After my usual morning of feeding apples to about a dozen deer –Moms and babies – coming around the corner of my humble abode, up walks the most beautiful buff buck. He walked right up to me and looked me straight in the eyes. My door was open behind me, i think he wanted to come in! This guy has a white muzzle and white on his tail. His neck must be some twenty inches around. Magnificent!

Leaving Fortuna where it was 72 degrees, up to rainy Eureka and with two witnesses in tow, queen went to pay a visit to Carolyn Crnich – the vote counter for Humboldt County. I pointed out the obvious about Measure Z (theft labeled tax), that it was broadcast to the people as a “Special Tax” to pay for more Officers on patrol. A “Special Tax” requires 2/3 vote –Not majority. (I attended the meeting this summer in Redway). Carolyn showed me where in the voter’s ballot thingie what the Title was for Measure Z.

I said, ”Well Carolyn, we both know that any Measure/Initiative placed before the people to vote on can only refer to one thing and one thing Only.” She punted and said that Attorneys wrote the Title. (I’m shocked!). Then I ask her for a copy of her Oath and Bond. Punt #2 – “That’s in the Recorder’s Office, I’ll telephone over and copies will be waiting for you.”

As i approached the gates of hell, lo and behold there was Paul Encimer also climbing the steps. We exchanged our reasons for being there. Minus my two witnesses, i went to “get the copies” from my friend Ben up in the Recorder’s Office. Ben couldn’t seem to locate the Bond. (Shocked again!). He spent twenty-five minutes on the telephone talking from one department to another. Then he told me to, “Go down to Risk Management, they’ll have what you want.” Risk Management now has a locked door and queen didn’t gain entrance. Back out to my witnesses, James and Dimitri. James is considerably more well known than me in the Administration Building. His face and knock on Risk Management’s door got us in. The gal there did as programmed – circled us back up to the Recorder’s Office.

Posted by the Personnel Door is the usual list of Corporate “Jobs” to apply for. My favorite one is the one that pays $9,022 bi-weekly!!! to a shrink.

As it was getting late in the day and i wanted to make it to the Blue Lake Casino for the marihunie gathering, that’s where Dimitri and i went next. This meeting, for all of its grandeur and panel of well-intended folks, was missing the mark. After about an hour of listening to who these people were and why they were there, and lots of misconveyance of who and why We the People were there, i picked out three women who have ears and eyes and talked with them.

To finish this – i learned that only 37% of the voters voted. And We the People are supposed to believe that we didn’t pass a Wage Initiative (even though Oakland and San Francisco, as well as Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota did), and we did vote to tax ourselves. Yeah right.

Our founders must be rolling over and over and over in their graves.


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