~if we want control of our lives, we must take control of our language.

The persons of Garberville/Redway petitioned for 24/7 Law Enforcement. But ‘Law Enforcement’ is an oxymoron. There’s no such thing as law Enforcement. It’s ‘jumbo shrimp,’ ‘military intelligence’ Slavespeak.

Remember the long ago daze/dose of ‘Peace (O)fficers? The people of Garberville best be careful what they’re asking for  -they may get it.  Paul Encimer was providing coaching for the people to be  COPs –Citizens On Patrol = self-governing, -taking care of ourself(s) and watching out for one another.  ASSKing for {more} badged officers who don’t know zip about the organic Constitution will do more harm than good.  Truly . . . does more Corporatism, labeled Government, sound like a good idea?

What i also can’t understand is why anyone would include a BAR member at a meeting for the people.  BAR – BAnkRupt.  British Accreditation Registry –foreign jurisdiction (Codes, Rules, Regulations, Ordinances).  Foreign to the law of the land.

It’s either the Constitution of the United States for America, or it’s For Profit Commercial Corporation. It can’t be both.

Budget does not show the standing value of a Corporation.  Iff they sing that same ol “Budget” song –‘Humboldt doesn’t have enough doll hairs, waa, waa, waa,’ – they either do know, and aren’t being truthful, or, they aren’t even slightly curious enough to research the fact(s) themselves.

Iff Sheriff Downey or Supervisor Estelle Fennell want this queen to play by their rules then they need to step up and be in the republic also.  IFF they are not in the republic then they are counterfeit.  Apples and apples not oil and water.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high (places).  Ephesians 6:12


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