August 14, 2014                                                                          (please see video on this site).

This shows the REAL reason for the California drought (along with chemtrails, of course). It is AMAZING that hurricane Julio is still shown on the visible satellite, but it DOESN’T EXIST ANYMORE. The other three satellite images prove that it was destroyed by a HAARP downburst of dry air, on August 13, but on the next day, the visible satellite image is still showing it, like nothing happened.

The tropical depression Julio was killed before it could be pulled over to California, by the jetstream. This would have brought tons of rain to California, and Oregon, but it is now destroyed, so the California drought is extended another month.

The Gakona HAARP kills EVERY low pressure system, while it is still over the Pacific, before it can bring rain to the west coast. Several of my videos prove this is happening, so to hide the breakup of this strong tropical depression, they killed it when it was 2,000 miles from California.

It was killed, very suddenly, over a six-hour period, for no apparent reason, while spinning over warm water, and no jet-stream to tear it apart. To avoid the suspicion that HAARP did it, they decided to STILL show it on the satellite maps, even though it is GONE!!!

Tropical Depression Julio was not killed by traveling over cold water. The video shows the sea surface temperature map, and Julio was killed over 80 degree water (27.5 C – sorry in the video, I mistakenly said 25.5).

The HAARP outflow boundary was clearly seen in this video, and this expanding ring is proof of a HAARP downburst of dry air. The roll cloud, or “smoke ring” of dry air, is caused by the edge of the descending air getting “squashed” out, and begins to roll, like a rolling pin smoothing a pie crust. This roll cloud has a lot of momentum, and it can persist for hours, as we see in this video. From the start of the HAARP downburst, it was four hours before the roll cloud was visible at the edge of the hurricane.

The oval shape of the HAARP downburst has a long axis pointing directly to the Gakona HAARP transmitter. This is a very long way for the Alaska transmitter to reach, so it had to have a heavy mass of chemtrails half way, to act as a reflector, to bounce the radio energy almost all the way to Hawaii.

It is a rare treat to see the HAARP downburst ring anymore. When I first started making these videos in February, 2014, EVERY single HAARP downburst had a clear ring around it. Now, all the satellite maps are photo shopped to hide the HAARP evidence. Also, all the chemtrails are edited out of the Rapidshare Nasa images, and all the satellite weather maps. This is fraud.

This is really sickening, that the weather profiteers can put LIES on the satellite images, to hide their organized crime RACKETEERING, with NO fear of retribution.

People in California need to call for state hearings on this, and get experts to testify publicly, on how every Pacific low pressure “magically” disappears before reaching California.

People all over America need to demand congressional hearings on the reality of weather warfare, now that this activity is becoming so obvious.

This video is amazing, and I hope you will forward it to everyone who is affected by drought, or geo-engineered aerosols.

The people of California must start talking about who is buying up their private water rights. You will find many land-owners have sold out, for large sums of money, and the people who bought those rights are the prime suspect in the man-made California drought.

You people in California can end your drought, by getting organized politically, and using a free Ap to track chemtrails, and then map them onto a free website. I predict that within two months of putting up a free Ap, and a website to track chemtrails, your drought will end.

I believe that the videos on my channel have had a huge beneficial effect on the climate of Texas, and probably the whole country, as the HAARP operators are now more concerned about runaway global warming, than they are about cashing in on their portion of Texas, and California, water rights.

This whole HAARP program needs to go public, just like many hidden technologies of the past have done. All of these were declassified: radar, night vision, GPS, CDMA, and resulted in benefits for the world. It is time for HAARP to emerge into the public domain, so the BEST minds, NOT THE GREEDIEST SCUMBAGS, can use it to preserve life on Earth, as long as possible.

Enough preaching, figure out some way you can get involved, and get going! You folks in California CAN end your drought.


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