Mid-December                                                                                                               Two-thousand                                                                                                         Fourteen A.D.


           THIS IS A Liberty Preservation Declaration.                                                                          THIS IS A Public Domain Notice for the land, from the roots. Realize, we are in-peace to prevent the U.S. infringement on due process; and prohibit participation of U.S. acts which purport to authorize Alphabet Agencies and Para-Military trespass on State territory. When this type of unlimited power is commonly exercised, the people are in danger.

Why would anyone hire an accountant that cannot add?                                               Why would anyone hire a bartender that cannot mix a drink?                                         Why would anyone hire a chef that cannot cook?

Why in the hell are Officers hired who do not know the difference between an offence, a violation, a crime, and willfully, intentionally, purposely “breach the peace?”

Who profits? Follow the funds. It’s the evildoers, the wrongdoers, the Atturns and their Comrades, the road Nazis, thugs and gangsters.

Evil went out of the World at the end of the middle ages and madness came in. Questions about the relation-ship of law and psychiatry, agency and demonization, and the medicalizing of evil at the close of the millennium should be on everyone’s mind.

IF you cannot freely come and go as you please, then you do not live in a free society.

Farmers, like painters, actors, musicians, writers, dancers, etc., use their experience, imagination, and skill to produce something from nothing. The Supreme Court said this is PROTECTED. TERRORISM IS AGAINST THE LAW -FEDERAL CRIMINAL CODE:

Title 18 USC CHAPTER 113B TERRORISM, Section 2331. Definitions. As used in this chapter (1) the term “international terrorism” means activities that – (A) involve violent acts; (B) appear to be intended – (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a Government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a Government by assassination or kidnapping. The end results of all terrorist acts are to restrict the victim’s freedoms and put them out of business. That is what cities and counties do when they send out the dupes, the non-republic road pirates, all hyped-up to act on ‘Taking’ from the people, with no evidence for their irrelevant claims. And if They come to your door (trespass, impersonate an officer), and tell you that you cannot own over x amount of dogs, roosters, or junk cars (regulatory takings in violation of due process), and they issue a citation, it’s filing a false complaint, because 1) they are not a victim of public offense and 2) they cannot enforce city and county codes on PRIVATELY owned land, even if it is in the MIDDLE of the city, even though you are RENTING! THEN it also becomes interference contract. CITY and COUNTY Codes and Ordinances are ONLY for City and County-owned property! The punishment for terrorism is imprisonment for 25 years. If they come to my door, I will ask them where is the copy of the cancelled check, where they BOUGHT my property FIRST. Because my place is PRIVATE, and, just like Disneyland which is ALSO private, and which has its own rules and regulations, MY rule is, if the City or County want to LOOK at my property, they must PAY me first. That’s the law, and my admission fee to Them is $5 million.

UNTIL Humboldt –along with California’s other fifty-seven Counties, firmly planted on terra firma, returns to our promised Republic state of-mind, ~there can be no lawful, de jure, self-governing body politic = Governance. If you are not consistent, in more ways than one, to assert your sovereignty, then you by definition are not sovereign. Once we have our “inward” Standing de jure government back, it will be much easier, because it will shift the presumptions, until then we have to be pitbulls about it.

If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.

~ at the speed of heart,                                                                                     forrestqueen

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