U.N.’s AGENDA 21

Genocide, labeled Sustainable Development

The Trader’s September 9th issue has an article on page 29 titled “Forestry Stewardship Council Audit Determines Fate of Mattole Redwood Forests.”  Really?  Is this Council elected? Did we the people grant them authority to make ANY ‘Legal’ determination for us? Or the land and forests that are being destroyed every day in Humboldt? Are some people giving away their power (Yikes!) when they attend these meetings by perceiving Fiction to be fact? Does any external authority possess rights that you and i don’t?

Think bigger. That we are not equal is primitive thinking of primitive man.

Does Banana Republic clothing company that transformed into Humboldt Lumber Company really own the land? I mean, did they buy it with gold or silver, or worthless privately printed foreign I.O.U’s, labeled Federal Reserve Notes? How was title transferred? By a ‘color of law’ deed title? Is Humboldt Lumber Company aiding and abetting the U.N. enemy?

Is this what our founders and hundreds of thousands of men lived, fought, and died for? So that we would turn our back on the greatest document ever written? Is the U.N. not a foreign jurisdiction? i.e., foreign to the law of the land. The sky is not falling, but our rights are being @systematically@ eroded. Attending bogus meetings of regional unelected bodies pushing their global Agenda down our throats is an act in futility. This is a fraudulent scheme with plans underway for a giant land grab, not an environmental issue, that is a ruse. It’s about controlling our society and our lives, curtailing our freedoms, and altering our fundamental right to own property. Why are unelected regional agencies dictating how and where we will live in the future?

Our elected Public Servants involved in this are violating Article I Section 10 of the Constitution -“No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance or Federation . . .with a foreign power.” ICLEI (the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) is responsible for injecting international climate, land use and other policies (NOT law) into local Corporations, labeled Government.

Regionalism is taking over and the result will be loss of local control for the people. When you see the words ‘Policy,” “Custom,” “Practice,” know that the Constitution is being trampled on in an effort to destroy private rights.

Realize that the better things don’t really come out of committees, present-day managing, or any other arrangement that heads off the capability, sight, and own activity of individuals. If Americans abdicate our freedom to an international order, we will never get it back.


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