Today’s meeting with Estelle first off was put on hold due to her telephone- talking with Times Slandered.  I don’t care to be interrupted by Eureka’s rag paper when she devotes X amount of time to be in Fortuna for exchanging views with the people.  I heard her mention the Van Duzen River so I had to ask.  It seems that some Corp. AGENCY (can’t remember) is going to “send a letter” (whoopee!) to adjacent owners of river property –get this – to inform them that if their deed’s recordation date was after 1916, then they are “Junior something, something.”  Meaning, if I remember right, they cannot withdraw as much water from the rivers.  (J.C!)  She was all excited telling me about this next week’s happening.  I told her that it seemed to me that this AGENCY was really stretching to find something to justify their pointless jobs.  That I thought she was going to tell me about pollution or something, and that I’m willing to walk the river for miles each way from where i live to check for pumps that are askew.  (I owned a pump and drilling business. I can spot faulty, don’t-give-a-shit pumping systems –large ones, leaking ones, etc.). That if this Agency is concerned AT ALL about maybe too much water being pumped from the river or chemical polluting, as they should be, then they’d get IN THE RIVER and figure it out.  She told me that these guys (Agency what-ever) could go to where the streams and rivers converge/begin and walk down the middle, the entire way!  And? “I can do that.  You can do that Estelle.  Anybody can do that.”  “But, this (Agency) is the State,” she said.

I asked her what she is referring to when she says, “the State?”  That I am the state/We the People are the state.  That I think both Downey and Allman are spine-less.  And that if Sheriff Downey called me to come to his aid, to stand by his side as back-up, that I wouldn’t hesitate, I’d be there.

She asked about how my truck came to be towed.  I told her that I was traveling along and motioned roadside for the CRIME of speeding.  There was no injured party, no crime committed on my part.  That crime is murder, theft, rape –harm to another living life.  She listened to me, I like her.  She said that she could telephone Allman.  I reiterated that Sheriff’s are our highest elected officials, and she couldn’t lawfully go there.  I don’t expect her to, or want her to.  He’ll  also just parrot – “The State.”

Went over what difference it would make if Crnich was not elected, that then she (Estelle) could step up and do something about any ‘legal’ determination of the un-elected counter clerks, who mumble and stumble around, and unlawfully refuse to record into the Public, for the public.

Went over the U.S. Constitution, and her “Affirmation” (Oath of the head) Oath.  She said that no, she took her oath seriously, that she pledges her allegiance to a flag (Yikes!).  “Estelle!  Listen! – You took an Oath to a Corporation, other wise you and the other Supes. would not beLIEve in such things as (O)rdinances and Codes.”  That California was a republic for only nine years after Statehood union.  That the law of the land doesn’t mention statutes, codes, rules, regs or ordinances.  That those are foreign to our Constitution of the united States for America.  That a “U.S. Constitution” document does not exist. She told me that her hands were tied.  I asked her to please consider just taking the first step, that we the people would benefit by someone in her position who is for the people and not a For-Profit Corporation.  Say I have a household Budget of $600 –that is my Budget. I don’t have to mention my savings account or properties I own and rent out.  “Budget does NOT show the standing value of a Corporation.”  Humboldt’s net assets are $500 million some –(I)nvested globally, and the last time I checked with the CA’s Sec. of State, Humboldt Inc. is not Chartered to do business ‘in this State.’ You took an oath to a Corporation and therefore, are employed by a Corporation.  You draw your paycheck from the Public Treasury.  Your insurance and retirement are paid for by the people. That (i)nsurance is not synonymous with health. That CalPers invests in Monsanto and other death-dealing Corporations . . . it  is second only to the Corporate Federal investments  –Globally.

Talked about my truck and that all 7 charges were dismissed, court dates vacated.  That when a Private business contracts with a Public agency that that is stomping all over the Constitution and is a conflict of interest -never heard of until more recent times.  That I told Carmen Salas the next morning after he stole my truck, that he would not see any money from me and he’s a thief and in possession of stolen property.  YOU (Carmen) signed a contract with the State of CA Inc., – not me.

I reminded her that just like the tow guy, she can’t not know something once she knows it.

She does care – but, I don’t know iff she’s capable and/or willing to {fully} grasp the dire world situation -that we here in Humboldt are victims to and an unwilling part of.

I’d be willing to shield her some from the blow-back – but, what can a queen do?


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