~for William Holmes–we miss you, Bill.

Although language can always be analyzed as a commodity, its salience as a resource with exchange value has increased with the growing importance of language in the globalized new economy under the politickal economic conditions of late Corporate Capitalism.

Repetitive Word Religion                                                                                            (Boring Crony Corporate Government $lave-$peak)

Does anyone else sometimes count the words that have no value in any new, new, newspaper? Example: The North Coast Journals’ OFFICER INVOLVED –Inside EPD’s protocol, by Thadeus Greenson. In this somewhat brief dis-information article, the words Policy Police is repeated ten times. Protocol Practice seven times. Policy police, and protocol practice words, used in connection with killing one of We the people, doesn’t fit and, have no place in the 21st century.

Iff the Police Chief doesn’t know what to do, iff the Mayor doesn’t know what to do, it is of certain Not on the District A’s job description. The weak purveyors of nonsense fall further down the abyss, and they want to drag you and me down there with them.We The People Pic

I have two words – Due Process. And four more – common law Grand Jury.

Did this {military-trained} officer not take an oath to the Constitution and republic California state Constitution? Hmmmm?   It’s either for-profit Corporate Commerce (policy police, protocol practice), or it’s the law of the land. It can’t be both.

Change the Definition Religion

What is the value of the word Deputy as compared to the two words Under $heriff? (Supe’s Agenda item July 15, 2014).   Downey was an “Under Sheriff” according to Thadeus Greenson of the NCJ.   Faction or Fiction? How can that be iff we were just impregnated with the words “Under Sheriff” BULLoney two months ago?

Regulate it First, Learn About it Never

Looks like Fiction added another ‘activated’ committee –a Critical Incident Response Team –beecause –the boys have no boulders. Face it. As the fit hits the shan Sheriff D bows down and bends over to THE State(?), the National Guard and the FBI. How comforting is that? Where does Downey’s people-delegated authority to unlawfully call in the NATIONAL Guard come from? What rule, regulation, or code permits him to take such action?   Does his job description not include Posse Comitatus? Does he not know how to train the villagers to protect us from foreign or domestic enemies?

Policy Police Chief Mills “assigned the D.A’s Office a co-lead designation.” Beecause –no boulders, so he assumes a position without evidence for his claim. Mills said, “The D.A.’s Office will ultimately make the determination of whether officers broke the law.”

Really? Truly? Factually?

Well, no, no and no. For one, the D.A.’s Office can’t think, speak, or write and wouldn’t recognize law if it could. The decision is for Thomas McCain’s family to make.

Drew J. Tracy, is a former cop (C.O.P –is originally an acronym for citizens on patrol), and (drum roll) Prez. of Fiction’s newest committee, the Critical Incident Review Team. Tracy “suggests a policy requiring (assKing) a local District A. to present every officer-involved fatality to a criminal Grand Jury, to engender confidence in the entire process.”

Where to start with that line of sh!te.

FIRST: All covert ops are aimed at constructing realities. Stage plays. Virtual environments. And all covert ops are aimed at triggering emotions and images in the target audience, in order to enlist their faith and belief in the illusion. Second, a Grand Jury IS a criminal Grand Jury –duh. We have not had a de jure Grand Jury since 1956.

Purveyor of nonsense Tracy rambles on . . . “Sending every law enforcement shooting to a . . .” Stop! Law, law, law, enforcement??  Like military intelligence and jumbo shrimp, “law enforcement” is an oxymoron. Iff anything, badged revenue generators are Code Enforcers, Policy Police . . . Corporate profit protectors.

Iff any elected poly ticks war against the Constitution it’s called treason. This queen figures that Fiction has three choices: pack and get out of Humboldt, join the X-Mayor of New Orleans who is on his third year of twenty-seven in orange pajamas, or do that little dance that’s done at the end of a Grand Jury’s common law rope.

The World’s biggest problem is that the people believe they are powerless.

“For those who grew up tall and proud                                                                               In the shadow of the mushroom cloud                                                                   Convinced our voices can’t be heard                                                                               We just want to scream it louder, and louder, and louder.”  Queen

“When love is on the field, fear must retreat.” Harold Klemp, Truth Has No Secrets.

Like a Buddha said, the problem is you think you have time.

May peace prevail on Earth.                                                       Saturday 9-27-14                                                                                                                Wage Initiative Café                                                                                                              Eureka, California


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