The week before last, queen traveled up to Eureka to question about three-year old (I)nfractions that i was not aware of.  Not aware of, in the sense that i never sign queen’s NAME on any fictitious forms.  No signature = no contract.  No contract = no jurisdiction.

In my mailbox May 13, along comes a ‘bill’ for, sit down for this one, $3,442! For (I)nfractions, i.e., not in possession of a State-owned D/L, REGIStration, or (I)nsurance.  Rest assured this queen can cancel the ‘bill’ easy enough, but i was curious what the counter trolls behind the thick glass on the bottom floor of the Administration Bldg., had to say.  First off – persons were lined up at the TRAFFIC/CRIME window.  The very fact that those two words share the same sign is very telling of the complete corruption in that building.  I get up to the window and put the ridiculous paper ‘bill’ into the trough for the “I can’t give you my NAME” female on the other side.  As usual, the run-around begins.

Up to the second floor to the so-called “Revenue Recovery” window (this gal will only tell me that her first name is Monica), and begins her fear tactic drivel . . . “You better pay this immediately, as MSB company can get very nasty.”  I told her i wasn’t interested in her beLIEfs, and went back down to the same NO NAME female at the TRAFFIC/CRIME window.  She took the ‘bill’ and went to ask another person.  After about ten minutes this is what she told me, “You were ‘charged’ because you Failed to Appear.”  All I really wanted was the Court Clerk’s NAME and the banker, labeled judge’s NAME.  To these questions, she asked, “Who told you to get the NAMES?”   I informed her, “I don’t need anyone to tell me that, that I have a right to know whom my accuser is.” Then she said, “There was no Judge, or Court Clerk, or Prosecutor.”  I asked her, “Then how does anyone know that i didn’t appear if no one was there?”  Also, “Humboldt Court Rules” specifically state that one doesn’t have to appear for infractions.  This befuddled her, and off she went again.  Another first NAME only Brenda took over and she told me that it was just automatic.  “This is how we do things here blah, blah, blah. . . “

Btw, queen had a witness along.  ALWAYS have a witness with you whenever you plan on talking with any corrupt Corporate County employees.



  1. -one thing that strikes me is the tremendous amount of patience you must have to keep consciously maneuvering through that labyrinth.

  2. Patience. Mostly i’m always amazed at the words that come out of their mouths. They think they’re going to tell Me my rights -that always cracks me up. But can you imagine when Queen does get on a roll removing the usurpers? We’ll have Post Traumatic Slave Disorder all over Humboldt.
    I MEAN, the people having no direction without their external authorities telling them when to breathe, blink, and burp, will just fold-up and fall over.

  3. Sounds to me like “class distinction’s” ugly head talking down to you, Forest. Did they cancel the bill or are they going to put you in debtor’s jail?

  4. Joe,
    You asked, “Did they cancel the bill?”

    Queen attacks the process, not the irrelevant claims. Debt collectors are third-party interlopers. [You] can’t have jurisdiction if you don’t know diction at all, and you can’t claim a contract position, if you don’t have a contract. These slime-balls buy the alleged debt for pennies on the doll hair, add their obscene fees, and then mail their ‘Statements’ out to the unsuspecting masses – three years after the fact!

    There are many ways to skin a hide. Generally queen doesn’t open ANYTHING in her mailbox that has the ALL CAPS NAME on it. As that NAME is not who, I am. I mark it ‘Return to Sender’ on the front of the envelope, and on the back ‘No Person here by that NAME.’ Or sometimes – ‘Returned For Fraud.’ This time i opened it, cuz it came from Texas

    With this ‘bill’ i went to a Notary, marked APPROVED on it, signed it, paid the Notary a second $10 to issue me a Certified copy, (always keep the originals), included a NOTICE & DEMAND for a true bill, and mailed it Certified mail.

    Sovereigns around the globe are standing for their rights.

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