Picture 26Those are the facts whether you accept them or not. Any argument claiming the people consented to anything when being coerced to pay is irrational and just wrong. Because when you force people to pay, they are not agreeing to what you are doing, they are doing it to avoid further aggression. Pay or go to jail is not agreement.

Forcing people to give you money makes you a criminal. Yet, the Corporate Government criminals can call their crimes “taxation” –but that doesn’t change the act and make it any less criminal.

If your argument is: the people agreed to having a “Government” and a Constitution, then you need to support that argument with facts and sound, logical reasoning. Here, the facts and logic are all against any agreement. If the people are forced to pay, then they’re not agreeing to anything. And that doesn’t change because those profiting from the coercion (such as so-called judges) claim it is agreement. And if you think coercing people to give you money is agreement/consent, then you may be a psychopath as well as very misinformed.

Some of the arguments/opinions are:

  1. It’s not stealing when we force people to give us money. Why? Because it’s the Government. This is an appeal to authority.
  2. The laws apply because the laws say so. This is circular logic.
  3. The laws apply because if you don’t comply you’ll go to prison. This is     argumentum ad baculum, an appeal to the stick, or consequences.

Then there’s the logical fallacy known as the double-standard or special pleading as support. This is why as a “run of the mill anarchist” I describe belief in “Government” as a religion, because most see men and women called “Government” as very different from non-government people. The same standards that apply to non-government types like me, do not apply to people called “Government.” I’ve heard it hundreds of times. Those so-called “Government” are special; basic principals of right and wrong do not apply to them, they are above the principals that apply to the little people.

When you come right down to it, almost everything that Governments do would be crimes if committed by individuals.

The criminal Administrative courts of tyranny only provide judicial whores because they are so intent on collecting their royalty they will go ahead and proceed as an Article I Clerk (Commissioners, or maybe the custodian) masquerading as a Judge.

“Mental slavery is the worst form of slavery. It gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust, love and defend your oppressor, while making an enemy of those who are trying to free you or open your eyes.” -Eli

The enlarging rights of the individual have been disputed, refused, and fought for all through the ages.


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