“The spirit of 1776 is not dead.  It has only been slumbering.  The body of the American people is substantially republican.  But their virtuous feelings have been played on by some fact with more fiction; they have been the dupes of artful maneuvers, and made for a moment to be willing instruments in forging chains for themselves.  But time and truth dissipated the delusion, and opened their eyes.”                                                                    —Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Lomax  (1799)

“The unquestionable republicanism of the American mind will break through the mist under which it has been clouded, and will oblige its agents to reform the principles and practices of their administration.”                                                                                                              —Thomas Jefferson to Elbridge Gerry  (1799)

“Every nation is liable to be under whatever bubble, design, or delusion may puff up in moments when off their guard.”                                                                                                —Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey (1816)

Our success hinges on more of us recognizing just how corrupt our local Gubbernut is.  The challenge lies in our backyard.

                                                           Richardson Grove  Park


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