God said:

What is at play when you ask for advice? Sometimes you don’t really have to ask for advice. Sometimes you want support more than advice. It’s not a great idea to ask for advice that you don’t really desire. You may be playing games with yourself, you the asker and you the dissenter.

On the other hand, what makes you think that others always know better than you or may know better than you? What is this lack of belief in yourself you seem to carry around? Furthermore, you may think, so it seems, that anyone knows better than you what to do and when to do it and how to do it and what to say and how to say it and when to say it. It sometimes appears that a random saleslady in the department store may know what hat looks best on you, and she spends your money. And, of course, she may be correct. Is your life about living it or about your presentation of it?

Accuracy is not always the point of life. There is more to life than accuracy. Not everyone and his brother knows more than you. What is your clarion call to life, beloveds?

Life is not exactly about doing everything perfectly. Life is something you live, not exactly arbitrate. Yes, of course, you would love to do what is considered the right thing, right for you and right in the eyes of others. This is understandable, yet, if life were a math problem, getting the right answer isn’t the whole story. Going through the process of finding out an answer for yourself is more like it.

What if there were no such thing as asking for advice? What if everyone made his or her own decisions? What if your choices were not so camouflaged or complicated as the world seems to make them? In truth, no matter how many people you ask for advice, no matter how many suggestions you follow, ultimately you are your own soothsayer. Certainly, you are the one who acts according to your own will. You are the one who says yes or says no, or says sooner or later, or says, I can or I cannot make a decision without outside help. There is nothing you have to prove. You are here on Earth to live and love, not to be perfect in your eyes or another’s.

Become more confident in your own choices. You don’t have to hold on tight to the reins of your life nor do you have to give the reins to someone else. No matter what choice you make, you are the one who makes it. Contrary to what may be popular opinion, you are far more capable than you, and perhaps others, give you credit for.

What is at the core of your asking for a second opinion or third or fourth? Is it the idea that everyone else must know more than you? Or can it be that at the core is your fear or unwillingness to take responsibility for yourself?  What makes you have to check with others?

How well you know what other people ought to do, how clear and obvious it is to you when it comes to other people, is that not true? One reason for this is that, when it comes to someone else, the responsibility isn’t yours. At the same time, no one else can bear responsibility for the route you take.

Ask Me, beloveds. Ask yourself. Perhaps you have dug yourself into a hole. Perhaps you have been one way all your life. Listen for an answer. There is always more than one possibility. Life is Infinite, and so are you.



11 thoughts on “LIFE IS ABOUT LIVING IT

  1. -a lot of wise men have praised the virtues of silence and listening. Both in the east Lao Tzu and the west, Thomas Merton, etc. And i think they have their finger on a very important aspect in communicating with God.

    But i was in my friends car driving home from Santa Rosa a few nights ago. We were talking and underneath she had the Coast to Coast show on the radio. We weren’t paying any attention to it when my ears perked up. The host was asking the guest, some kinda holy man or other, about prayer. He said, ‘what do you do when you pray? Do you ask God for what you need?” And the answer was, “No, I just sit there in silence, and don’t ask for or say anything”. The host asks. “And God, what does God do?” He says, “God keeps silence too — we just both sit there in complete silence”.

    Truth is funnier than fiction, i still have to laugh, picturing that –LOL!

  2. Some time ago I read about the difference between meditating and praying. It was a lengthy explanation that makes sense to me. In praying, we are assuming a position of ‘we are here,’ and God-he is off-planet somewhere. Where in meditation we go inward in silence. As is said; “All of the answers lie within.”

  3. -and the answers keep lying there if nobody hears them * * * and acts on them.

    Thing is, meditation never is in silence. Quiet, but not silence. Silence is when you fall asleep. Listening means you are listening to something. When you listen to your mind, thoughts come and go. Who makes them? and who hears them?

  4. Once upon a time I ‘was’ driving commercially –delivering. Anyway, I was way tired and almost to the exit, and my sound shut off! It was strange. That is the first thing I guess that stops when we go to sleep. My eyes were open, I sensed what was wrong with my auditory, exited and pulled into a big motel parking lot (it was summer), crawled in the back of my van and slept till 10:00 the next morning.

    Thoughts with merit are a mingle of the heart and mind and seem to focus on whatever holds our interest. From within and without.

    “Certain things may catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart.”
    Native American Wisdom

  5. seem to focus on whatever holds our interest.

    -i see two kinds of thoughts, feeling, intuitions or desires that we have. The first kind moves us. It inspires us in some direction or other. It leads us to action. The second kind stops us. It holds our focus so firmly that our mind is in arrest, rather than in motion. I attempt when communicating with others to send thoughts, feeling, intuitions, etc. to them that are of the second category.

    The first category, communication for moving others in some direction, looks to me too much like a car salesman or preacher trying to seduce someone to think their way. The second category, stops the listener in their tracks, for a spell … and is thus more valuable to the receiver because it allows a space for them to find themselves, rather than follow the one communicating and their agenda for the person.

    When the native american in your quote says, “captures the heart” –that’s close to what i mean by arrests the mind. And when she says, “catches the attention” that’s like what i mean by seduces you and moves you. When she says, “pursue”, i think of that kind of pursuing as being drawn to something unknown but felt, rather than pushing yourself towards something to fulfill a known and recognized goal or need.

  6. “-and the answers keep lying there if no body hears them***and acts on them.”

    Queen is down with scythes and pitchforks at Town Hall meetings ~to exterminate any BAR BAR’s from frothing amongst the people. Can we label them at the door?

    BAR MEMBER – “I wouldn’t know law if I found it in my sock drawer. My allegiance is NOT to my client. I do not ‘practice’ the law of the land. ‘Republic’ is not in my vocabulary.”

    Sheriff Downey – “My Affirmed Oath does not mention the Constitution of the united States for America” ~the law of the land.

    Estelle Fennell – ditto

    This is reality in black on white.

    Speaking of . . . a friend of mine happens to be a personal friend of Carolyn Crnich. And he told me the other day that she was ‘not’ elected. The plot thickens.

    The people are looking thru foggy lenses maybe. Wouldn’t you want to know what roles are being played by corporate employees impersonating public servants? That no matter what they say, their affirmed oath (of the head) says where their allegiance is – knowingly or unknowingly ~“Order Takers.”

    “It is useless to wait for a breakthrough, a revolution, the nuclear apocalypse or a social movement. The catastrophe is not coming, it is here. We are already situated within the collapse of civilization. It is within this reality that we must choose sides.”
    The Coming Insurrection -MIT Press 2009.

    Once you see, you can’t unsee.
    We need ten thousand Paul Reveres.
    We need a lot of people in this stand.

  7. By the way, that was beautiful suzy. You, and Joe Blow -always good good communication.

  8. -thnx. To pare that wisdon down to bumper sticker size:

  9. No, not cardboard. I order them from Build A Sign in Texas. They are white with purple (royalty if you will) letters.

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