When you were born, a certificate of birth was created with your ALL CAPS NAME, which was the creation of an “estate” by that ALL CAPS NAME. The word “estate” is deliberately left off the ALL CAPS NAME on the birth certificate to hide it. The ALL CAPS NAME is an unincorporated association – an estate. The ALL CAPS NAME is a decedent. The estate was created for your benefit and use, with you as the grantor (by placing your landmarks [footprints] on the certificate of birth), and you are still alive. Your parents are the creator of the Estate – they created you!

You do not own the estate. It’s the grantor’s estate. It’s not your office. The Grantor has liability. You do not want to own it, because ownership creates liability. However, you can control the estate and its assets.

The estate is in the nature of a trust, but is not a trust. The estate is non-corporate. The estate is subject to trust law and is affected by probate law. Probate law is the highest form of law. Scripture is trust and estate law, and trumps all other law i.e. – Treaty, Civil, Criminal, Law of Nations, Domestic, Probate, Equity – just made-up rules of the world game, for Atturns. to control everything. True law has to be simple and work equally for everyone = Equality. UCC is not contract law because there’s not full disclosure.

The Executor Office is, or appears to be, as high as or higher than the term of Sovereign, i.e. ruler, Pope, Queen, or any other illusion of Man’s superiority, as some understand it.

With this level of power, the Office is in a position to operate, in private or Public, on equal or higher rank than any other as long as it is done in honor and without causing or creating harm or problems for others. All are warned to Not Attempt to Utilize the Estate for Impure Intent – Evil or Selfish Intent Will Come Right Back into your Face FULL FORCE.

Once you occupy the Executor Office you cannot be considered or called chattel.

Why are we authorized to occupy the Executor Office? When you were born, you were sent the Executor Office (the Birth Certificate), and then only 3 people could get a copy of your Birth Certificate – you, mom and dad. Once you reached the age of maturity (21), you became the only one authorized.

Once you step up and occupy the Executor Office then there are no longer any trustee positions. When functioning in the Executor Office it cancels out all trustee functions. It overrides them all. However, the Executor Office can appoint trustees to accomplish certain limited tasks, but can never grant general power of attorney over Estate affairs.

And that’s the big secret -you are not a trustee no more which has lots of liability, as you state in your letter or verbally, you are Occupant of the Executor Office of A.B.C estate.

Once you send the Executor Letter: The issue is not how the Executor enforces her/his position –The issue is that THEY now cannot enforce their position.

Remember that where the Estate is concerned, there is no plaintiff or defendant offices, because the Estate does not subject itself to a court. They can’t come after the Estate because it is de jure. They are de facto.

If you find yourself in a ‘Court’-room, and inside the bar, make your statements such as those below and ask questions. Try not to engage in any other conversation or arguments. When in court (whether or not you already presented the Executor Letter), as soon as the case is called, announce the following (to the court) by addressing the opposing counsel:

“I am here in my proper capacity as the Occupant of the Executor Office of the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate”

If asked who appointed you Executor, just hand them the Birth Certificate.

Turn to the opposing counsel, and say:

“I demand your written authority to administrate the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate.”

-“What’s the one document you have in your possession that gives you the Authority or jurisdiction to control my life?”-

If the State Union BAR-barian member gives you any lip, or says he doesn’t have the written authority, tell him:

“I understand that the quickest way for you to get disbarred is to screw with the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate. Do you plan on screwing with the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate?”

If the Atturn. is smart, he will pack his briefcase and immediately exit – stage right!

If the Atturn. tries to give you any guff, tell him or her:

“Sir, as I am the one occupying the Executor Office of the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate, I must warn you that if you refuse to stand down, I will, in furtherance of my fiduciary duties, forthwith file a complaint with the Attorney General for tampering with the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate.”

You may also write out a bill for your time and hand it to the unlicensed State Union BAR member.

And, for good measure, you may want to appoint the Bar-barian as a Trustee of the Estate. (Lots of liability).

If the black-robed pirate ignores your position as Occupant of the Executor Office, ask:

“Excuse me, your honor; I am a bit confused about something here. Is this a Probate Court?”

You can then state:

“The Executor Office of the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate being the highest office represented here today, I demand that this case be immediately dismissed with prejudice and that all damages owing to the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate be paid forthwith.”

If the alleged judge still refuses to give in, appoint him as a Trustee of the Estate: (Lots of liability).

“As the Occupant of the Executor Office of the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate, I am directing you to dismiss this case and award damages to the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate as appropriate.”

If the damages have already been stated in the paperwork, then you can refer to them and demand that an order to that effect be issued by the court. If the damages have not been stated, and you know the amount, you can state them in court at this time, and demand an order. If you do not know the amount of the damages, then you can advise the court that you will prepare a statement of the charges and file them with the court within X days (you decide how long you need to prepare the charges).

If the pretend judge, or anyone else, objects to your statement that the Executor is the highest office present in the court, or continues to move forward acting as if they have the authority to administrate the Estate (after being advised that you are the Occupant), ask for the written authority to administrate the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate of all such persons. (Do they have evidence (from the Secretary of State), that the NAME is licensed to do business in this State?).

