CSPOA Membership Drive Update                                                                                       80% of our goal, with 1 week remaining!

Friends in Liberty,

As you know, we are in the midst of a membership drive that will embolden our efforts and greatly strengthen our organization. Standing firmly on Constitutional principles and protecting Americans from the long overreach of the Federal Government, our resolve has never been stronger.

Ted Nugent, legendary rock star and CSPOA Lifetime Member became vocal about his support for our efforts.

He recently sent us a video regarding his support and we’ve posted it to our YouTube channel.

Posting on his Facebook page, Nugent said:

CSPOA…”is a great patriotic group of which I am proud to be a life member, and would be great for all good Americans to join. This hardcore org is not just for law enforcement but for concerned citizens as well. After all WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to be in charge of America, NOT our elected officials as it has deteriorated into. In these horrific times of rampant abuse of power & criminal corruption at the very top, I can think of no better way for WE THE PEOPLE to make the ultimate DON’T TREAD ON ME statement to those in power. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our constitutionally guaranteed power. Join today; give away memberships to all you know & care about.”

To CSPOA, the term “hardcore,” used in Nugent’s post, means never compromising on our oaths. Adhering to the oaths we took is our sole mission and Ted hit the nail on the head when he stated that CSPOA “is not just for law enforcement but for concerned citizens as well.” While mainstream news refuses to cover our actions and successes, CSPOA knows THE PEOPLE grasp the mission and will NOT be moved. These “hardcore” citizens at the grassroots level understand why CSPOA is essential. From officers to citizens, we are in this fight together.

Join the CSPOA today!

Today, with a massive public figure’s endorsement, join CSPOA and send a message to the feds that we know where we stand as CITIZENS and OFFICERS; that we are “hardcore” in our resolve and will not be moved.

21Join us now!

In liberty,                                                                                     Richard Mack


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