Yes, it’s established evidence with the motion and movement of planets that July 26 is New Year’s Day. The Mayans knew and based their lives and environment – crops, rainfall, gratitude and love on it. Thirteen months with 28 days each, and one day “out of time” July 25th –simple and real. But . . . 28 days would ring with the female cycle –can’t have that influence imposed on the living. And we’ve all been told that 13 is “Unlucky.”

Everything in the spiritual life can be counterfeited. With the right temperament or discipline, you are capable of constraining yourself to act kindly and piously. The pity is that institutional religion, bent on recognizable conformity, will more often than not be satisfied with that! Its rulers, labeled leaders, may remonstrate with you about the regularity of your attendance or the adequacy of your tithe, but almost never will they be concerned about your inner state.

Know that it is you who will be the loser if you let yourself be lulled into judging your life by criteria aimed at conformity.


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