If the ‘judge’ wants to discuss the Estate, it must be done in the judge’s chambers, Not in the Public Administration Room, labeled Court.

If the judge threatens to lock you up, ask him, “Are you suggesting you are going to put the occupant of the Executor Office into custody? Is that what you’re saying?”

You operate on the private side, never Public -where all trustees are, and don’t forget you can appoint. It’s Not a request. Anyone can be appointed as trustee, and you tell them what to do, or you can sue them for Breach of Trust. That’s why judges go ape shit. It’s all about re-liability.

Fifth chapter of James:

Come now you rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have stored up treasures for the last days. Indeed the wages that you kept back by fraud from the laborers who have harvested your fields are crying, and the cries of those who harvested have entered into the ears of the Lord of Hosts. You have lived in pleasure on the earth and have been wayward. You have nourished your hearts as in a day of slaughter.


9 thoughts on “OKAY, THIS IS HOW IT WORKS:

  1. Wow, this is excellent to know. How does one notify them of this position? Is a simple letter stating that as the occupant of the office of executor for the ALL CAPS NAME, you require that they provide you with written authority to administer the estate and give them 10 days or something in which to do so?


  2. Virginia,

    I’ve been gone for a week and just now getting back in the groove. I did
    use the ‘Occupant of the Executor Office’ quite a lot last year and into
    this year. The documents didn’t have to do with court – well, not yet. I
    used it in Truth Declarations and Statements of Fact, then 20 days later
    followed up with Specific Negative Averments, then 10 days later one can
    file into court for a Summary Default Judgment (as, they never reply).
    However, mine went to County and City officers, commissioners, judges,
    court clerks, etc. The list kept growing. Now I’m to the point where I’m ready to file NOTICE OF FRAUD on all of them –I specifically asked for
    certified copies of oaths and bonds. So, it depends on what you want to
    do, where you want to go with it. Notifying them of your position, sure,
    can be done. But, do you have a specific purpose or something coming at you?

  3. Doesn’t it usually always start with their incompetence and failure in acting as trustees and placing the burden upon us to pay! I’ve been hassling property taxes for a few years now and asking why they presume that I owe anything and why they even send anything to me in first place for the “NAME”. They never answer back, just keep a coming at me. I had to realize that it was my fault as well, not just theirs.

    Now since finding your info. and that of David Clarence, I know better. It’s definitely a spiritual battle and I would like to have the armor to stop it if I can. This subject all together is quite intensive and many questions that I have had are being answered. It’s just sad that David no longer helps people. Guess he’s given more than enough of himself and wants to rest. I don’t hold it against him.

    So I would like to know how to protect my family and make sure that I am pleasing to our Creator God/Source in the process. I would like to work on this to correct any more presumptions of who or what I am, so please share what you know in this. We’re not to fight these people, as only peacemakers are sons/daughters of God. yet they also must respect the fact that we hold a much higher office then they can ever and we cannot allow more harm to us. In a way, I feel sorry for them that are doing this to others, because they have already received their just reward and there is no inheritance for them………only the judgment that awaits them.

    Thanks so much again sis! Please email me privately at: BlessedAreThePeacemakersMat5@gmail.com or kingsfamily4jc@gmail.com

  4. ~seems like I’m always apologizing in here for my late reply/comments. I did, however, get to enjoy my family (including 7 grandchildren), who traveled from afar to come share in our joy of being together.


    Well said! Yeah, the NAME thing and some other knowns of the freedom community, I ‘assumed’ They knew these things too. However, I came to find out that not only do the court file clerks, and the file clerks in the records office not know, but also the Notaries, do Not know. And yes, the fault is [primarily] on We, the People’s shoulders. As George Washington said- The Constitution for the united States of America . . . “its only keepers, the people.”

    True enough, this is not an economic evolution, it’s a spiritual one. All this global chemtrail spraying (20 thousand tons of sulpheric acid blankets the earth per year), microwaves, and fracking, in my Humboldt opinion, are to obstruct us from the light of our Godhead/Source/Divinity.

    Your Mayor, City Council, Supervisors, Commissioners are responsible for the safety and welfare of all the people within their jurisdiction (oath spoken). By permitting chemtrails over your[our] city and county –guess who is responsible? The U.S. Corporation needs stopped in its’ chemtrail tracks. Bury them all with all of their phony money. Our skies have not looked normal for years. This is mass murder. Use these planes for clay pigeons.

