Everyone has tried many complicated and time-consuming things to retrieve their rights. I will not go into all that has been tried, happened and failed. It would be too time consuming and most would not understand. Here’s a brief description of how this works.

When you got your Social Security number, either you or your Mom or Dad checked off that you were a U.S. Citizen on the SS-5 application. And then you continued to claim to be a U.S. Citizen throughout your life and did so on the W-4 form when you were employed which caused you to pay taxes, get tickets and every other act of treason that has happened to you.

A U.S. Citizen is a legal fiction and has no rights secured by the Constitution. You should have checked off “other” on the form because you are a State Citizen of your state, which makes you a Citizen of all states and a benefactor of the u.S.A. constitution of 1789. A State Citizen used to be known as a Citizen of the United States but has changed the meaning for the purpose of fraud.

So to reclaim your citizenship you need to get a passport as a “State Citizen.” However you will not find any such term on government documents because they are hiding it from the public. They use terms such as “non-citizen national” or “other.” When you get your passport it will look like any other and say that you are a national of the U.S.A. This is true if you are a State Citizen, 14th amendment slave or a U.S. citizen. They do this to hide what they are doing. Remember that the U.S. Citizen is a legal fiction with no rights. You are not a legal fiction.

   The two main things to remember on the Passport Application, is to….

  1. Put all zeros for the social security number. 000 00 0000
  2. Every place that it asks if someone is a U.S. citizen, you check off No. If you check off yes, then that makes you a U.S. Citizen. Otherwise you are a state Citizen. NO ONE IS A U.S. CITIZEN. Not you, or your spouse, or your ex-spouse or your Mom or Dad. This is the most important step.

Additional things you can do is…

  1. Put “In care of:” with the mailing address and use the standard mailing address with zip code. This means that this is merely where you receive your mail and you do not live in their jurisdiction. And for the permanent address, use “R.F.D.” or   “Rural Free Delivery” for the address and then the city and spell out the name of the state. Then use all zeros for the zip code. This means that you live in the Republic and not in any fictional democratic jurisdiction.
  2. Put “without prejudice” above your signature. This insures that you are not a legal fiction and are not contracting away your rights. Although this should not be needed as a State Citizen.

Even if you already got a passport before, you can get a new passport with this method or do an amended form for your current passport. I have no experience with an amended form.

It’s my understanding that most all the ‘laws’ mentioned on the Passport form are for U.S. Citizens and not for State Citizens. They are only there to scare you.

Traps to avoid.

Do not put down that you are a U.S. Citizen on anything or give your social security number. Use all zeros for the social security number if you have to give them one, and check off either “non-citizen national” or “other” for your citizenship. It’s a felony for them to force your social security number from you. 42 USC 408 A-8

When you get a job, fill out the W-8 form rather than the W-4. Check off non-citizen national. You can use your social security number here if you wish to pay in to that @System@. Claiming State Citizen does not prevent you from getting any ‘benefits’ from anything.

When you buy a gun and fill out the form, do not check off that you “have renounced your U.S. Citizenship.” You never were a U.S. Citizen, so there is no citizenship to renounce.

Once you receive your passport, you should never have to pay taxes, you can carry any gun, you should not get tickets, you do not need licenses, permits and fees -the only thing you cannot do is cause injury. They can arrest you for causing injury to someone. And anyone that causes injury needs to be arrested.

Even though you can do all these things, i highly recommend that you do not shove it in their face. Be on good behavior and do not draw attention to yourself. Also give any Peace Officer or Revenue Generator a friendly chance to discover who you are. Always use the passport for your ID. I highly recommend that you order the card, to carry in your wallet or purse.

If some bureaucrat tries to make you pay taxes or disparages your rights, as a State Citizen you have every right to put a claim on their bond. All State employees have bonds, but Federal workers and officers do not. Each state is different. In most states, the employees for local government and counties are with the County Recorder, or the County department of Risk Management, or with the County ‘judge’ who is the administrator and does not try cases.

State employees and officials normally have their bonds either with the Department of State or the Department of Risk Management which is usually under the Insurance Commission. They have to provide a State Citizen all documents for free. They cannot violate the Constitution for the united States of America -article one, section ten- which states that they can only use gold or silver coin for payment of debts. If they do not, then you can claim their bonds too. Be fair with the injury that you claim. Make all claims about rights secured by the Constitution of the State or the Constitution for the united States of America. It is my understanding, that once you claim a bond and or report a crime to the bond company, that official will never work for government again.

I have received a passport using this method. And so have many others using similar methods. The first two steps are the most important. It is the difference between night and day. Foreclosures are being stopped cold because they cannot collect debt against a State Citizen.

Below is an example of how the form may be filled out. Do not sign it until you’re in front of the authorized agent.   Personally, i no longer capitalize any letters of my body’s name.

This document is not to be taken as ‘legal’ advice, and i do not accept any liability for what anyone does with the information.





Courtesy of my friend in Texas.



  1. Pastor Penn,

    Apologizes for not replying sooner. It’s a long dial-up connection story.

    ~I have my B/C. Have used it to flash around in their venue, called Court. Since that’s the only thing being charged, the NAME . . . I liked to watch ‘em squirm.

    We each have to make our own choice on these things. For over a year i would only sign my name in all small case letters. My docs. were too long. If you choose to do something with your B/C, I would get a Notarized Certified copy of it to keep– you too may have use for it in a venue some day. You no doubt know that anything to do with corporate-owned forms, such as the B/C and D/L, and SS, is to keep in mind that they are not ours. They are Fiction-Government owned. So if you’re doing the “Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar” thing –then that’s one of your stands.

    It’s more our demeanor. If we had i-dent-a-fiction D/L pinned all over us, it wouldn’t matter. It’s what we say. We have to consent, comply and cooperate to participate in their fraud.

    I do not know about the ds-ll.


  2. ~i’m going to say yes, because my group, that this came from, many of them are in Canada. And when a Canada question comes up, it’s answered as if there isn’t any difference from America to Canada. I find that it’s so much about the sovereign rapore
    whenever i’m dealing with any agents.

