking good on the outside. Gabriel Sharkowi, an Egyptian engineer was amazed by the wood homes in America and wondered how on earth Americans tolerated such shoddy homes but then stated “it is very intelligently put together, you would not expect wood to hold up like this”. But the reality is that wood DOES NOT hold up, for example –

Just try not re-shingling, re siding, or repainting the house after 25 years or so. Water leaks will quickly destroy it in a few years if you do not, WHY should a home need that kind of maintenance? In Mexico, they just build it out of concrete and brick and forget it. It lasts until it gets torn down for a reason other than any need. Why should Mexico have it better than America? And contrary to what you have been told, Mexican homes ARE NOT junk, they are absolutely great. Claudia has been to America a few times, and she was shocked by how bad the American homes were by comparison, “The walls are like they are made out of paper, you can hear everything in the next room. Why do Americans want that?”

My answer? Americans don’t “want that”, they are simply so unaware of what is going on in the rest of the world that they don’t know that they should be expecting more.

If America was a free country, and the safety of the public really was a concern of the government, there would be absolutely no such thing as a wood home in tornado alley.

Consider that. Look at the tornado videos – in a sea of wreckage of wood homes you will see a crappy laundromat that was built out of the cheapest cinder block still standing. WTF? ARE AMERICANS TOO STUPID TO BUILD WITH BRICK IN TORNADO ALLEY?  HECK EVEN PRACTICALLY FREE CINDER BLOCK, OR ARE THEY IN FACT SO OPPRESSED AND ENSLAVED BY LAWS THAT EVEN THE MOST BASIC COMMON SENSE IS NOT ALLOWED TO PREVAIL, ALL IN THE NAME OF “CODE?” And don’t be fooled by the difference between a “brick facade” and a REAL BRICK HOME, with NO WOOD WHATSOEVER. You see “brick homes” destroyed in Tornado Alley all the time because they are really just wood homes with a layer of brick, and not true brick homes.

Picture 25

If the American government actually loved the people, homes built in Tornado Alley would have 8 inch thick rebar enforced concrete walls and shatter proof glass, so you could watch TV right through the worst storm and not cower in the basement waiting for the end. Obviously this lone common sense home pictured to the left is the only one standing after everything else around it got erased. If it had better windows it would have practically no damage. This is an insulated concrete formed home that is difficult to get built because there are mountains of paperwork, but some areas will now allow these even if you jump through the right hoops. QUESTION: Why should there be ANY hoops? Yeah, in Mexico you can build with wood if you are STUPID, the government will let you do it. But it won’t be respected as a real home because, well, just look at that photo, where every home that was made of wood is GONE.

There is absolutely no excuse for homes in Tornado Alley to be built out of wood, you can’t justify that for safety reasons, you can’t justify that for price reasons, you can’t justify that for ANY REASON, OTHER THAN MAINTAINING TYRANNY. PEOPLE IN HOMES BUILT OF STICKS ARE INCREDIBLY WEAK, THEIR GUNS WON’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE, JUST BURN THEM TO THE GROUND AND IF THE TYRANTS IN THE GOVERNMENT DON’T WANT THE FACT THEY FLAMED A CITY GETTING OUT IN A CELL PHONE VIDEO, THEY CAN JUST KILL EVERYONE BY SHOOTING THROUGH THE WALLS. THAT is, what is going to happen if the 2nd amendment is ever brought to fruition?

Mexican, Arab, and other homes compared to American homes:

In a Mexican or Arab home, if a wire burns up in the wall, you pull in a new wire (they are all run through conduit in the wall) so you just pull new wire in. In an American home, if a wire burns up in a wall, call the fire department so the neighbors house can be sprayed down and prevented from igniting while yours is burned to the point of needing to be rebuilt . . .at 3x the cost of concrete, which it should have been made of in the first place.

If A Mexican, Arab, or any other home in Latin America is approached by a wild fire, you just sit there and wait it out. Wild fires are nothing. Maybe repaint if it gets smoked up too much. Get the car in the garage so it does not burn. If an American home gets approached by a wild fire, you are given a warning to get out in a half hour with whatever you can, they can’t stop it anyway, and you will lose EVERYTHING that was in the house including the house.

If termites get into a Mexican home, they might eat the dresser. If termites get into an American home, it’s game over.

If a storm comes to a Mexican home, well, nothing happens unless the home ends up in the middle of a river and gets washed out from underneath. If a storm gets to an American home, it might damage it in a way that does not even show, get a water leak going, rot the walls, and then one day the toilet falls through the floor. (I have seen that happen, not a joke).

A Mexican or Arab home gets built, rained on, gets a new family, goes through a tornado, and 150 years later it gets family number 8 or 9, and then needs a roof patch to get it through the next 150 years. An American home needs a new roof after 30 years or so, and then for one reason or another the most sensible thing to do after less than 100 years is tear it down, it’s degraded and worn out. A total loss. How’s that for GDP? How’s that for living expenses? Would it not be more sensible to build it right to begin with for 1/3 the cost, and then pass it on for 300 years? And THAT’S NOT ALL;

“Sarah Stone” that’s her alias anyway, (she is the one who co-wrote Tainted Nightmare) said it like it really is –

Picture 26Get this, she really said it – “Concrete homes are crappy homes, because they need work after only 200 years or so. All the good homes are MADE OF STONE.” I kid you not, I just about crapped my pants when I heard THAT ONE.  I then showed her the picture of a burned American home to the left, and she was shocked – she said, “You mean, that’s all that is left? AND AMERICANS ACCEPT THAT? In my country, fires only happen in one room. And you just clean up that room afterward.”

And, now the big question: How well will crappy wooden homes hold up against DRONE STRIKES?