Just like when Eureka’s City Manager stepped out of his job description list when he fired Eureka’s Police Chief two years ago, then ran with his tail between his legs to the Mayor and City Council, the duty of hiring and firing a City’s Police Chief unlawfully shifted to the Corporation’s un-elected City Manager. To anyone who was paying attention at that time, Oakland and L.A. pulled the same shenanigans. All orchestrated from THE State and right on cue at 3:00 a.m. November 7th, 2012, the sleeping Occupiers of Eureka, Oakland, and L.A. were violently attacked by domestic terrorists, labeled Police, SWAT Teams, FBI etc. –sending many of the Occupiers to a hospital. And of course, the District A. never filed many of the frivolous charges, that some of the Occupiers spent eight days caged for.

And the beat goes on. The Mayor of Fortuna (or any City for that matter) shirks one of his main duties – the hiring, firing and supervision of the City’s Chief of Police. “My hands are tied,” is my favorite lie that i hear from these wrongdoers. Queen calls it misappropriation of funds from the Public Treasury by paying these willingly blind fools their paychecks.

The City of Fortuna’s Fictitious ‘Notice To Appear’ form has on it . . .On or before this date_____Time 8:00 a.m., you can “Appear” at –this is a good one –the “Superior Court Operations, County of Humboldt.” Can you say fraud?

Having arranged an hour’s trip up to Eureka by 8:00 yesterday, and finding a nice Bail Bonds lady who was willing to open her office for me and Notarize my Affidavit, i went to the so-called CRIME/TRAFFIC window downstairs in the sanatorium bldg., labeled Courthouse, to get on the passenger list (Court-Ship). This is twelve days after the theft of my transportation by Fortuna’s finest. Surprise, surprise, queen’s NAME was not in the @System@ and i was directed up to the District A’s fourth floor office. The gal there told me that, “Yes, you are in the @System@, however, Gallegos has not filed charges.”   So, how exactly does the living go about getting a ‘Court’ date from the dead?

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