  3. must be suited for anyone… not just Canadians. Why else would you have the yes/no option for US-citizenship… on an application for a US passport!! lol

  4. How about those who are brought across the boarder as a toddler? What can one do when growing up that way?

  5. Alan,

    The lesson here is simply by accident of birth, we are born into a lifelong obligation that we never signed up for to finance the corrupt mis-dealings of the political class.

    If I was bringing babies into the world today, I’d Never accept their offer of a quasi- contract to put my baby’s name on the slave list by signing on a Certificate of live birth (COLB), that we get a receipt for – birth certificate. There is a form available for correction of birth certificate NAMES to Names. That’s one way. Another is to surrender (turn-in) the baby’s birth certificate and retrieve the COLB. When you think about it – law is contract, contract makes the law, and consent makes the contract. To be saddled at birth with the bankster’s debt imposed on us without full disclosure makes that adhesion contract (COLB) null and void. A valid contract must be signed by one who is of age and knowingly enters into the contract.

    Lawful object – all four must be present at time of signing for a contract to be valid.

  6. My application was recently returned because I printed my signature and they require a permanent address!
    Also my pic was too fuzzy for their liking.
    Got it done at Walmart, make sure it is sharp and clear.

  7. A. Boisjoli,

    Are you referring to the correction form? It’s different in different States. My B/C is from the Division of Vital Records in Pennsylvania, and on the back of it is a field for corrections.

    Look on the back of your B/C, and if not available there, then telephone or online go to where the B/C is issued from, and they should be able to help you.

    On mine it has -Please submit documentary evidence to support the changes requested such as a copy of a baptismal record, early school record, military record, insurance policy, or marriage certificate.

    The guy who wrote about this was in Florida at the time with newborn twins, and he corrected it right away. If I remember correctly, he had recorded their birth in their family Bible –which btw, still stands as evidence in law, so I think this would work.

  8. Can I apply for and receive passports for my children this same way? I have had a passport in the past, but it has expired. I am seriously considering following the steps above when acquiring a new one. Can anyone give me more helpful tips/advice, I would really like to hear some success stories or whether anyone has encountered difficulties during or after this process. Thanks

  9. Ann,

    Yes you can get passports for your son(s) and/or daughter(s) the same way. I don’t know of anyone who has had any problems. Perhaps you’ve seen some of the old movies where the Jews were being rounded up and they were asked for their papers. The Order Takers were checking to see if the people were ‘one of theirs.’

    The passport is a positive step in exiting the Matrix. Power outside the Matrix is all about being able to think, act and create both outside and inside the Matrix. Because that’s the goal: to be able to function in both places.

    We don’t have to fight to be free, just stop serving.

    Becoming sovereign is not an event. It’s a lifestyle. A way of being.

  10. Hey guys, I will post the response from the passport guys soon, the jist of my rejection was “not signed” with cursif writing! Like I have to do that? If I choose not to?
    They said,”The printing of a name is not acceptable for passport purposes”.
    So, they are looking for a properly “EXECUTED” document???
    Perhaps someone could explain the term execute? Would that not mean kill?

    And, Qoute:”Your permanent Residence was not provided on the application. Please provide your permanent street address and your signature below”.

    This my friends, was “additional information REQUESTED”
    It was not demanded, required, or shall, or MUST be done!
    This was requested.

    I am familiar with this crap, and just putting this out for debate/conversation?
    I am working on how to reply, and am open to conversation.

    Be well
    Fare winds and following seas!

  11. For Anonymous,

    Cursif, that is funny. Here on the land of the Great Pacific Northwest the second graders are not being taught handwriting. They come home and argue with their Moms that their printing IS handwriting! -Agenda 21’s Common Core- As well, if you take note of anything coming at you from Fiction, i.e., citations, returns from pretend Court File Clerks, pirates masquerading as judges etc., are either a stamped name – Liz. S (Court file clerk), or (citations, court orders)-ALL CAPS printed last name. Caged (jail) releases are actually marked “Matrix II.” I sh!t you not. The program is crashing.

    The following is to keep in mind – not that a Passport Agent is going to get all huffy.

    Autograph – one’s handwriting.
    Signature – The act of putting down one’s name at the end of an instrument to attest its validity, the name thus written. A “signature” may be written by hand, printed, stamped, typewritten, engraved, photographed, or cut from one instrument and attached to another, and a signature lithographed on an instrument by a party is sufficient for the purpose of signing it; it being immaterial with what kind of instrument a signature is made. Smith v. Greenville County, 188 S.C. 349, 199 S.E. 416, 419. Maricopa County v Osborn, 60 Ariz. 290, 136 P.2d 270, 274. And whatever mark, symbol, or device one may choose to employ as representative of himself is sufficient.
    Griffith v. Nonawitz, 73 Neb. 622. 103 N.W. 327, 339.

    Putting “By” before your “Autograph” means you are dealing “At Arm’s Length.”*
    Putting “Without Recourse,” “Without Prejudice,” “Under Protest,” “All Rights
    Retained,” “Under Duress” or the like, directly under one’s “Autograph” means
    that one party has no legal claim against another party. While this could work,
    the proper and Latin way to sign under duress is to ad a “V.C.” before your name,
    which stands for VIS COMPULSUVA –as: “compulsive force.” Force exerted
    by menaces or terror. So then, if someone uses force, threats or anything that
    compels you to sign something against your will, this should clearly indicate, as
    well as indict who the real terrorist is.

    If after several attempts they still refuse, there is a second method equally valid. It is called the use of ellipse. When the threat of intimidation or outright rejection of lawful protest is too great the use of three full stops placed first, followed by the signature so that the signature does not obscure the three dots. “ . . . “ and indicates that legally there was a form of words you wanted to state but were unable due to some event, in this case because of threat, duress, coercion.

    Signature is different from an Autograph in that Signature affirms a document, where an Autograph is merely one’s hand writing.

