Their desperation makes them insaneWorlds-Most-Evil-and-Lawless-Institution-The-Executive-Branch-of-the-U.S.-Government

Live men and women are not meant to be in any place designed solely for the business of fictional entities. When we submit to ‘court’ we are deemed dead, in fact, they cannot deal with us until we admit to being dead….a legal fiction….a Trust. Court is for titled persons: judge, prosecutor, defendant, bailiffs, police, and attorneys. Live men and women are not recognized, so it makes sense to send in a dead person –an attorney– to handle our cases … Except for one thing:  due to their indoctrination, they don’t necessarily know how the @System@ works. If you can find one to do as you say, then you will prevail, but most of them would rather hang onto their BAR cards than behave honorably. The only thing that dead, fictional entities want from us is our life energy, and the only way they can get it is by our agreement. Without us, they cannot function, so, they are desperate to get us into ‘court,’ to have us pay the debt that they created by charging the Trust account.

The case never has anything to do with “facts” or live men and women and so, anyone who testifies (talks about the facts of the case) is doomed. ALL courts operate in Trust law, based upon Ecclesiastical Canon law  -ritualism, superstition, Satanism, etc. –Which manifests as insidious, Commercial Law and we are there to repent, if they can get us to do so. They use every trick in the book –intimidation, fear, threat, ridicule, rage, and even recesses, in order to make us admit that we are the NAME on the Trust account. When we do so, we are deemed to be the trustee –the one liable for administering the Trust.  I.E., Ergo ~it has been a waste of our time, energy, and emotion to go to a place where it is almost certain that we will be stuck with the liability.

We all know from our indoctrination, programming, and schooling that judges are supposed to be impartial. This means she or he must not favor either plaintiff or defendant. But, our experience reveals that she/he does, indeed, favor the plaintiff, indicating a glaring conflict of interest  . . . the prosecutor, judge, and clerk all work for the State –the owner of the Cestui Que Trust.  So, as the case is NOT about “justice,” it must be about the administration of a Trust. They all represent the Trust owned by the State and, if we are beneficiary, the only two positions left are Trustee and Executor. So, if you consider court as entertainment and if you can stand the evil emanating from its officers, the fear and angst oozing from the walls, and the treacherous atmosphere, then go, knowing that under Trust law we cannot be the trustee or the executor of a trust whilst being the beneficiary; as that would be a conflict. The position of beneficiary may lack clout, but the other positions hold liability. Since State Inc. employees want to be the beneficiaries of the Trust, the only way they can do so is to transfer, to us, the liability which they hold, as trustees and executors, because they also cannot be both the administrators AND beneficiary of the Trust. So, trustee-ship and executor-ship, i.e.: surety-ship, becomes a hot potato and everyone wants to toss it so she/he can benefit  -be beneficiary of the credit from the Trust.

When we were born, a Trust account, called a Cestui Que Vie Trust (“CQV”) was set-up. Evidence of this is the birth certificate. But what is the value that must be conveyed to the Trust, in order to create it?  It was our right to property (via birth into this world), our body (via the COLB), and our souls (via Baptism). Since the State which registered the Trust is the owner, it is also the trustee…. the one that administers the Trust. Since they, also, wanted to be beneficiary of this Trust, they had to come up with ways to get us, as beneficiary, to authorize their charging the Trust, allegedly, for our benefit (via our signature on a document: citation, application, etc.), and then, temporarily transfer trustee-ship, to us, during the brief time that they want to be the beneficiary of a particular “constructive” Trust (docket/case #).

This means that a Trust account can be established anywhere, anytime, and the parties of the Trust are quickly, albeit temporarily, put into place. But, since a beneficiary cannot charge a Trust –only a trustee can do so –it is the State that charges the Trust, but they do this for their benefit, not ours. So, the only way, under Trust law, for them to be able to charge the Trust account is to get the authorization from the beneficiary –you and me/us, and the only way for them to benefit from their charge is to get us to switch roles –from beneficiary to trustee (the one responsible for the accounting), and for them to switch their role –from trustee to beneficiary because no party can be both at the same time,  -within the same constructive Trust, they must somehow trick us into accepting the role of trustee. Why would we do so?  And how do they manage to do this?

Well, the best way is to get us into their Administration Room and trick us into unwittingly doing so. The court clerk is the hot shot, even though it appears as if the judge is. The clerk is the trustee for the State-owned CQV Trust Account, and it is she/he who is responsible for appointing the trustee and the executor for a constructive Trust -of that particular ‘court’ case.

So she/he appoints the judge as trustee (the one to administer the Trust) and appoints the prosecutor as executor of the Trust. The executor is ultimately liable for the charge because it was she/he who brought the case into court (created the constructive Trust) on behalf of the State, which charged the CQV Trust account.  Only an executor/prosecutor can initiate/create a constructive Trust. A  maxim of law: “Whoever creates the controversy holds the liability and whoever holds the liability must provide the remedy.” This is why all attorneys are mandated to bring their check-books to court because if it all goes wrong for them…. meaning either they fail to transfer their liability onto the alleged defendant, or the alleged defendant does not accept their offer of liability, then someone has to credit the Trust account in order to off-set the debt.

