Your Country is at risk.

If you don’t stand for something, you will FALL for anything:

ALERT:  For all non-Texans domiciled on Almighty God’s Texas republic lands. Your time is dwindling away fast. You have only a short time left to freely choose whether you wish to be part of the free sovereign republic of Texas Nation and retain all your God given and constitutionally declared rights, or choose to be a permanent corporate slave to your new master; “THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION” consisting of “MEXICO-UNITED STATES-CANADA” with its seamless borders and without any God given rights; You will only have privileged freedoms under that Government – IF you have paid all your licenses, user fees, interest, taxes, plus taxes, plus taxes etc.

For any of you that are in Texas, or close enough to travel, or want to come anyway, the republic of Texas is having a Rally on 12 July in Fredricksburg, Texas.

Meet the Republic flier-2

FQ note:  This post is intended as a private communication between living souls who are not corporate fiction entities, and is not commercial in any way.



  1. -this blows my mind because i was just in Fredricksburg a couple of months ago. We were traveling out of San Antonio heading west to CA and our car broke down the first day in Fredricksburg. We had to leave it at a shop over the weekend and were stranded in F’burg. We met some people, really down home Texan country folk that took us to their home in Centerville, a few miles away. They had a horticultural place with young trees and a greenhouse with a zillion different varieties of plants. They showed us around and offered us jobs and a cabin to live in if we wanted to stay. Good vibes, but kinda strange in a way i can’t define. Anyway, we made our way back to Austin. The car broke down again and ended up leaving it behind and taking a train. I have this feeling something’s drawing me to that area though.

  2. Yeah the people of Texas may be a step ahead of Californians in restoring the Constitutional Republic. I have three friends in Texas who are ON IT. One of the speakers at this rally will talk on “Living in the Republic.” Sweet-sounding words to this queen.

    I know what you mean about their being so welcoming and open, that it feels strange somehow. The people on the east coast I found to be like that too. I got lost back there in a coal-mining town once and had to go to the nearest house to use a telephone. The people were somewhat put out that I declined staying for dinner.

    That ‘drawing feeling’ is how we hear that subtle calling . . . calling us to remember why we’re here, what we came for ~ many have sacrificed their lives for our Liberty. Let us renew our commitment to Freedom.

  3. -to top it off we picked up a hitchhiker out of S. A. who had a young kitten. Snow white in color and very friendly, he gave it to us when we dropped him off in Kerrville. From there we took another hithchhiker to Fredricksburg where we met Marion and Troy who took us to Centerville. We left the kitten there with them because they had a good home for a cat and we were on the road with a broken down car. They said we could come back and retrieve it any time. And i have a notion to do it. We called him Joe.

  4. You called the kitten Joe huh? Well if you do return, try and get there by the 12th and take photos please. You can see where i’m going with this suzy. 😀

    Is Centerville centered? Queen doesn’t get the Centerville that’s west of Ferndale. Probably something to do with all that’s left there -pieces of railroad track.

  5. -it’s called Center Point Tx. I just wrote them snail mail, they aren’t on internet. I asked them to write if they go to the rally. Post it in a couple.

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