    *At arm’s length – Beyond the reach of personal influence or control. Parties said to deal “at arm’s length” when each stands upon the strict letter of his rights, and conducts the business in a formal manner, without trusting to the other’s fairness or integrity, and without being subject to the other’s control or overmastering influence.

  12. I appreciate this information and wanted to know any sources you can recommend to learn more, ie- books, websites , video, seminars, etc. Thanks

  13. Joseph,

    I don’t know more specifically about the Passport Application.

    I’ve belonged to ‘Administrate Your Public Servants’ group for about four years. Glenn Fearn runs the site, and has many, many videos on youtube that brings the puzzle pieces together.

  14. Michael,

    Yes I do know of several members of ‘Administrating Your Public Servants’ who have obtained one this way. I have no excuse for not doing this myself. When I had wheels, I wasn’t taking care of (this) business as I should have. Once you get the passport it’s all you’ll need to have on you. More better than carrying a State-owned commercial Drivers License identa-fiction. If you’re in the Seattle area, they process passports in one day. Perhaps other places do too. Call around. No appointment is necessary at many of the smaller Post Offices. Not all Post Offices provide this service, so do telephone.

    My on-going hassle is file/recording into the Public. Both at My County Recorder’s Office, as well as the Court File Clerk. So, if you run into any ‘Controlling’ Public Servants who enjoy making rules as they go, don’t hesitate to nicely ask them to show you the rule that would make what they say true. Question authority.

    For instance, the female at the Eureka Post Office needed to be educated about Federal military-territory Zip Codes. So I showed her (Zip Code Exempt) 18 USC § 1342. On my address, after the zip, I put -9998, effectively taking it out of a federal zone.

    These are small details, but the truth is in the details, and if you’re willing to dance with the devil, the truth can be teased out.


  15. Carly, ~from clear back April 23rd. You’ve no doubt figured out your question by now. I wouldn’t have been much help anyway. Online – is not much available to those of us who live under a canopy (redwoods).


    ~and to others who have posted comments – apologizes for delay. My Web connection is going helter-skelter.

    “How is it any different?” “To the . . . U.S. citizen one.” This is the crux of it. The Constitution (organic one) comes from the union states to the People. The Bill of Rights, which are Not amendments –the Bill of Rights didn’t ‘amend/change’ anything in the Constitution. The Bill of Rights has its own Preamble, and goes the other direction –from the People to their representatives. Remember, the Constitution (State Constitutions as well) adhere to those who take an Oath –not to We the People –you and me.

    I use the so-called 14th Amendment (remember the times that this was put into effect was to classify the freed slaves), as a tool on my docs – a State code “as per viewed through the 14th Amendment” – applying it to my Public Servants employed by U.S. Inc. I am not a corporation employee. I don’t work for McDonalds, I don’t have to follow McDonald’s rules.

    Some court citations:

    “The (14th) amendment referred to slavery. Consequently, the only persons embraced by its provisions, and for which Congress was authorized to legislate in the manner were those then in slavery.” Bowling v. Commonwealth, (1867), 65 Kent. Rep. 5, 29.

    “The term resident and citizen of the United States is distinguished from a Citizen of one of the several states, in that the former is a special class of citizen created by Congress.” U.S. v. Anthony 24 Fed. 829 (1873)

    “People of a state are entitled to all rights, which formerly belong to the King by his prerogative.” Lansing v Smith, (1829) 4 Wendell 9,20 (NY).

    “One sovereign does not need to tell another sovereign that he/she is sovereign. The sovereign is merely sovereign by his very existence. The rule in America is that the American people are the sovereigns.” Kemper v. State, 138 Southwest 1025 (1911)

    “The privileges and immunities clause of the 14th Amendment protects very few rights because it neither incorporates the Bill of Rights, nor protects all rights of individual citizens. Instead this provision protects only those rights peculiar to being a citizen of the federal government; it does not protect those rights which relate to state citizenship.” Jones v. Temmer, 89 F. Supp 1226

    “there is in our Political System, a government of each of the several states and a government of the United States Each is distinct from the other and has citizens of its own.” US vs. Cruikshank, 92 US 542,

    “A person who is a citizen of the United States is necessarily a citizen of the particular state in which he resides. But a person may be a citizen of a particular state and not a citizen of the United States**. To hold otherwise would be to deny to the state the highest exercise of its sovereignty, — the right to declare who are its citizens.” State v. Fowler, 41 La. Ann. 380 6 S. 602 (1889) [emphasis added]

    Gardina v. Board of Registers 48 So. 788, 169 Ala. 155 1909: “There are two classes of citizens, citizens of the United States and of the State. And one may be a citizen of the former without being a citizen of the latter.”

    “It will be admitted on all hands that with the exception of the powers granted to
    the states and the federal government, through the Constitutions, the people of
    the several states are unconditionally sovereign within their respective states.”
    Ohio L. Ins. & T. Co. v. Debolt, 16 How. 416, 14 L.Ed. 997.

    “The state citizen is immune from any and all government attacks and procedure, absent contract.” see, Dred Scott vs. Sanford, 60 U.S. (19 How.) 393 or as the Supreme Court has stated clearly, “…every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent.” CRUDEN vs. NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 2 S.E. 70. [emphasis added]

    “Every citizen & freeman is endowed with certain rights & privileges to enjoy which no written law or statute is required. These are the fundamental or natural rights, recognized among all free people.“ U.S. v. Morris, 125 F 322, 325.

    Pretty much whenever you see words shortened (California, to Calif. to CA.) its (a feeble attempt in my opinion) to bring it into Federal jurisdiction (jurisdiction=oath spoken). Which brings us to the 10th Article in the Bill of Rights – States rights ~hang on dear to this one.

    So the difference is, a passport that designates you (the living man or woman), as a non-citizen national, places you (on the record) among the living, breathing souls. As opposed to a Legalese (Not lawful) made-up Ficiton/ALL CAPS NAME Estate (on the Birth Certificate). It’s really a death certificate. As an ‘Estate’ implies there is a decedent. Take a look at all of the NAMES on the headstones in a cemetery.