Since the prosecutor is the one who issues bogus paper and charges the Trust, it is the Prosecutor/Executor (“PE”) who is in the hot seat.

When the NAME (of the trust), e.g. JOHN DOE, is called by the whore Judge aka Administrator aka Trustee (“JAT”), we can stand and ask, “Are you saying that the Trust which you are now administrating is the JOHN DOE Trust?” This establishes that we know that the NAME is a Trust, not a live man.

What’s the JAT’s first question? “What’s your NAME?” or “State your NAME for the record”. We must be very careful not to identify with the NAME of the Trust because doing so makes us the trustee.  They must get us to admit to being the NAME, or they pay, and we must not accept their coercion, or we pay.

During their frustration over our not admitting to being a Trust NAME –the trustee and/or executor of the Trust, we ought to ask who they are. “Before we go any further, I need to know who YOU are.” Address the clerk of the court –the trustee for the CQV Trust owned by the State, “Are you the CQV’s trustee who has appointed this judge as administrator and trustee of the constructive Trust case #12345? Did you also appoint the prosecutor as executor of this constructive Trust?”

Look directly at the JAT: “So you are the trustee,” then focus on the weasel prosecutor, “and you are the executor? And I’m the beneficiary, so, now that we know what roles we’re playing -as beneficiary, I authorize you to handle the accounting and dissolve this constructive Trust immediately!  I now claim my body so I am collapsing the CQV Trust, which you have charged, as there is no value in it. You have committed fraud against all laws!!!”

Expose their fraud of the CQV Trust that exists only on presumptions/assumptions. The CQV has no corpus, no property, ergo, no value. Trusts are created only upon the conveyance of property and can exist only as long as there is value in the Trust. But, there is no value in the CQV Trust; yet they continue to charge the Trust. That is fraud! The alleged property is women and men whom they have deemed to be incompetent, dead, abandoned, lost at sea, bankrupts, or minors . . . but that is an illusion . . . the Corporate veil.

They are operating in fraud, and their fraud exposed gives them only three options:

1. They can dissolve the CQV Trust –the one for which the clerk of the court is trustee and from which she/he re-created a constructive Trust account –the docket #- for which she/he appointed the judge and prosecutor titles which hold temporary liability –trustee and executor, respectively. But they cannot dissolve the CQV or the entire global system will collapse because they cannot exist without our energy -which they obtain via that CQV Trust.

2. They can enforce the existing rules of trust law which means, as trustee, they can set-off their debt and leave us alone. Now they know that we are onto their fraud and every time they go into court to administer a Trust account, they will not know if we are the one who will send them to jail. The trustee (judge) is the liable party who will go to jail, and the executor (prosecutor) is the one who enforces this. This is why they want us to take on both titles, because then, not only do we go to jail but also, by signing their paper, we become executor and enforce our own sentence. They cannot afford to violate the Ecclesiastical Canon laws, out of fear of ending their careers, so they are, again, trapped with no place to run.

3. They can dismiss the cases before they even take the risk of our exposing their fraud … that also makes no sense because then their careers, again, come to a screeching halt.  What’s a court clerk to do? Pretty soon, none of these thugs will take any cases because the risk is too great. This will be the end of the court system.

The means by which we have attempted to assuage our problems, inflicted upon us by the PTW (powers that were) have all been superficial, compared to the origins of all the black magic, superstition, Satanic ritualism, trickery, mind-control, and clandestine practices. Under Commercial law, dating back to the Code of Ur-Nammu –around 2100 BC –the use of another’s property without permission puts one into dishonor and makes him liable for any debts.

When we are forced to court, knowing that the Judge acts as the Trustee and the prosecutor acts as Executor of the CQV Trusts –it is very empowering. It gives us two choices:

1. If we wish to expose the fraud of presumptions, by which the CQV Trusts still exist, then the court is the perfect opportunity to have them dissolved  -prove the fraud because the Trustee is sitting on the bench. Or,

2. If you are not inclined to use an Affidavit to expose the fraud of the CQV Trusts, then, at least, know that everything the judge says –even if it sounds like a command, order, or sentence –it IS an offer; which we can choose to decline (“I do not consent; I do not accept your offer”). This is a fundamental principle of testamentary trusts… the beneficiary can accept or decline what the trustee offers.

Toe kick.



  1. ALL courts operate in Trust law, based upon Ecclesiastical Canon law -ritualism, superstition, Satanism, etc. –Which manifests as insidious, Commercial Law and we are there to repent, if they can get us to do so.

    judge = priest
    court = church
    bench = alter
    crimes = sins
    plea bargains = prayers
    witness stand = confessional booth
    testimony = confession

  2. That’s the general set-up. They are there to receive our written confession/signature. This is what the revenue generators, looking to contract with the non-commercial travelers want when they motion you road-side. We are being pulled-over by the Police-State thugs—Order takers.

    Act-ually, when a person swears to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth -in fiction DiCKtion land, it’s because they can’t be heard. That’s not what THEY’RE there for.

    Until more step up to the republic and ask the correct questions, so we know what roles are being played in the venue, and call their fraud upon all laws, the so-called ‘Court’ @System@ will carry-on.

    “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has, and it never will.” Fred Douglass

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