January 13th – First stop is Horizon in Fortuna for Loene to Notary ID me. I can’t say enough good things about Loene as a business owner, witness/notary/neutral –in-between the material Matrix and reality- kinda woman she is. Very professional. After, copies, and a birthday card or two purchase, it was off to visit X-Mayor Strehl.   This is phase two regarding the City of Fortuna’s theft of Queen’s personal property, i.e. transportation –on November 12th . . . and Queen does not approach the Machine without a witness. Douglas Strehl told us, after being Served, that he isn’t the Mayor anymore. I said, but you were Mayor when my car was stolen from me by Your Fortuna Police Dept., w/out an Article IV seizure warrant. He is explaining to me that Fortuna voters don’t vote for their Mayor, and how their Policy . . . Translation: ‘I am not responsible for what the Chief of Police does, or how the Police Department is run.”

I went on to ask him if he received my email last Friday to the City Clerk, Council members, Chief and the two armed thugs. He said something to the effect that he doesn’t get around computers much. (Note: However, on November 17th when I emailed the City Clerk and ask please for an emergency Agenda item for 6:00 that evening – Everybody concerned in the armed heist had a copy of my email – Chief, Council Members, and the two vigilantes with a badge).

Next stop – Fortuna Police Dept., where James Served Chief William Dobberstein, the Road Pirates; Max Soeth, and Aaron Starcher, and the City Clerk i.e. the City of Fortuna –as Defendants. Next stop – the “GET away from me!” (I will not tell you my name), Eel River Transportation and Salvage. Phase two, complete.

Up to Eureka, where, after I assembled the pages of Phase One for ‘Service’ on Eureka City Council (not the two newest gals, as they were not a party to the CalPers BONDage matter of April 8, 2013), while James went to Trinidad to rescue a couple who had just had their transportation stolen by State armed thugs, we then proceeded to City Hall. Atkins, Brady, Cirrabellini, Jager, Powell -City Clerk, and Cyndy Day-Wilson, City Atturn, were Served. Certified mail of same to Newman and Madsen, as well as State Union BAR members Cynthia J. Larsen and Cameron Desmond of Sacramento. Paul Rodrigues is no longer Eureka’s Finance Director, so his, along with pretend Judge Reinholtsen, the alleged Court Clerk and Court Filing Clerk will be served tomorrow, as it was after 2:00.

January 14, 2014 – James goes into where Reinholtsen is and hands a sealed envelope to the so-called Bailiff. Female interception tells James to take it to the Court Clerk’s office. Once there, the Court Clerk OPENS the envelope –Not addressed to her! And tells James, “No, I will not deliver this to the “Judge.”

Meanwhile, as more and more of our personal property is being unlawfully confiscated by State Revenue Generators to turn into investment assets for the Corporation, the North Coast Journal prints a ‘cartoon’ on the front of last week’s edition about the caged situation in the County jail. It is the most repulsive front page I’ve ever seen.

“Torchbearers for justice, for healing and unconditional love, it is time to pass through the flames together: the garden of the future we have longed for draws near.”  James O’Dea


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