    “Capitis Diminutio (meaning the diminishing of status through the use of capitalization) In Roman law. A diminishing or abridgment of personality; a loss or curtailment of a man’s status or aggregate of legal attributes and qualifications.”

    “Capitis Diminutio Maxima (meaning a maximum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. JOHN DOE or DOE JOHN) – The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights.” Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition [emphasis added]

    A U.S. Citizen has benefit privileges.
    A sovereign has rights.

    One only has the rights that one can assert.
    Becoming sovereign is not an event. It’s a lifestyle, a way of being.

    Again, apologies for this late reply.

  16. letting the agent scan my drivers license wasnt a bad thing right? I filled out everything else exactly that was stated above in the ds-11

  17. Beezo,

    Scanning Their drivers license is okay. We have to bend here and there to get what we want. I say ‘Their’ drivers license because it belongs to Caesar.

    Having a drivers license just makes you ready for Commercial driving – a Taxi cab, a bus, trucks hauling for-profit over the pubic roads.

    One more thing, whenever you apply for a drivers license or anything in commerce, be sure and reserve your rights by your signature – All Rights Reserved.

    Thanks for your comment/post.

  18. one last question when i do receive my passport how can i tell it worked or whats the difference between my old one and this new one? thanks for your response 🙂

  19. I received my passport book and passport card on the passport book on page 27 has a stamp saying -this passport is a replacement for a lost passport i just hoping they didnt try and tie my old passport to this new one i received and i dont see where american national is checked i dont even see where u.s. citizen is checked how can i make sure i did this whole process right and to make sure this is a non u.s. citizen citizenship

  20. Well crimany. Did forms change again? Look at the bottom, somewhere there will (or should) be a Rev. date.

    I could post in the ‘Documents’ section here, a home-made photo I.D., that then has to be Notary certified –something I carry, but I’m pretty hard-core after more than a decade going deeper down the rabbit hole. Or, a lengthy Declaration (of status and such), have a Notary attach a Jurat to it, send it Registered Mail to Secretary of State in the District of Criminals, and have a Passport issued from there with exactly what you want on it, as per your Declaration.

    It’s been ‘visitors’ week’ here, so let me see what we need to confirm for you the non-us citizen/American national status on your new passport. Maybe a tattoo? Kidding.

    Did you per chance keep a copy of the application?

  21. I still have the instruction Sheet that they tore off from the application and receipt and yes if you can let me know how I can check to see if everything went properly that would be awesome but if I have to get a tattoo right on my forehead I’ll do it!!! Hahaha

  22. I am a Widow of a war hero who went to Vietnam and exposed to Agent orange herbicide and have a DIC Award and a Dod I.D, card. (D.J.P.)

  23. Also, one might want to get the original state constitution and use that as well for evidence of a trust…

  24. formychildrenall7,

    Yes, yes, a Certified copy of your state’s Constitution from your Secretary of State. California’s is 19 pages handwritten – $9.49. By filing into a case in this way you are invoking common law – the “Trump’ card. I also have a 1997 L.A. court case that thoroughly backs-up the 1849 organic one.

    Below is my current litigation. (Names changed to protect the guilty)



    Queen, Forest Case Number DR 999999
    C/O 1000 High Blvd.
    Now-Here, California
    ‘Claimant’ 1849


    Evil Bitch
    Riverside Association, Inc.
    Order Taker
    Order Follower

    This is a court of record.

    1. Filed into the above litigation case number DR 999999, is a certified copy

    of the 1849 California Constitution, from the Secretary of State.

    2. Any interference in this claim by statutory courts, or statutory court officers who may

    interfere in the course of justice shall be included as co-accused subject to financial

    responsibility for any judgments or default judgments.

    3. Failure of the Accused to make a proper answer within the allotted time of the twenty

    (20) days from the date of service of the summons, will result in a default judgment

    and collection by distraint.

    DATED: July ___, 2015 THE COURT de jure

    Forest Queen

  25. I will be obtaining a passport in about 7 months. If anything I would appreciate help with this matter. I see its importance.
    Thank you!

  26. rebecca wick,

    I don’t know anymore than what has been posted. I do know that it’s a good idea to use it for Any identification. Most of the people I know who have their correct Passport do not carry a $tate-owned Driver$ (cattle drive) license Identi Fiction.

    Note, again, the last line on the Passport application about social security number says that it is voluntary. And further, it is a felony punishable up to 5 years for them to compel your social security number from you. See 42 USC 408 A-8.

    Citizenship cannot be forced on anyone without her/his consent. Since the black man was not a citizen at the time (of the so-called 14th Amendment), and therefore had no voice through the voting franchise in the un-ratified passing of the 14th , no consent was given. Thus, there was no “evidence” that citizenship was accepted or even wanted by all the blacks in America.

    Non-citizens are not subject to the domestic laws, civil or criminal, of this country.

    “Since in common usage, the term “persons” does not include the sovereign, statutes employing the phrase are ordinarily construed to exclude it.”
    United States v Fox, 94 USS 315.

    Civil and criminal man-made LAW generally begin with; “No person shall blah, blah, blah . .”

  27. How can I check to see if this whole process worked for my passport being that it doesn’t state if i am a u.s. citizen or a national is there a way of running my passport somewhere to see if it worked??

  28. Beezo,

    I asked on two groups (freedom community) and they said, “Not that i
    know of.”

  29. Great information – I appreciate your commitment to the cause.

    I have a quick question about getting the proper passport if you’ve already had a passport. Do I say I have not had a passport previously since the previous passport was for the STATUTORY PERSON and not the living human being, me?

    My passport expired last year and I have no ID and desperately need to go visit my mother who’s in her 70s and recuperating from cancer.

    Any advice would be greatly helpful.

  30. Shari Lynn Peterson,

    If you have had a previous passport, you’ll have to say that you are
    renewing it. Just fill it out correct this time – for the living, flesh
    and blood woman.

