Why do Storm Troopers feel ‘their lives are in danger’ all the time? The facts speak differently:

The rate of fatality for Storm Troopers is only around 12.6 per 100,000.

If you’re a logger, you have a fatality rate ten times that of a L.E.O (Legal Enforcement Officer).

A fisherman? Almost ten times greater — 117 per 100,000.

A pilot? 53.4 per 100,000. Yes, really — it’s about four times as dangerous to fly a plane or chopper than be a L.E.O.

The guy who puts your roof on? 40.5 per 100,000 — about three times as dangerous.

How about iron workers — you know, the guys who climb steel and put up the buildings you work in? Yeah, those dudes. Three times the risk of a L.E.O. in dying, most from falls, being crushed by heavy materials or welding accidents.

Your garbage man has a risk of death twice that of a L.E.O.. Why? He gets hit by cars or crushed by heavy equipment (yes, it would suck to get caught in that trash compactor in the garbage truck!).

How about the lineman that repairs your power lines? Slightly less than double the risk, and of course the means by which they die are falls and electrocution, mostly.

Truck drivers? Close to double the risk, most from traffic accidents.

Farmers? Same double risk, roughly; getting caught in a tractor p.t.o. is a ****ty way to die.

Or you could just be a construction laborer. Your risk in that profession is ~1.5 times higher than that of a L.E.O. (17.3 .vs. 12.6) as well, but nobody cheers for you. Never mind that without said laborers you wouldn’t have a house or an office to work in.

So let’s cut the crap, eh? Being a L.E.O. isn’t particularly dangerous, as occupations go.

Sworn officers are, in fact, Officers of the ‘court.’ Lying as a daily routine is ‘business as usual’ among them, and any organization that represents them.

Pathological liars are worthy of the middle finger, not our respect, no matter who they are . . .

Source: hobot

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