~since this queen deals with Corporatism’s purveyors-of-nonsense in my own backyard, I’m quite experienced at it. So this is nothing personal, just business.

Since sovereigns are unlawfully forbidden from recording into the Public upstairs in the Recorder’s Office . . .

“ON and for the Record to JOHN BARTHOLOMEW, Humboldt Inc’s Treasurer and Tax Collector: The ALL CAPS NAME on Your offer to contract “Property Tax Bill” is Not me. The only thing happening on planet Earth is contract. How many years have I asked You JOHN BARTHOLOMEW, to provide evidence for your claim? i.e., My signature on a contract agreeing to pay a perpetual Tax on {personal} property to a Public Corporation that supports war on nature. It’s like buying a pair of shoes and paying a yearly Tax on them to some imagined power. In other words i, ME, My self, never granted authority to You JOHN BARTHOLOMEW, to use a NAME that phonetically sounds like mine, in Commerce. As well, it’s Mail Fraud to use the united States Post Office to threaten, harass, and intimidate any one of the people to bow-down-bend-over Compliance –for a non-existent contract!!! File/Recording False Documents carries a hefty penalty John.

You’re either a Statist or you’re not. There is no between.

I want to thank Rick Brennan of Eureka for his excellent ‘Letter to the Editor,’ in September 18th’s North Coast Journal, regarding the Supe’s continued raiding of the Public Treasury. The beginning is near. The sleeple are about to connect the last dot of the Corporate U.S. Democratic Matrix bubble. The “transparent” bubble of fraud, deceit and illusion, that anyone with seven or more brain cells can clearly see –when they look. Let me say here that i have many good Public Servants –not of the elected type. Maybe one.

But the blame is on ‘we the people’s’ inaction. Evil exists because our images are distorted. The ancient Beast rising again is not here for us to change it. The ancient Beast is here to ignite change in we the people. Nevertheless, i’ll give it another hint: How many of you five impersonators of Public Servants are willing to take an oath to the Constitution for the united States of America? IFF you foolishly beLIEve that the certified copies i have of your “Affirmed” oaths hold any substance, think again. Each one of you “Affirmed” an oath (Jesus called this an Oath of the head), to a U.S. Constitution. Can anyone of you five Supervisors produce evidence, a document that is labeled U.S Constitution?   Otherwise, voting is like a dog returning to its own vomit. You five believe, think, talk, and act in out-dated, in-the-crypt, slave-speak, that has no place in the twenty-first century. No thing on your State-generated Agenda has anything to do with law –the law of the land. Hence, you persons carry-on in your Matrix bubble of illusion reality –ordinances, codes, rules and regulations delivered by THE State. I don’t know who or what you persons believe the state to be. But you’re looking at it whenever you see any one or more of we the people. That we are not equal is a primitive belief of primitive man.

As well, please bring forth a bona fide claim that we the people Ever delegated authority to you five to extort our rights and wealth via misconveyance of language.  “Deputy” to UNDER >>>a no-value word) Sheriff has brought us here in Humboldt – the National Guard, the FEDERAL Bureau of Investigation, a military-trained SWAT team, and drones.

Deputy, unlawfully labeled Under Sheriff, Billy Honsel and used-to-be Supe., Jimmy Smith, babble-on about Measure Z on the radio. A Commercial, paid for by we the people, to tax ourselves!!! Can you say warring against the Constitution?

Whoever expects Me to abide by man-made rules, you must step-up to the Republic also.

Perhaps some of the people wonder about the $4-million-over the so-called “Budget” amount (mentioned in Rick Brennan’s letter) being spent on what’s labeled “Mental Health.” “Mental Health” has no foundation in science, just collusion $ecrecy.  Can you say hoax?

AntiChrist&Christ“1 in 6 American Children Has A Developmental Disability.” ONE in SIX!!! Did we the people Ever delegate, to a Satanic genocide-supporting External Authority, permission to express our power regarding the health of our earthly bodies? Are any one of you COME GET YOUR FLU SHOT Rulers licensed in the medical profession? “I have not the least doubt in my mind that vaccination is a filthy process that is harmful in the end.” Gandhi. Can you say vaccine-autism fraud?

Putting God Move Over (GMO) on a ballot, at the people’s expense of course, is a weak $ideway$ move. Silently, billions of bees are dying off and our entire food chain is in danger. People gathered signatures about toxic Frankenfood . . . republic California state spoke. What do you five Supes. not understand about the word No? The N or the O?

To any fool who beLIEves that “LEGALIZING” nature has any lawful basis in the real world . . . I have some condos on Jupiter for sale.

Every one of humankind wants to be free to think and act. The only thing that’s ever stopped them is ancient political @Systems@. Politics – poly=many, ticks=blood suckers.

The world’s biggest problem is that people believe they are powerless.

Humanity’s awakening is assured, inevitable, and unavoidable.

This document originated from a Humboldter’s jurisdiction, outside of the Matrix.  Do not trespass.

May peace prevail on Earth.”

Forest queen

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