. . . it behooves us to remember, that men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. If from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside.       Theodore Roosevelt: Jamestown Exposition April 26, 1907

They say . . .

. . .whomever They are; that “you should never take the law into your own hands.” This Queen says “You Should Always Take The LAW Into Your Own Hands” . . . and that way, you will be guaranteed that Justice will not only be seen to be done, more than likely, and in reality, justice will actually be done, and you will be the better and happier for it.

It Behooves us all to Govern ourselves, otherwise those that would and do assume to govern us, and control us, will do so, and will do so ultimately, with the wrath and vengeance of Kahn.

Taking the LAW into your own hands does not mean that you will be lawless, fickle, stupid, or self-indulgent. That is not the natural order of things, and despite what “They” would have you believe, it’s NOT in the nature of men, women, or their sons and daughters, to be of that said persuasion. Babies/People are NOT born with a wanton or inherent need for disorder, chaos or hate. Babies/People are born of and from love, and evolve and grow fluently and rapidly to crave and respond constructively to love and affection.

On the other hand, current societal constructs are divisive and willfully chaotic by design. The STATE, via the puppet Government of the day, invoke and willfully impose a strict Dictator-ship/Indoctrination of measures and controls on the People that is both subtle and overt in equal measure, from the cradle to the casket.

A program of “Divide and Conquer” is invoked at every possible and conceivable level. Competition is actively promoted and encouraged as a means to separate and isolate People and to divide families and communities.

All that aside, there is a positive perspective to all this pain and suffering that is being perpetuated upon the People by the STATE. There is only so far that any group of People can be pushed, and we have been pushed really far. We’re being forced to the point of Starvation. Ignorance and poverty precluded our ancestors from any form of a cohesive individual or collective resistance. That does NOT apply today!

In the main, the vast majority of People are not (yet) Poverty stricken, although many families are only a stones-throw from that place, and are just surviving on a day-to-day basis. The vast majority of People can read and write, so therefore if they are still “ignorant” of what the STATE is doing to them, they still have the potential to cop what’s really going on, and do something about it.

We are (or should be) conscious of the fact that the numbers of People now standing up for themselves as Lay Litigants in the so-called ‘Courts’ has and is steadily growing. Our numbers have grown from as little as 1% in 2009 to an approximate 20%+ thus far. That means that there are less STATE Union BAR cohorts and Liars getting paid, which in turn reduces the turnaround time of the ‘Courts’ business.

The Court Is A Business, and like any business, it needs to turn and churn so many customers/cases every day, and then shake them down for all they are worth. “In Court everyone wins; the BAR-barians win, the Court Clerks win, the Court File Clerks win, the judgie-wudgies win, the Courts win,” and the Man or Woman who are Defendants-in-error ALWAYS loses. The Court finds it extremely difficult to “Shake Down” Sovereign/Lay Litigants. Especially those who are now educating themselves properly, in terms of knowing and learning “the Courts own Rules and Orders.”

To stop the Courts from operating and acting for the purposes of raping and pillaging the People for the STATE and the Banksters will not require 51% of the People within the Courts to go in as Lay Litigants. The tipping point will come much sooner than that, and can be counted in its hundreds. ONE MAN or WOMAN alone can tie up any Court for a whole day, with just a little knowledge and some confidence.

In Humboldt’s so-called Courts approximately 90 of us stumble through there per day, five days a week. (Not Queen. THEY won’t give Me a court date). So, iff 150 People per week go in and present their case as Lay Litigants for four consecutive weeks, we would require 600 People in total to clog up the whole of the Court Machine or @System@ in just one short month. That would literally represent tens of millions in lost revenue to the BAR-BARS, the black robed Pirates, the pretend Bailiffs, the alleged Court Clerks, etc., etc., etc. As They say, “Money Talks and Bullsh!t Walks.”

The truth is, the ‘Judges,’ and the BAR member group fear the People, whom they are massively outnumbered by, will in reality become educated in the game that is called “the Law,” and some alleged judges have already started to turn, under People Power. More and more of us are sacking the BAR groupies, taking them off record, and opting to go face to face, and head on with opposing persecutors. Every day another one of the People demands a FULL PLENARY hearing. What They do now is skip the ‘probable cause’ hearing, where the badged vigilante would have to be present, and instead They go straight to the arraignment — this is Not due process!

Every day one of us demands an Adjournment in order to have time to build a Defense. Every day another Lay Litigant advocates and invokes Constitutional, Human Rights and Contractual challenges against those that would and do, wrongly assume authority, and would and do assume wrongly to Govern and Determine for People, the Men and Women like You, and like Me.

It boils down to this: You can be Governed or You can Self-Govern. That is the basic choice for us all. I can offer some guidance, some knowledge and some education, the rest is up to you.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the result of all our exploring will be to arrive at the place at which we began and know it for the first time.” T.S. Eliot

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