In these despotic times Town Hall Meetings become very important.  A form of resistance is present . . . it’s an opportunity to open up your dreams ~and you’re ready to fight for them.

For hours hearing what the people have to say, and getting an immediate response from the panel of agents, is what made it worthwhile.   Way more-better than a Supervisors or City Council Corporate Board meeting.  It opened my eyes to problems that other people may have.  I think it very important for people to express their covert feelings and covert desires, as these are things that show the political value for what it is, and the practical issues in the society we live.

The many souls who stood in line to speak at Thursday evening’s meeting, ignited their words . . .They were just HAMMERING the panel before them.

For this queen and those whom i share this same culture with, i desire to see more of these gatherings focus on the fundamental issues, the basic, the root of the problem.    Oaths, Humboldt’s Annual Financial Reports, and our access to justice -to NOT be questioned when ever We the People Record into the Public.  Until our community addresses the root of the problems, all else is an act in futility.

“Where words prevail not, violence prevails.”                                                              Thomas Kidd’s ‘The Spanish Tragedy’


5 thoughts on “SOCIAL REALISM

  1. truly the people must know what changes need to happen and then implement them so that the officers of the courts follow suit….. Kathy anderson

  2. Kathy,
    Good to hear from you in here. We don’t have to fight to be free, just stop serving. I stopped complying, consenting, and cooperating with their corporate commercial insanity five years ago this September as far a DMV goes. Longer on property tax. It’s either the Constitution of the united States for America, or it’s for-profit corporation commerce. It can’t be both.

    “Mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they have become accustomed.” Jefferson.

  3. truly the people must know what changes need to happen and then implement them

    -maybe there could be some kind of class, with an instructor etc, to educate people in this direction.

  4. ~and begin where? . . . Archeologically 11,000 years ago, and prior, there were no weapons. No fencing even. No “Legal” borders. We’re talking of a Goddess era.

    OR – the super-imposed King James’ version of the Bible? Christianity’s religion was never a part of common law.

    OR – the 13 bloodlines?

    OR – there isn’t any money?

    OR – (i)nsurance, labeled health care?

    OR – the State-created for Commerce, Berth Certificate?

    OR – peace officer or Law Enforcement?

    OR – stick to the ones before us right now – Oaths, Financial Records, and access to justice via filing into the Public domain.

    OR – this queen’s specialty –bring the criminals to justice.

    OR – we’re on the edge of the abyss! WTFU!!!,

    {monotonous circle in the sea of Commerce}

    I no, let’s get a scale of some type that measures people’s re-action based on the level of stimulus, and start at the lowest point. Don’t scare the children. ($ is the hardest one for people to wrap their heads around).
    Nah. All at once and the people will rotate a round the circle. I’m thinking seven people who would be willing to learn one piece of the puzzle and present it to the people. At the end, which brings us back to the beginning, a puzzle picture would come together.

    “Exodus: Movement of Jah people!” (Bob Marley) –KWPT rocks on!
    (Exit the @System@ ~spiritually, physically).

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