  31. Thanks for your response! The passport was lost and reported and then found. I just wasn’t sure if I should put that I have not had one before; I guess with your response I should not say that and say that I had one before (I just wasn’t sure if that would confuse things since I was not representing as the flesh & blood woman with the first one). 🙂

  32. My application was denied because of a felony warrant, I’m waiting for a hearing, and they are not going to refund my money for the passport!!

  33. ima gonna try it…but first ima gonna ask the nice lady at the consulate here what is required for the status of “non-citizen national” and see what comes out of the horses mouth.

  34. thesovereign1,

    I strongly suggest that you have a witness or two with you, and/or a tape recorder. Get name and blood type too 🙂

  35. i thank you for your tireless efforts over the years…you were actually the first one to inspire me.

  36. thesovereign1,

    ~no mary here. Perhaps you’re referring to Mary Elizabeth Croft? Iff so, yes, she was and is a great inspiration. I think Mary Croft is in
    Canada. I’m in Northern California.

  37. thesovereign1

    We are all cosmic beings of love, light, creativity and expansion. Having been in Sing Sing, err Chowchilla (for sales of course) – a mere 90 days, and not having my youngest in the flesh anymore, brings me to . . . there’s nothing They can do to me -ever- that would come close to that deep loss, or being caged/warehoused.

    You want a body name i suppose?

    Linda Cassara

  38. well i am pleased to make your acquaintance linda. Allen-Nelson of the Boisjoli family here. have a wonderful week.

  39. Divine love to the righteous,

    I am actively pursuing information in regards to this process, and graciously thank all who participate in this forum. I haven’t heard of anyone provide information pertaining to what accompanying documents you need for the process of obtaining a passport as a non citizen national. I have rescinded and returned the drivers license 2 years ago and have nothing with my face on it as Identification. I’m also wondering if presenting a birth certificate nullifies this process. If so what documents could be presented in its place. I appreciate in advance, any and all with information in regards to this remedy. In closing I was also looking into the travel services provided by as well and am wondering if anyone had any information on that, as I haven’t been successful with verifying anything as of yet.

    In honor
    :by I am,

    :bey, :ashmu-heru

  40. “Divine love to the righteous.” ~Nice.

    Birth certificate shouldn’t cause anyone who is ‘declaring’ a non-U.S. citizen status. The passport is more to set the record straight. None of us are or have ever been a U.S. Citizen.

    Isn’t there a local travel agent near you? I haven’t traveled for ages. When I did, I had a travel agent. I’m sure there’s many cheap ticket sites online. Generally, anything with in the web address –I don’t go to it. My 2 cents.

  41. Am currently in the process but received a letter from the National Passport Center stating that the information provided ( birth certificate{ citizenship} and voter registration {proof of address}) was not sufficient; they request 5 more photocopies of personal documents which are 5 years or older. A requirement that IS NOT on the original application. I have 90 days to respond, dated Oct. 28.
    I do not have a drivers license, my old passport was lost in a fire…of the 31 forms of acceptable documentation only 3 do not require submission of a SS# (birth certificate, voters registration, union card) What are my options when I have only three documents over 5 years old a requirement NOT posted on the application ?

  42. Update – I talked to no less than 4 telephone reps over the past few days trying to find remedy. Each rep. insisted that travel was a privilege, not a right as well as reminding me of the severe penalties (felonies) that may result from with holding information and if I did not submit the requested documents along with a lost or stolen report( DS-64 ) , I would not be receiving a passport.

    Each time I spoke to them I pointed out that in order to provide the necessary documentation at least 28 out of the 31 pieces of acceptable documentation that they requested would in effect require me to voluntarily commit a felonious act ( 42 USC 408 A-8) in order to comply. Including the application form and DS-64 which both openly request the SS#. I asked if they wished to further speak of penalties ; I was told another rep would get in touch.

    By the time I got to the last rep. I was ready for the usual story of “… travel is not a right but a privilege… ” My immediate response was – “People of a state are entitled to all rights, which formerly belong to the King by his prerogative.” Lansing v Smith, (1829) 4 Wendell 9,20 (NY).

    I was put on hold for nearly 40 minutes and then told another rep. would contact me.

    Today, just after I made my above comment , I saw the mail carrier drive off. Another package from the State Department… but this was different. They were no longer asking for further documentation ; they simply stated that the “lost or stolen’ form DS-64 needs to be received before issuing me a NEW PASSPORT !

    I realize this isn’t over till it’s over but I wanted you to know that this post has helped one person to get a bit closer to their goal ; a very heart felt , THANK YOU

  43. Heavens,

    Thank you so much for the update. Good for you. Perseverance (action) coupled with knowledge pays off!

    One other thing that we can use is name and date of births recorded in a Bible -stands as fact in a court of record.

  44. Forestqueen,
    Here is where I’m at, I applied in July and I was informed that my application was denied because of a felony warrant, I requested a hearing verifying different things and they did was just sent me back my birth certificate. What’s the best advice you think I should do.?

  45. I’m all for local face to face court filing. It seems though, you should be able to telephone and/or go to wherever this warrant is supposed to be, and get it cleared up. I’d try this first – be persistent – take names, and get it in writing. Look how long and how many times that heaven (comments above) stayed on the telephone. He prevailed!

  46. I filled out everything exactly as stated and mailed in my current passport that was to expire Feb 2016. Got the new passport with no issues 5 1/2 weeks later with no hassle and not expedited. I checked no on the application that I had not had one before. They did send me a letter saying I had one and if lost or stolen I need to renew. Since I had it, I immediately mailed it to them. No issues.. You want to do a new application not renew your old. It is all about what you claim on the new application.

  47. I have not tried using it for any purpose yet as I am still trying to find out if it is true that this process does claim you as a State Citizen. I am thinking of sending off for the certified application as shown here. Hopefully this will verify the status.

    This is somewhat old so you will need to change the address and make check for 50 instead of 30. And change the UCC1-207 to 308. Also add the passport issue date. I seriously hope the process makes you a State Citizen.

  48. Now I am interested in changing the BC from NAME to Name. What difference does this make exactly? Other than looking like you are going from a corporate name to a natural person name? Is it better to get the COLB? And how would you go about doing that?

