By RealGoodNews October 11, 2014

Waldo, Fl.- This one comes to us from who reported the story on Oct.3, 2014. The City Council of Waldo Florida voted to disband and close the police department after a few of the departments own officers spoke out about widespread and persistent corruption.

The article stated ” While police in Waldo have been recognized for mistreatment of civilians, the department came under fire over illegal ticket quotas, deceptive court appearances, and unethical storage techniques. Waldo, a town of 1,000 residents and one stop light, was home to one of the most notorious speed traps in the country until aggravated cops reported their superiors…The city’s seven police officers wrote nearly 12,000 speeding tickets in 2013, earning $400,000 and making up a third of the town’s revenue. These actions were in violation of state law as the police chief ordered officers to write 12 tickets per 12 hour shift or face repercussions.”

Five of the officers spoke out about the situation

“After State Attorney Bill Cervone advised that he would bring a case before the Alachua Grand Jury that would be ‘humiliating’, the city council voted to disband the notoriously corrupt police department.”

City Councilwoman Carolyn Wade, who voted reluctantly to shut down the force, said: “Too much has gone too far and I don’t think we can recover.”

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and State Attorney Cervone, are still investigating and pursuing the criminal cops who extorted drivers in Waldo, and should be applauded for doing their job, and continuing the investigation.

With all of the corruption within our police departments, we have to remember there are still honest officers on our forces and they need to be protected and supported. When a department has corrupt officers, they can make it hard on the honest officers and even go after them. Fortunately, with SecureDrop, and plenty of alternative media outlets, it is easier than ever for people to become whistleblowers and bring in the attention of the media.

It’s always a pleasure to report on honest cops doing the right thing, and we, as a society have to figure out ways to protect, support, and encourage them. If we can close down all police departments and move the honest officers over to the Sheriff’s departments, (the only Law Enforcement Office elected by the people), we could better protect the citizenry and the officers. Kudos to the brave officers who spoke up and told the truth; and kudos to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and State Attorney Bill Cervone for doing an outstanding job!


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