Everyone has tried many complicated and time-consuming things to retrieve their rights. I will not go into all that has been tried, happened and failed. It would be too time consuming and most would not understand. Here’s a brief description of how this works.

When you got your Social Security number, either you or your Mom or Dad checked off that you were a U.S. Citizen on the SS-5 application. And then you continued to claim to be a U.S. Citizen throughout your life and did so on the W-4 form when you were employed which caused you to pay taxes, get tickets and every other act of treason that has happened to you.

A U.S. Citizen is a legal fiction and has no rights secured by the Constitution. You should have checked off “other” on the form because you are a State Citizen of your state, which makes you a Citizen of all states and a benefactor of the u.S.A. constitution of 1789. A State Citizen used to be known as a Citizen of the United States but has changed the meaning for the purpose of fraud.

So to reclaim your citizenship you need to get a passport as a “State Citizen.” However you will not find any such term on government documents because they are hiding it from the public. They use terms such as “non-citizen national” or “other.” When you get your passport it will look like any other and say that you are a national of the U.S.A. This is true if you are a State Citizen, 14th amendment slave or a U.S. citizen. They do this to hide what they are doing. Remember that the U.S. Citizen is a legal fiction with no rights. You are not a legal fiction.

   The two main things to remember on the Passport Application, is to….

  1. Put all zeros for the social security number. 000 00 0000
  2. Every place that it asks if someone is a U.S. citizen, you check off No. If you check off yes, then that makes you a U.S. Citizen. Otherwise you are a state Citizen. NO ONE IS A U.S. CITIZEN. Not you, or your spouse, or your ex-spouse or your Mom or Dad. This is the most important step.

Additional things you can do is…

  1. Put “In care of:” with the mailing address and use the standard mailing address with zip code. This means that this is merely where you receive your mail and you do not live in their jurisdiction. And for the permanent address, use “R.F.D.” or   “Rural Free Delivery” for the address and then the city and spell out the name of the state. Then use all zeros for the zip code. This means that you live in the Republic and not in any fictional democratic jurisdiction.
  2. Put “without prejudice” above your signature. This insures that you are not a legal fiction and are not contracting away your rights. Although this should not be needed as a State Citizen.

Even if you already got a passport before, you can get a new passport with this method or do an amended form for your current passport. I have no experience with an amended form.

It’s my understanding that most all the ‘laws’ mentioned on the Passport form are for U.S. Citizens and not for State Citizens. They are only there to scare you.

Traps to avoid.

Do not put down that you are a U.S. Citizen on anything or give your social security number. Use all zeros for the social security number if you have to give them one, and check off either “non-citizen national” or “other” for your citizenship. It’s a felony for them to force your social security number from you. 42 USC 408 A-8

When you get a job, fill out the W-8 form rather than the W-4. Check off non-citizen national. You can use your social security number here if you wish to pay in to that @System@. Claiming State Citizen does not prevent you from getting any ‘benefits’ from anything.

When you buy a gun and fill out the form, do not check off that you “have renounced your U.S. Citizenship.” You never were a U.S. Citizen, so there is no citizenship to renounce.

Once you receive your passport, you should never have to pay taxes, you can carry any gun, you should not get tickets, you do not need licenses, permits and fees -the only thing you cannot do is cause injury. They can arrest you for causing injury to someone. And anyone that causes injury needs to be arrested.

Even though you can do all these things, i highly recommend that you do not shove it in their face. Be on good behavior and do not draw attention to yourself. Also give any Peace Officer or Revenue Generator a friendly chance to discover who you are. Always use the passport for your ID. I highly recommend that you order the card, to carry in your wallet or purse.

If some bureaucrat tries to make you pay taxes or disparages your rights, as a State Citizen you have every right to put a claim on their bond. All State employees have bonds, but Federal workers and officers do not. Each state is different. In most states, the employees for local government and counties are with the County Recorder, or the County department of Risk Management, or with the County ‘judge’ who is the administrator and does not try cases.