  49. rayres74

    On the back of most BC there’s a place to correct errors – from JOHN DOUGH DOE to John Dough Doe. If it were for your children, I’d say it couldn’t hurt to correct the NAME Game fraud. But for myself, with the spectacle of FICTION in free-fall spin of obliteration, I wouldn’t bother. The @System@ is broken. Same as the COLB – I just wouldn’t waste my time. But then I have plenty of instrument/documents filed into this current court case (I’m claimant) that clearly states my position (and Theirs). The truth has to be repeated over and over, so I’m sure I’ll use the same docs when I file more cases. – We should be filing a case a week –bring the criminals and thieves to justice! Clear the Administration Buildings (labeled courthouses) of those who have brought us to this place of despair.

    Here’s a link to lots of excellent up-to-date info. As you read through them, together with what you know, you’ll draw your own conclusions and decide what step(s) to take for yourself (and family).

  50. Curious if Rayres74 had any luck with the State Citizen verification.

    Also, any recommendations on what to do when surrendering your current passport to them? I’d hate to give it up and wait for an undisclosed amount of time for a replacement or to get denied. I’d essentially be cutting of my own wings.

  51. Regarding Step #3:
    Form DS-11 09-2013 only allows for 2 letters for the state abbreviation in both the mailing and permanent address, thus preventing the full name of state to be written out.

  52. I don’t have a previous passport. If I did, I’d go to a notary and have him or her make copies of each page, then have him or her sign a Certified form (they have it, you fill it out and autograph), that it is a true copy of the original. They staple it on top of the copy.

    ANY corporation form that I fill out (few and far between), I fill it out to My specifications. If under duress (their insistence), I’d go ahead and put in CA with three dots after it. CA . . . –meaning that you were forced to use an abbreviation of your State’s republic form -without your consent.

    Usually it’s not more than a three-week time frame from the time you apply.

  53. Hi forestqueen,

    I am on the same path as others contributing to this blog. Having read all of the responses it is not clear if the new passport’s differentiate between U.S. Citizen or American National. I obtained mine in 2013 and no place is there the differentiation of those statuses.

    If in fact that is the case, as in no such designation, what would be the value of obtaining a new passport styled in the manner you are describing. Is it possible it is somehow coded into the passport through the letters and number sequence located underneath the picture?



  54. Net,

    Not coded. American national is also state citizen. The psychopaths
    keep making-up words, scrambling sentences and constantly re-defining
    words (such as terrorism) -it keeps the living on their toes. If Judge
    Anna can’t get a passport, i’m not so sure any of us can. When it comes
    down to it, whether it’s filing documents, 1040’s, or getting a
    passport, there is no iron-clad guarantee. All there is, is you, your
    Creator, and the resources provided you.

    I go thru a song and dance every time i file a new case in their
    collapsed ‘courts’ – and it’s the same guy at the counter each time. I
    know these cases won’t go anywhere. It’s so bad out there. They’re all
    feeding off of the fraud and enjoying it.

  55. Since USA is a federal incorporated term used for deception purposes by the fedasses, and the term USA is followed by my name on the coding located under my picture, is it possible that term is removed once an application is submitted in the manner you state?

    I would think they cannot just remove the distinction at their own whim, but then again……….
    they all do think they are god.


  56. pylongroupcal/Net

    ~just curious –is there a small printed Rev. date on your passport?
    Usually on the bottom left corner of a page. Now I’ll have to go check
    to see if the applications have been ‘revised.’ The corporates are quick
    to shift the make-believe print.

    Off topic – look in your newspaper at the ‘Legal’ notices. I see that
    the Trustees are now ‘Duly Appointed” to help the Beneficiary in the
    ‘foreclosure’ sale of Trust Deeds (the paper, not the place). And the
    Fictitious Business Name notices no longer have a date the business
    began. They all state – Not Applicable –and are filed in the County
    Clerk’s office. Honestly, I think the names and businesses are a front
    for the County leasing back from itself. Population decreases, corporate
    government service employees increase. In better times we would invite the traitors to a Town Hall meeting and show up with scythes and pitchforks.

  57. No revision date that I can find. Please expound the ‘legal notices’ a bit more i.e. leasing back from itself, obviously for profit I assume at the expense of the unincorporated?

    Do you happen to know how to determine what all the coding on a passport is saying?



  58. Net,

    I’m wading thru the COUNTY’S Annual Financial Report (CAFR), hardly
    ‘Comprehensive’ anymore, trying to pin-point these abominable Leases
    that are buried in ‘creative accounting’ – it’s a big chunk of the
    massive fraud –on a national level. I just happened to look at the
    details in the long list of Fictitious business names and the
    foreclosure sales -more than coincidence. I’m trying to get enough
    evidence to put it together in my head. If you’re interested in exposing
    unfathomable corruption at the local root go to Walter Burien’s website for complete explanations.

    The coding on the passport –I don’t know. All Codes are copyright
    protected. This is what citations and trumped-up charges are really
    about – trespassing on copyright. It’s all fraud, deceit and illusion.

  59. Forest queen, my brother and I recently (January 2016) requested true, certified copies of the Certificates of Live Birth for my brother and my dad, as I was making the point of them having ‘Northern Banknote Company’ or ‘American Banknote Company’ in the lower left corner.
    When they showed up, they did indeed have ‘Northern Banknote Company’ on both, as well as being on some form of security paper or bond, that when you try to copy or scan, shows up “VOID” all ever the paper.
    For a different reason, we ordered mine, the same exact way, true, certified copy, paid the $25 to the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and when it showed up in March ( had it sent to my brother, in San Jose) my brother scanned it in and sent it to me. Interestingly, when I opened it on my computer, there was no “void”, even though when ha had scanned his and my dad’s and sent them to me, they did show up the ‘Void’.
    A week later, my brother brought up the originals to Sonoma county, and upon looking closely, all three are on engraved border, embossed seal paper, but, unlike my dad’s and my brothers, my borders are a different design, and my cert does NOT have the ‘VOID” when you copy it, and it does NOT have Northern Banknote Company or any other copyright claim on the cert anywhere.
    Have you seen this before?

