Main Topics… Incorrect name on Social Security Account, False impersonation of Public officers, Practice of Law without a license.

If you have the “STUB” to your Social Security card then read the back. On mine it says that my Name and SSN are on the other side. The Name on the other side uses a Middle Initial, not a Middle Name… , seems they may leave a space in a name, or use the ALL CAPS to get the same effect. This error in the record indicates someone else owns the account and reason enough to ask for it to be corrected.

False personation of a Public Officer is a crime … and the folks pretending to hold office have not filed a bond, properly sworn their oath of office . . .fulfilled the requirements to run for elected office.

An Attorney at Law cannot ‘practice law’ without a license.. have you asked to see it?

The Office of Attorney is a Public Office.. as Attorneys are considered “Officers of the Court” … so make them PROVE IT… (false personation is a crime)

Same could happen for them using Admiralty Law in rem proceedings to collect a money damage in a State Court for a contract that never took place, and certainly never took place on the water.

The rest is in the Video…                                               


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