State employees and officials normally have their bonds either with the Department of State or the Department of Risk Management which is usually under the Insurance Commission. They have to provide a State Citizen all documents for free. They cannot violate the Constitution for the united States of America -article one, section ten- which states that they can only use gold or silver coin for payment of debts. If they do not, then you can claim their bonds too. Be fair with the injury that you claim. Make all claims about rights secured by the Constitution of the State or the Constitution for the united States of America. It is my understanding, that once you claim a bond and or report a crime to the bond company, that official will never work for government again.

I have received a passport using this method. And so have many others using similar methods. The first two steps are the most important. It is the difference between night and day. Foreclosures are being stopped cold because they cannot collect debt against a State Citizen.

Below is an example of how the form may be filled out. Do not sign it until you’re in front of the authorized agent.   Personally, i no longer capitalize any letters of my body’s name.

This document is not to be taken as ‘legal’ advice, and i do not accept any liability for what anyone does with the information.





Courtesy of my friend in Texas.


  1. So we are back to square one. Well I am glad I am slow and deliberate and haven’t screwed myself with completing and submitting the DS-11….just wish I could fly to see my family…

  2. sharpin la, if you want to send me an email or phone contact, I can pass it on to someone who CAN help you get the passport, as long as you were born in one of the several states of the Union. My email is

  3. Well, it’s only dead wrong because its DEAD WRONG! It would be a grand improvement upon education and competency if people would actually learn and then bother to research and READ this crap before spreading it around as actual fact, which this is NOT.

    Foe instance, in relation to federal law regarding passports, THIS is where one finds the legal definition of “U.S. non-citizen national”;

    And this is where you find the explanatory statutes on exactly what a “national” is in relation to the passport laws:

    In other words, this ‘method’ is a fast-track to a federal prison for falsifying a government document and perjury. And the person that is on their way there for doing this stupid shit can thank their own gullibility and laziness for their 5-10 year enjoyment of striped sunshine.

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  5. Someone,

    Nicely put. This post has received more comments than any other, and I
    gotta say, I cringe when another comment comes in – cuz it was posted two years ago, directions change whenever more pieces of understanding comes
    in, a n d – it’s NOT about the words on paper. It’s who we are – when
    standing. Truth needs no support.

    Please check the ‘Documents’ folder for “Testimony for Truth.”

    I’ll also put a homemade i.d. form in the ‘Documents’ folder.

  6. Dorothy,

    Unfortunately i’m on dial-up and i rely on a good friend to post for
    me. She has been working since before summer -busy.
    I’ll check with her and see if she had time to post the homemade i.d.
    Thanks for letting me know.

    Note: This is the good friend, and you will both be glad to know that I have finally uploaded the files to Documents. I believe that the file is called PhotoTrustNameVerification.

  7. The place to start for all Americans is to update their status. To get started on the process it is best to understand what it means first. To some this sounds elementary, I assure you it is not. It behooves you to download ‘The Redemption Manual’ and go from there. As recommended by the author of the manual, please read it five times through in order to reach the necessary comprehension level to grasp what is required of you in order for you to be able to exit stage left.

    From the understanding you gain, we can then move you forward to a group who can handhold you through the process or, if you feel so moved, you can attempt to accomplish the arduous task on your own. Either way it can be done. No matter which way you choose, the path described is the only way in which to undo the depth of trickery imposed upon on every human on the face of Mother Earth.

    There is so much opinion out there of little or no value whatsoever other than to frustrate, or worst case, bring the ‘legal’ hammer down on yourself, totally defeating the purpose for why you are investigating the correct process in the first place.

    On top of that, if Mother Earth is to be freed from the grip of those who have already placed Her and Her children on the brink of extinction (we have recently entered the Anthropocene Epoch), we, each one, MUST accept individual responsibility to extricate ourselves entirely from the living trap that has so seductively been laid for us. It is our responsibility to turn this thing around and institute an all new fair, balanced and equitable world system thus insuring the groundwork for health, provision and happiness for every member of the human race.

