When a party sends paperwork addressed to the ALL CAPS NAME, they are addressing the Estate and assume the Estate is abandoned – hence the term “abandoned paperwork.” When you return their paperwork to them, you are returning the evidence of their attempt to defraud the “abandoned estate.” They assume the estate is abandoned until you step up into the Executor Office and notify them with the Executor Letter.

They deliberately leave the words, Executor, estate, trust and trustee off the paperwork they abandon and direct to your attention.

Everything is unauthorized, unless the occupant of the Executor Office (You) has delegated in writing such authority.

Anything they send you is “abandoned paperwork” and it is fraud, not mistake. They use only a NAME on their paperwork without any designation as to what it is… i.e. Estate, Executor Office, Occupant of the Executor Office, Trust, Trustee, Occupant of the Trustee Office. You may regard the NAME as an Estate (or whatever you wish). Paperwork sent to the ALL CAPS NAME which does not distinguish what it is, is Void for Vagueness.

All the paperwork we receive is directed toward the trust. The trustee has liability. So, when you respond (as trustee) you have already lost. Since the documents do not say “NAME Trustee”, you have the discretion to assume it’s the “NAME, Estate”… therefore they are attacking the Estate and they have all the liability/lie ability.

So if you regard the name on the paper work as the estate, they have no authority. They cannot come after the Executor.

What to do if you have not been sent paperwork: If someone files a document in the office of the County Recorder that trespasses on the estate (but did not send you a copy – like a lien or lis pendens), get a certified copy and return it with the Executor Letter.

The abandoned paperwork is to be paper clipped to (not stapled to) the Executor Letter.

Source ~mach 10

FQ note; Seeing as how THE ALL CAPS NAME that phonetically sounds like mine hasn’t bowed-down or bent to the Corporation’s so-called (personal) property tax for seven years. . . i will take another {Humboldt} step here, and then post My Executrix Letter.

Somehow this reminds me of smooth as a Ken doll –(left-over from SoPar I’m sure).


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