I know i’m not alone in grasping-and-understanding the nature of, and source of the authority for, the person(s) we re-present in the Fictional world.  This is cognitively challenging for some due to the fact that we’ve been conditioned to perceive ourselves as a single entity with a Name and, usually, a number (SSN).  Therefore it’s difficult to overcome this limited view and real-ize that we are, or can be, whatever we choose to be; provided we are competent enough to create and operate those person(s).

Some are possessed of the requisite knowledge and conviction of who they are, person-wise, in a given situation to assert and enforce their inherent rights as such without the aid of, or at least minimal, documentation.  For most, our documents can serve as cognitive aids (training wheels?) that we can rely on to reinforce our understanding and conviction of who we are; as well as evidence of our status by Notice in the Public (file/Record).  But with that documentation comes the responsibility to understand how and why that documentation conveys to our person(s) certain understanding.

~in that sense a correct Notice, Affidavit, Truth Statement, will appear magical unless one studies it, and its underlying principles, until they come to understand why it’s effective.

“You’ve got to feel the language coming through you.”  Edward Bond

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