Carolyn Crnich, our alleged Recorder of land records, just can’t seem to produce a certified copy of her “Affirmed” Oath. When the Countess counts the votes, the votes don’t count.

This queen knows that leaving Them unchecked to be bribed by other interests, and violate the public trust to the people is ‘dead’ wrong.  Remember, at the end of the day “OUR” Public Serpents who “Affirmed” an oath to a U.S. Constitution, eat in breach of that contract with the public trust, and are violating, warring the Constitution and committing treason by advocating the over-throw of our government.

Shouldn’t we at least check them?  And remove them from office to set a precedent for other Public Servants to follow?  If “We the people” don’t do anything about what’s going on, it won’t matter “who we are” anymore.

I’m well aware that “OUR” Public Servants cannot give me what i want. They are not free. Just Order Takers parroting: “Transparent,” “legal,” “illegal,” “I support –NAME,” and “The State . . “   As if THE STATE is some hovering California Over-Ruler of the Sacramento area.

We, you and me, ARE the state.

Reminds me of The Journal’s recent front page proclaiming:  “Man vs. Nature.”  Nonsense.  We are nature.  Why destructive, age-old, fear-based competition programming continues on says a lot about newspapers’ minus IQ level that’s constantly clouding the public mind.  Keep ‘em dumb-dee-dumbed-down.  Kibbles n Bits, Kibbles n Bits, Kibbles n Bits.  “Driving is a privilege!” –beginning at about fifteen years of age, repeat until it’s {your} truth.

The more despotic Corporations R US gets, the more Rules and Orders and Codes and Plans They profess, and print.  The Times Slandered, The Journal, along with the other “news” blurbs, print and repeat repeat repeat whatever the Localites spew  –Fiction’s “Words-on-paper”– containing no lawful foundation with the living world of breathing souls.

You must define your own freedom.  Queen’s free-will stands on the original jurisdiction of America and I am an American National by birth (not berth), right, and blood.  I am not a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. Person, and not subject to any definition by statute or code that defines U.S. Jurisdiction or person subject thereto.

All rights and remedies reserved.

Gosh Humboldt – this doesn’t take a rocket surgeon. No pain, and no loss of blood.


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