One thing queen was told many years ago, nothing that happens in this world is by chance or a coincident accident.  Nothing that is happening happens without direct input and knowledge of D.C. – the District of Criminals.

DTCC and CEDE & Co. they own your titles, the BC, SS#, mortgage, licenses, permits, securities and even your tickets/citations, which is put with all of your neighbor’s tickets (1,000’s) makes a bond and then trades on the SEC the week you got it.  Now you know why the pressure is on you and me – iff you draw your ‘under writing’ creating the energy currency (signing the document as the surety) of the debit, they could be liable for SEC fraud, and the officer is liable for selling without a SEC broker’s license on the street.

DTCC – Depository Trust and Clearing Corp., in partnership with CEDE & Co.
CEDE & Company – Is the holder of all Capital human assets in America.
SEC – Securities Exchange Commission.

The Shocking Truth History Channel Can’t Broadcast


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