We only have a de facto Government, which is a private Corporation masquerading as a de jure government. This since 1860, when the South’s congressional representatives walked out, adjourning Congress sin die, dissolving that body under its accepted “Robert’s Rules of Order” and dissolving with it the de jure government of America. A planned event i think.

A friend was briefly imprisoned for delivering the findings of a Constitutional Common Law Grand Jury into the de facto ‘Legal’ @System@: The charge was impersonating a legitimate body! He’s very smart, very experienced in court, but generally gives credibility to the bunch of fakers (and innocent dupes) who call themselves a legitimate government.

I think we should all be doing Commerce with bitcoin or some such, only buying at stores that accept it, working for those who pay it, and using only the new financial services based on it. Traditionally, in human society we shun sociopaths. The United States is not a country, it’s a private Corporation functioning in bankruptcy and comprised of good people along with knowing conspirators who’ve chosen the same path as the Jews who ran the execution chambers at Auschwitz, ensuring their own survival and/or prosperity by collaborating in crime.

There are three kinds of political perspectives:

1) Those who blame the republicans, and try to get more democrats in power.

2) Those who blame the democrats, and try to get more republicans in power.

3) Those who realize that both the democrats and republicans are controlled by Bankers and Corporations, and that the media itself is controlled by Bankers and Corporations. In the end you find a divisive society incapable of mobilizing against a shadow enemy, because those who actually understand the truth are too few in numbers.

Stay away from the sociopaths.


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