    Take the guess work out of your escape plan and commit to what you learn in The Redemption Manual. Download it today!

    Along the way, through our peaceful movement, we hit them where it hurts the most, in their pocket book. (What lines their pockets is our money) so lets get it back beginning now!)

    To your wellbeing!


  8. I as well done the Coppermoonshine. There is no proof of state citizenry. Tax’s did not drop off. Got 2nd notice form county. Ma be sent packing the end of may as i sent the Cease and Desist Order to Town Hall and the County. Apparently the No Trespass Sign bearing 18 USC 21 and 242 did not intimidate the officers that plastered the front door over the No Trespass Sign with the county notice of eviction. So how can we se what is on the Passport??? I sent for the Obtaining Of Passport Records Requesting a Certified Copy of what is on the Passport being that all Ppt’s bearing blue and with Type P same as it ever was. As well i followed the above example. i will have to do this again. The cost was $250.00. Personally, i think i only received a regular Ppt. Still waiting on NPIC for the verification of whether or not it is what it is or the change set in stone. All this is confusing on any level from A4V to BC to this that and the other. I may be in contempt with that sign on the door and may be facing criminal charges against the County of Suffolk of New York. Been at this over 2 years and i see very little success with not only the Ppt but with the whole gamut.

  9. I submitted the passport application using all 0s and everything else as indicated above and received a phone call from the passport office that I needed to include my social security number on the application. I told them I don’t have a social security number as a state citizen and they just repeated the statement that I needed one. My husband said I was at work and didn’t know which office I was in. So when she called on my cell phone she said your husband said you were at work and you need a social security number to work. I said no I do not need a social security number to work at a California corporation as a state citizen. Any ideas?

  10. Shari Lynn, if you ARE a ‘state National’ (NOT a “state citizen”), WHY would you ask for a passport from a FOREIGN nation/STATE (UNited States/District of Columbia), when you nationality is ‘Californian’, if you were born in California? According to US law, a ‘non-resident alien’s (National with an allegiance to a state) “nationality” is that of the state of the Union they were born in (US Government Printing Office Manual 2008, pg 93, section 5.22 “Nationalities”

    I am not so sure that those getting ‘US PASSPORTS’, claiming they identify them as a ‘state citizen’ or state National’, are really getting what they believe they are getting….and, as for the SSN, right on the instruction page for the DS11, it CLEARLY states if you don’t have an SSN, put in all zeroes…..little Hitlers in GovCo are just making shit up as they go, committing fraud WHOLESALE, unless you call their bluff and put THEIR ‘laws’, rules and regulations AS WRITTEN, right in their face…:

  11. There are two separate governments going on. She is not requesting a pasport from U.S. Inc but it’s Republic. There is no such thing as a U.S. passport, it is a U.S.A. passport. And yes she should be requesting one and if done correctly with an explanatory statement you will get the results you want. However, I am very surprised they called you and said you need a social security number. I would find out the persons name and hold them accountable with compelling you to give one which is a FELONY!.

  12. Joe Colucci if you are or might be facing charges from the city of or state of with no injured party then you need to look up Seiko Seven on Facebook and read thoroughly. In short, the city of or state of is a fiction that a prosecutor brings a criminal complaint against you using their imaginary friend called city of or state of vs. You. This is not a real claim. And you file into the case what is called a notice from hell in your own handwriting and will file a real claim against the prosecutor for filing complaints with fake friends that cannot point the finger at you on the stand. They usually drop the case. Read up people.

  13. rayres74, I did provide an explanatory statement (which they initially didn’t want to include with my application) but I did not include an affidavit of domicile, citizenship, nationality or tax status. Perhaps that is the silver bullet? I am going to deliver that today. I think they called me because they have my passport at the agency – the receipt said I could pick it up yesterday after 2 pm since I am traveling on the 25th to Canada.

