Spent with four women friends who have County jobs in the Social Services Health (think mental) Dept.  They each have 15+ years doing the same stagnant routine job day after day, and are quite burned out and disillusioned.  Each one are counting the years until they can retire, ensuring them a $3,000 monthly pension, all of the medisin benefits, plus SS.  But they’re so unhappy now.

“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.”  Victor E. Frankl.

It’s not the Government’s job to spend money for the so-called social good.  The job is NOT multi-purposed.  It’s only one purpose and it’s very simple.

That purpose is to protect the people from initiatory force, which requires a system of laws and justice.  Any other purpose the Government pursues is done to build politician’s glory and power . . . and is bogus.

Coercion and fraud are forms of initiatory force.  Hillary Clinton tried to spend our money to so-called enhance our medical well-being when her husband was Pres. She wanted to win popularity through her proposed immense spending program for national healthcare – spending other people’s money.  Yet Hillary never got down in the trenches to truly enhance our medical well-being such as someone like Florence Nightingale who got right down in the blood-stained hospitals during the Crimean War.  She learned, worked, and improved the nitty-gritty details.  Only true market businessmen and women put the required effort and have the required know-how and experience needed to help others.

Enhancing the well-being of the people . . . that whole purpose of Government is an immoral hoax, an illusion used to acquire and spend money for political popularity, power, and re-elections.

The homeless, the poor, the old, education, social services, healthcare, medical research, foreign aid, the environment, the economy . . .that all falls under the bogus second purpose of Government.  Career politicians erroneously handling that second purpose, those Programs designed to help the people are falling apart.  They go on hurting our society in order to soak up the glory, and sumptuous livelihoods that go with spending the people’s earned money on illusionary social programs.  By taking those social Programs away from Government and giving them to competent businessmen and women who’ll make it work, our government will remove the debt.  Career politicians and regulatory bureaucrats would no longer choke the economy with self-aggrandizing rules and regulations.  Many lawyers would vanish as American businesses surge forward, bringing everyone along with them.


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