Specifically what is wrong with these Establishment Top Policy-Makers? What force drives them to be so incredibly Evil and to work endlessly to destroy the Republic for the united States of America, tyrannize and terrorize We The People and then mass-murder us?

The average American has had about enough of this Agenda 21’s tyranny and are close to going ballistic on many fronts including military like the Founding Fathers did and recommended for any such a situation that has arisen inside America, like DHS and FEMA – -an Enemy Occupation Force within our gates.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers (CSPOAssn) were on the scene in Ferguson, Missouri. They provided protection for businesses that were about to be set on fire. Some of the fires were witnessed as being started by the invading Para-Military. We have U.S. INC. domestic enemies trespassing on state territory, when 50 of the Policy Police Practicing their Protocol Procedures threatened to arrest the Sheriffs & Peace Officers who came to help them! Nothing makes sense. No. Nothing.

The puppet media focuses only on the Chief of Police position, which is but slightly above a WalMart rent-a-cop. Same as here in Eureka when the badged thugs murder one of us. It’s ALL about THE Police Chief. And IF the District A is going to file charges against the murdering Po-lice.

I’m quite sure that the Sheriff position, an elected position, the highest elected official in the county, who has been granted the people’s-delegated authority to express our power to Stand up to enemies –both foreign and domestic- is willingly part of the consolidation for all American Peace Officers and Alphabet agencies into Homeland Security – perversions practiced during regular office hours.

In Missouri there’s a St. Louis ‘County’ Police Chief. Do we have a Humboldt ‘County’ Chief of Police that we don’t know about? This is like finding out that Fortuna has two Police Chiefs. One of the City of Fortuna –William Dobberstein, and the COPS USA Dept. “Police Chief” – Kris Kitna.

Disband the Police Departments. These Officers need to be Deputies who take their orders from an elected Constitutional County Sheriff. Not some corporate employee sock puppet, limited hangout traitor, labeled City Manager.

Dissolve the State Union BAR member’s club. The traitors that are trespassing on American soil with their unconstitutional foreign dead man’s Statutes, and masquerading as ‘Judges’ in Their kangaroo-courts.

“The Politician attempts to remedy the evil by increasing the very thing that caused the evil in the first place . . . Legal plunder.” Frederick Bastiat.

This is the struggle of the ages Might versus Right. It is the final struggle between the Evil Aristocratic “Bloodline” (aka the Illuminati) versus We the People, that is the Populism Powered Masses versus the most Evil entities that ever existed on Planet Earth, that have acted as criminal parasites, mass-murders and asset-strippers upon the Human Race.


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