    I can’t post the picture on the comments, but can send to an email address, if you haven’t seen this before. Only difference is I have sent copies of an “Affirmation: Proof of Identity, Allegiance, Domicile and Claim of Sovereign Status on Soil of California Republic as Identification” to the Secretary of State of both the US and State of California, as well as the AG of both.
    We called Vital Statistics to ask about the difference, and the clerk said he’d have to get his supervisor, who then told us he would get back to us within two days. We didn’t hear back, so we called them. Now, they will not talk to us at all. ; )
    What do you suppose it means?

  60. gary,

    de ja vue –I just got back from Sonoma County. No, I haven’t seen what
    you describe before. I’m too interested! And would appreciate your
    emailing to me a pix/scan/shot-of the two (three) certified copies of
    COLB ‘s. How to get my email to you? I’d rather not post it publicly here.

    Just thinking, it is odd that two show as ‘void’ and one doesn’t. I’ve
    only seen an original COLB -they have bank stamps on them from all
    around the globe.

    It’s soooo wacky ‘out there’ right now. No check and balance, debit/credit happening. No logic in the Nazi newspapers from one paragraph to the next -let alone within a sentence. So, hard to say about the ‘void’ on two and not on yours. I can feed this to some of the genius people i know -they’ll amazingly come up with an explanation.

    more just thinking . . .i telephone-ordered Humboldt’s legislative inc.
    doc from 1879, 2-3 weeks ago from SOS -hasn’t arrived. Usually they’re
    right on it.

  61. my email is same as you replied to here: applescence at g mail dot com. I can show you the pics by email, as I could not figure how to put the pic in the response.​

  62. The passport laws apply to u.s. citizens applying for a passport, but they dont apply to non-u.s. citizens applying for a certificate of non-u.s. citizen status see

    I would put an affidavit of intention showing why you are not a U.S. citizen, why there are state citizens and u.s. citizens and that it is you intention to get be a Californian or Texan and not a u.s. citizen and that you never were a u.s. citizen. I have the proofs.
    Once you attach the affidavit and proof of identity you have the information they need to process it and you can honestly state that your sworn statement “without the United States” (and per the laws of the United States of America (28 USC §1746 (1) -without the United States) are true per your research.

    There are better approaches than this available for donations to some who have good results but, i dont see why the one above would fail to give the results.
    Getting a certified copy from the secretary of state of all the documents submitted is garunteed.
    that is why its important to put in the affidavit so you will get a certified public record stamped and sealed from the Secretary of State , that is admissible in any court without testimony as not being hear say evidence and from the federal government, that granted your passport ON THE BASIS OF YOUR APPLICATION SHOWING YOU ARE NOT A UNITED STATES CITIZEN.

    see why the federal government has no jurisdiction in any state here:

  63. andy jackson,

    Excellent comment/post. True enough – there is/are more than one way to skin a hide. I have an affidavit (commerce), or declaration (common law) you speak of. I also have a one-page home made I.D. Then, there’s the fact that none of us EVER was (or are) a U.S. citizen (process of ‘nationalization’ or born in the District of Criminals). Our parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, you and me are going thru this “Identity theft” maze based on their ‘presumption.’ Just like being labeled a Taxpayer. He who assumes/presumes has the burden of providing the evidence.

    I have plenty filed into the public, via court cases, regarding my status. Another way would be to go to a public meeting (Supervisors/County), and during open forum, start off with: “On and for the record, I, (first and last name) accept each of your oaths and secure them to you (statutory to constitution). I hereby declare on and for the public record, that I AM woman (or man), in the flesh -an eyewitness with first hand knowledge. I, (first and last name) have not been, am not now, and at no time in the future will I claim or acknowledge any presumption/burden/label/status, of an un-ratified 14th amendment U.S. citizen slave. If anyone has a valid claim that says otherwise, bring it forth here and now – or forever hold your peace.” Thank you for your time and attention. –Maybe have your statement, valid claim on paper – notary presentment – copies – give them to the Supes. Here in Humboldt County (according to their current rules), we submit seven of whatever it is they must acknowledge. Keep the original. I pay an extra $10 to a Notary Public to certify that the copy is a true copy of the original.

    Six years ago, had the counter trolls in the public records office performed their Public Servant duty, by recording my documents, I wouldn’t still be going through the hassle today. Public Servants (Executive branch) are there to record – Not evaluate (Judicial branch).

    I could post the one-page home made I.D. doc, and/or a declaration to send to the SOS along with passport application if anyone would like to see them. Keep in mind that we’re living in bazaar-mixed-up-crazy-insane times. Judge Anna still hasn’t received her passport, or her husband, or her son. I don’t know if I’d put much hope on any SOS (Secretary of State, Not Secretary of nation), or any of the impersonators of Public Servants we’re dealing with today. No freeman/woman has to carry an I.D. Jesus didn’t. Gandhi didn’t. I’m much more into the ‘privately held company(s)” (see – auditor, assessor, tax collector, police, sheriff, supes, city council – All of the minions- providing their bona fide evidence as to Who they are. You’ll soon realize that the Offices are all vacant! Cartoons in a cartoon graveyard.

    ~we are the ones we’ve been waiting for – Hopi.

  64. Forest queen, in addition to the BCs (COLBs?) I can also tell you how to get your documents recorded (actually first suggested to me by Andy Jackson), as I just got mine done, after both Shasta and Sonoma counties refused to record them. applescence@gmail dot com

  65. If judge Anna is having a problem, ( not knowing what it is) I suggest she contact the local congressman or senator. My local servant (although my voter reg is revoked, but they dont need to know that) said if I didn’t receive it after 6 weeks they would do a written inquiry to the passport office. I know someone who had to do that and they got theirs the next day after the complaint after 6 months of no passport. Just FYI. They then have to show cause why they are refusing it and I.D. is what I would consider the only real issue if you have a B.C. showing birth on state land and the parents were/are also state born. If they refuse demand a due process hearing. I was reading that the Passport agency issued a passport and then revoked it and demanded it back without reason. The guy demanded a due process hearing, and they refused. he sued. The court said once they decided he was a citizen and issued the passport the ONLY REASON they could have to revoke it was if they could show fraud on the application and that they were required to have due process hearing and explain their reasons. Interestesting…. Anyway , we trudge on.

