money_trees_by_kitiekat4u-d2z0frl~what queen came away with after an hour at the Kanabosom meeting in Blue Lake Thursday evening, was this:

  1. The panel of speakers are still seeking the criminals and thieve’s External Authority approval.
  1. They are lost in a thicket of interpretation and re-interpretation.
  1. They spoke in slave-speak.
  1. They don’t think outside the box. They think about everything with the current @System@ as a given, not actually thinking about the whole situation in a world without Statutes, in order to make a comparison between that and the present @System@
  1. They base culture on money.

Kanabosom – sacred sacrament plant spoken of by the ancients.                           Cannabis – flowers and leaves only.                                                                       Marijuana – Jack Herer warned us – “It’s a mongrel word.”

The error is to apply mathematical plus-and-minus values to nature, resulting in the separation of mind and body or spirit and matter, into unrelated oppositional domains.

The facts are presented but the obvious remains unstated. What is it that prevents us from discussing the obvious?

Faith is a great gift of the human race. Faith in oneself. Faith that one can do certain things. Faith that one will realize the opportunity when it comes by.


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