~this is good. Rick, Chris, Dominic, and Lluuia Padilla of Eel River Transport & Salvage in Fortuna, California, went full on into the lien sale yesterday. Poor dumb bastards! Bless ‘em, that’s what they’re here for.

“Real compassion kicks butt and takes names and is not pleasant on certain days. If you are not ready for this FIRE, then find a new-age, sweetness and light, perpetually smiling teacher and learn to relabel your ego with spiritual sounding terms. But, stay away from those who practice REAL COMPASSION, because they will fry your ass, my friend.”           – Ken Wilber

. . . off to commune with Sheriff D. Not a 911 call from SoHum. His ‘Under’ Sheriff Billy Honsel couldn’t quite cut it yesterday. The people in Garberville who were expecting to get what we already more-than-pay-for – ah, hum, SERVICE from the Public Servants, were told it would be an hour and a half. Yeah, the distance from Eureka to Southern SoHum. KWPT reports that Measure Z hasn’t kicked-in, and This is the reason/excuse for shoddy Service that We the People –ALL OF HUMBOLDT COUNTY PAYS FOR!

This has nothing, and everything, to do with doll hair$.

This is ‘Police State’ Policy Practicing Procedural Protocol to protect Corporate profit. It’s just business.

In business, those who would assume a position of authority without evidence for their claim –Queen has questions. I questioned the Supes. via ‘Served’ deposition from one of the people- me. One of My demands to each of them is a certified copy of Bond, number, surety name, address and telephone number. It’s been 20 days for Carolyn Crnich, the so-called Clerk slash Recorder, and nary a reply. THEY DO NOT POSSESS A BOND that lawfully must be in place WTF?

With Humboldt’s net assets listed on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report dated June 30, 2013, at $504 million! –And a paltry population of 135,000- you do the math.

Humboldt County’s Management $core – for the people = minus zero.   People, who, BTW, PUTS BREAD on these pretend Public Servant’s table.

Let’s label Them . . .lost souls, heartless, criminals and thieves. Yes. They know. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing.

The @System@ is yesterday’s sorrow with no closure, logic, or reason.  We each must let go of the dysfunctional past so to enable the new to shine through the rot.

Well, well, well, Sheriff D is on vacation until, um err, the 21st. Caitlin at the Sheriff’s window listened and witnessed my copies of 1) Fraudulent citation of November 12.  2) What I read into the Public record November 17 at Fortuna’s City Council meeting. 3) Mendo’s Dismissed case for the same irrelevant charges as Nov. 12. 4) Contract/sales receipt from Clyde Folds to Me when I bought my Bravada. 5) the ‘ALPHA Calendar – All Courtrooms’ list for /December 18th, that does Not list a NAME that phonetically sounds like mine, and 6) Eel River’s signed receipt of December 20th for Certified mail informing them that the Title to my Bravada is in controversy.

Caitlin asked what I wanted the Sheriff’s Dept. to do? I want the owners of Eel River Transport and Salvage, along with Soeth and Starcher arrested for theft. Kathy then came to the Sheriff’s window. Seems ‘Under’ Sheriff Billy Honsel is in a meeting, and so both gals directed us to the STATE to fill out a @System@ form for auto theft.

James and I proceeded down to the County jail cages thinking that there would be a Deputy there. Ha!  I asked the guy at the window if a Deputy is available.  He said no.
Then i asked what to do if its an emergency? He said to phone 911. So Southern Humboldt, doesn’t matter if you Go To the Sheriff’s Dept., or telephone 911, you/me/we are Not going to get Any lawful service from the wealthy Servants!

Saturday, January 17:                                                                                                         In My mailbox a large envelope from the so-called ‘Humboldt Superior Court’ at a mail cost of $1.61. Now marked – RETURN TO SENDER. No such Person here by that NAME. On the back – RETURNED FOR MAIL FRAUD.

This is the ending of the Kali Yuga, when all will be washed clean, and it starts again, and there has to be something to pass time with.


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