    I too find my self between being ‘wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove,’ in my desire to ‘love thy neighbor.’ Cuz, if they weren’t doing their criminal parasitic actions, we wouldn’t have the platform for correction by bringing them to justice. –Without justice, there’s just us. AND – finding it hard to have compassion in the face of tyranny. When it all comes down (I’m filing 4 more cases Friday 9-1-1), I’ll do my part, releasing into the universe (Uni=one, verse=sound), then let go of the outcome. What I am seeing is that I’ll be disqualifying the persons masquerading as judges as coming to the time of inviting the villagers to be on a common law grand jury. We haven’t had lawful Grand Juries since 1956. With the grace of my Creator Source in bringing more and more together. . . it takes 3 jurors for Fiction wrongdoers, and 23 for a commoner. A magistrate ‘may’ attend, no BAR BARS allowed (unless under oath as a witness), a court reporter, a court clerk, and a Sheriff. Hence, WE Must bring common law in with us and know the steps. A common law jury is the judge, jury, and executioner. There are no benefit ($ penalties), or privileges (caged), in the common law. Iff found guilty of a crime (murder, theft, rape, sedition, perjury) – they do that little dance that’s done at the end of a common law rope. No, this is not where I’m starting. I’m correcting using the ‘no contracts may be infringed upon,’ spoken of in the Constitution, and converting the worthless FRN’s into gold, or silver, or their toys and houses.

    Common law does not recognize Fiction (suing the State, County or City). So obviously, it also does not recognize privately printed foreign corporation Federal Reserve Note I.O.U.s. Mostly, I desire My Public Servants to be in lockstep with the law of the land.

    My main problem is I am denied Equal Access – recording into the Public domain. I’m working on it, cuz it must be me and my approach. I go right into getting mad and frustrated –making statements. Rather, I must stay in the question, and Stop falling for their lies. They’re all control freaks. –“Are you an Attorney? Did I ask you for any ‘Legal’ advice? Do you beLIEve that part of your job description is to evaluate my Notary presentment docs?” –stuff like that. I MEAN, every single time I file into the court I end up listening to the same lies – “You can’t file on this length of paper (common law). You must have what the notice or motion is in the header and footer. You can’t sign in purple colored ink. I do not have to tell you my name.” Blah, blah, blah. So yeah, I want to snap their head off. I never approach the 2-D Matrix without a witness or two. Fortunately for me, my witnesses/process servers/friends are way calm, and step in when they see that I’m losing it.

    On your ‘Presumptions’ thought –since I do have cases filed, I say what needs to be said in my documents. If need be, I’ll get on the record while on the ‘court’ playing field. Adamantly if that’s what it takes. “This is a court of record. If you do not want to hear what I have to say, you may go in the back room. I will get on record.” I wouldn’t have to be doing this at this time, iff (I found freedom) any of my Notary certified docs were recorded into My county records office – been at this for way too long. They see me and my same witnesses coming and they automatically go into a “She doesn’t comply” attitude. The counter trolls have sent me on wild goose chases. The ONE thing none of them can produce is a lawful Oath and Bond. The offices are all vacant. They are all too ready to place We, the people in BONDage (school bonds, pension bonds, housing bonds, bid bonds, performance bonds, jail bonds, prison bonds), but they can’t provide the one thing that they must have on file prior to taking office- a BOND to backup their Oath! -I have signed Certified Mail receipts for my docs requesting copies of their Oaths and Bonds. To not deny is to admit. California’s Director of Transportation (2nd highest global position) Malcolm Dougherty, failed to deny April 24, 2015. Postmaster –ditto.

    So, if you are more better than I am at ‘Demand’ filing, that’s where you need to go. The other alternative is to publish what you are denied -Equal Access- in a local newspaper, in the ‘Legal’ section. I imagine we’ll eventually come around to the idea of forming our People’s Public Domain records.

    ~you asked me to email you privately, however, my thoughts concerning documents I willingly place into the Public – for the people. I’ll email a ‘Presumption’ Notice from a while back.

    Bless up the Peacemakers!!!

  5. So can you respond back to my comment? i would like to speak with you more about this. This seems to be a variation of the CQV Trust thing. i am going to give you my email here. i like the way you laid this out. Not as tin foil hat thingy as some things i have read lol. i just need to ask you some things. i have been “summonsed” back to their court on Feb 29th


    superstarion (at ) mail (dot) com

  6. I actually have he same question on the variation of the CQV and collapsing the trust in court. Have been going back and forth to hearings prior to a plea and just learned about it. Can I apply it at this stage? My first name is not on my birth certificate and when i sent the correction to have it added all they added was MALE as the first name.

  7. Two things that concern me among many.

    1. “Probate law is the highest form of law.”

    It is not. The Ecclesiastical law jurisdiction or, what (in effect) becomes the common law of England that is the law of or, from the “superior body politic” called the Roman Curia (and it is “powered by” the Holy See), and this is the supreme law in our legal system.

    (With the common law of England likely from the Pontiff of Rome, himself.)

    2. – “The Executor Office is, or appears to be, as high as or higher than the term of Sovereign, i.e. ruler, Pope, Queen, or any other illusion of Man’s superiority, as some understand it.”

    The writer (who is “forestqueen”?) calls her article “In Her Words – Piercing the CORPORATE Veil” and yet, she doesn’t really explain how the “fiction” or, what is the spirituality of the world of corporations (“bodies corporate”), or, how it is structured?

    All corporations are a “legal person” (or, fiction, legal entity) in a one legal system, bound or, “powered by”, law.

    Only a legal person can sue or, be sued, at law.

    Google: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=a+legal+person+can+sue+or%2C+be+sued%2C+at+law&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b&gfe_rd=cr&ei=JJETWb_2HefDXqySkZAO#q=%22legal+person%22+

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