  66. andy jackson,

    “we trudge on” Isn’t that the truth? Sludging and trudging.

    I just came across something I saved in my ‘shared’ folder years ago.
    I’ll have my poster girlfriend (Goddess) put it on my blog. for us.
    Looks like I have the entire step-by-step instructions. (Note from ‘poster girlfriend’ – the document is called THE PURPOSE AND ORIGIN OF TOWNSHIP)

  67. You may want to listen here to this guy KW. very interesting. its all about citizen of the United States status.
    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

  68. all zeros for SSN. and the attendent actually wrote that in for me once we went over the instructions. they paused for a min at my signature seal. but the supervisor understood my explanation that it was a forgery prevention meathod…

  69. so i used ‘in care of’ for the address and signed by: signature “all rights reserved” then signature stamp/seal. i’ll let this blog know when i get it. mail strike here about to happen, so it might take some time to return.

  70. If this passport method is NOT working for you, contact me and I will pass your email or phone number on to someone who can help you gt it done. He will contact you.

    If your passport says “replacement for lost or stolen passport”, you do NOT have a passport for a “national” (NEVER use “non-citizen national” or “American national”, and it is just a US citizen passport.

  71. The coppermoonshinestills approach is flawed. The killer is the sworn statement on the bottom of the DS 11 (along with a few other things). First off you are swearing you are a “citizen or non-citizen national of the United States.”… right there, you have declared yourself a 14th amendment U.S. citizen because under the INA section 101 (a) 22 :the term “national of the Unite States” means (A) a citizen of the Unies States, or (B) a personwho though not a citizen of the United States , owes permanent allegiance to the United States. Whereas 101 (a) 21 The Term “National” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.
    So… unless you did something to remove that sworn statement on the DS 11 it stands that you are a United States citizen as that is how they will interprete it and you will have no proof to the contrary.

  72. you cannot cross out or alter the passport application in ANY way, and it says so right on it.
    You have to attach an “explanatory statement”, which Andy Jackson likes to do in the form of an affidavit, and ‘correct’ the traps on the form. Andy has pointed out a few of the traps and there may be more. DO NOT ass-u-me that coppermoonshinestill’s site will work, because it is basically okay, but missing a lot of other information you have to provide, or explain, in your “explanatory statement”, IF you actually want to receive the passport (really a ‘certificate of national status, provided in the form of a passport’) showing the status you have been led to believe it will.

  73. Andy Jackson, other commentors & readers,

    The thread “Silver Bullet to Your Rights” was posted 2 years ago this
    August. You are correct in what you say. As we go along the path,
    observing and learning and applying, we see that there are so many
    sneaky semantic deceit words/definitions, that it becomes obvious that
    they are being used to keep us enslaved. As does the social security
    number or birth date or address –and of course the ALL CAPS NAME. It’s
    vast. There are over 75 definitions in the USCode for United States.

    There isn’t any magic paperwork – we have to talk the walk. The last
    time I was in a ‘courtroom,’ a visiting male in a black robe was there.
    I was all prepared for defense. He said a couple of times that he had
    read my documents –so he knew my status. Twice he openly offered me the
    chance to Stand –as I should have. It took me by surprise, threw me off
    what I was prepared for. ~I never have a Plan “B” (over confident). I
    kept going over that “there are no Real parties of interest here –this
    is not due process.” I’m making the statement, but not saying/giving the
    command/order that would bring it full circle to a conclusion. Expecting
    him to do his Judge thing. But, he’s not a Judge. “Sign my contract,”
    would have brought the case to fruition.

    Yeah, we can’t use fraud to get out of fraud. The @System@ forms are
    used to keep us entertained/running in circles in the Matrix, as we pay
    something for nothing to the governMental services employees, doing
    their useless jobs, to pass out the forms.

    I keep wondering if Gary(?) in Santa Rosa got his truck and tools back.
    He had recorded his status –which is all good. But then like me, he
    expected the words to do the duty. Then we find out it doesn’t work that
    way. “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it
    never will.” Frederick Douglass. We must say what’s on our mind to
    express our power (life over the dead).

  74. IF you get the passport in the right status, it pretty much stops most of the bad stuff. hardest part is getting the passport, but it IS do-able. Andy has one, as does a couple of his friends and acquaintances, just takes a little perserverance and the desire, and, as you say, we must take control of their ‘offer’, and do the right thing with it.It all appears to be about NOT giving them an opportunity to take any other path than the one we want them to take. It IS possible. : )

  75. Gary won his case (more or less) and got it handled without trial (up to 3 years in jail). He got his truck back and tools back and is happy about the results except for the fraud and wrongs done to him. I filed a criminal complaint against all involved and sent it off to governor, A.G., judicial performance and Supreme court presiding judge. The judge changed her rude criminal attitude completely and it was lets make a deal.

  76. Andy Jackson,

    Such good news about Gary . . . evidentially I’m too stuck on insisting that remedy be brought about at local level. Thanks for pointing me in a different direction. All that’s happening here in Humboldt is spinning crazily out of control. ‘Drug’ busts daily, guns confiscated, and vigilantes in Garberville.

    Since the alleged Supervisors waved their wand the end of January -after 20 years- they ‘passed’ the Commercial Medical Marijuana Land [use] Ordinance- giant corporations have bought up thousands of acres, paying ridiculous prices, pumping the rivers down to water ‘terraced’ hillsides. These out-of-state intruders are not the ones being busted –not even those who run generators all night lighting up the dark canyons. Tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend, elect, elect, elect, fills the local media papers and radio broadcasts.

    So, I’ll be sending my litigation documents as Exhibits attached to complaint, to: governor, judicial performance, and Supreme Court
    presiding judge.

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