    The question is really, as far as the passport office is concerned am I a different person entirely or the same person with a different status? I turned in my old passport with my application for the new passport. The old passport was issued under the limited knowledge that I was a U.S. citizen so it obviously had a SS# attached to it – is that where I erred? So it it’s just a status change I would say I was once issued a SS# and should provide it, but if I am a separate person to them obviously I never had one.

    The fact that they called me implies they denote a SS# with my name (birth certificate which serves both entities).

  14. Sorry not clear, so I think they called me by phone to tell me I just need to provide the SS# and the passport is ready to pick up. A mere keystroke in their computer separates me from a passport…I just don’t want to do it wrong if I am seen as the same person but with different status versus a different person all together.

  15. How does this work or needs to be modified if one is born in Washington DC which is not a state?

  16. Kenneth,

    I haven’t posted for an eon – no computer. Right now I’m up to my eyes in the global fraud being played out here in my own backyard.

    The passport post brought the most comments. If you’ll go to Judge Anna’s website she says, and I agree, to record your status at the local county land records office.

    I don’t have an answer for your D.C. question. Does seem like I remember reading that the District of Criminals became a state – maybe when Nixon was Prez. of the Corporation? Paul Stramer personal blog

  17. District of Columbia IS a “STATE” of THE UNITED STATES (one of 57), but it is NOT a state of the Union, and never will be. It is a separate Nation-STATE, just like the Vatican and the CITY of LONDON, one of the three that make up the Crown Corporation.

    The US Passport is issued ONLY to ‘US citizens’, regardless of what people believe when they keep trying to convince themselves that a ‘five star’ passport is anything else besides a US citizens passport. I have multiple letters from the US Department of State, CLEARLY stating they can ONLY issue a passport to “US citizens, US persons, or non-citizen Nationals OF THE UNITED STATES”……IF you have one of their passports, you ARE a “US citizen in THEIR legal eyes, regardless of the stories those people try to convince themselves of.

    The several ‘states’ of the Union were EACH separate Nation-States, from day one of the forming of the Union, and THAT is where your passport should be coming from. Anna will quite happily confirm that. Hard part is that, since the formation of the UNITED STATES in 1871, with its subsequent re-organizations and game playing through 1898, Americans have been increasingly led to believe that the ‘federal’ ‘Government’ corporations have the ONLY authority to issue passports….and that IS true, when it comes to US citizens, US persons or non-citizen Nationals OF THE UNITED STATES but has absolutely NOTHING to do with “nationals with an allegiance to a state”, (referred to as “non-resident aliens” in the UNITED STATES CORP corporate regulations known as statutes and codes), whose only ‘government’ is that of their birth state of the Union.

    Real question is HOW to get your birth state of the Union to actually issue a passport…,AND, are ‘states’ admitted to the ‘Union’ the same AFTER 1861, as the ‘states’ admitted BEFORE Lincolns proclamation of martial law… there are TWO ‘Unions”, the original Union of the several states ackowledged in the Article of Confederation and the 1787 Constitution, and the “AMERICAN UNION”, noted in the constitutions of the ‘STATE OF STATE’ corporate franchises of the UNITED STATES CORP…NOT the same ‘unions’, so ‘states’ admitted AFTER 1861 MAY be deceiving their citizen-nationals into believing they are part of the ‘several states of the Union’, when in fact they MAY be part of a ‘STATE OF STATE” ‘UNION”, designed to just further the fraud and confusion….

    not sure you should buy into the “silver bullet” idea of what is just another ‘US PASSPORT’ issued ONLY to “US citizens or non-citizen Nationals’……it MAY be just another lie and trap that those buying into it are pushing, because they don’t want to believe what the STATE DEPARTMENT itself has said repeatedly : “We can only issue passports to US citizens and non-citizen Nationals OF THE UNITED STATES”…. UCC 9-307(h):”The United States is located in the District of Columbia”….all the wishful thinking in the world is NOT going to change that simple fact….

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